Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 737 - I'll Go Out and Eat a Lemon

Chapter 737 - I'll Go Out and Eat a Lemon

Chapter 737 I’ll Go Out and Eat a Lemon

Lu Ze responded with a smile, “h.e.l.lo.” Like Man Kun, it was Eddie’s first time attending the social gathering. Judging from what Brenda said, he really seemed to be the type to only stay home and cultivate.

The Winged Race elders noticed this and didn’t think this was fine. Therefore, they forced him out to see the world.

The group chatted casually. Their topics ranged from their understanding of cultivation to their ideals.

Thereafter, the group talked about the East Realm Gathering. Man Kun said with excitement, “The East Realm Gathering is a major event. Quite some prodigies from the east region would go. I would like to see it.” Qiu Lun suddenly said, “Before going there, my race might invite you guys over.”

“To your race?” everyone asked in confusion.

Qiu Lun smiled mysteriously, but to Lu Ze, it felt cute. After all, he was a ball. “I can’t reveal this now. Whether or not it will happen will still depend on this meeting. Perhaps you guys might not need to go.”

People were more confused upon hearing this, but they couldn’t really ask anymore.

Eddie spoke nervously, “Brenda, I want to go back to cultivate.” Brenda frowned and glared at him. This guy wanted to be alone again!

Man Kun smiled. “It’s about time to go back and cultivate.”

‘If you wanted to become stronger and reach the cosmic cloud state, how can you not work hard?’

Although Eddie wasn’t good at socializing, they could tell he was prideful and at least a hard worker.

Man Kun never disliked hard-working people.

Lu Ze was disappointed. “You don’t want to go out and walk? There’s a lot of good food on Earth.”

He wanted to drag these guys to go and eat with him. After all, it was a rare chance to visit Earth. He still wanted to sweep the entire food street.

Eddie shook his head firmly. “No!”

Man Kun smiled. “We’ll go after the compet.i.tion. Cultivation is more important now.”

Lu Ze was disappointed. He couldn’t tie these guys up to go and eat. Even Ying Ying’s eyes dimmed down.

After Man Kun and the rest returned to their rooms, Lu Ze and his team looked around. They noticed a lot of prodigies had left.

Some went to tour around while some went to cultivate. This was only natural since the fights were more important.

Lu Ze smiled helplessly. “Then, let’s go back to cultivate too.” Ying Ying pouted her lips. Seeing this, everyone laughed.

Alice rubbed Ying Ying’s head. “Senior, Ying Ying, we can go back and cook for you guys.”

Lu Ze’s and Ying Ying’s eyes lit up immediately. They looked at Alice emotionally. She was an angel indeed! Ying Ying looked at Alice with admiration. “Sister Alice is the best!”

Lin Ling and Lu Li weren’t happy.

Lin Ling pinched Ying Ying’s face. “Your sister Lu Li and I are also going to cook. Are we not good?”

Ying Ying noticed their dissatisfied expressions and quickly rubbed Lin Ling. “Sister Ling and Li are also really good!”

The group went back to their rooms thereafter.

Qiuyue Hesha was looking at the news. It was exploding with the arrival of the amba.s.sadors.

‘Three amba.s.sadors have entered the ancestral planet. The four-race meeting which will discuss the future of the four races is about to begin!’

‘Four-race meeting about to commence, discussions about the future of humanity!’

‘Four-race prodigies all gathered together. Who is the strongest?’

‘Shocking news! The strongest prodigies of the Winged and Barbarian Races have reached level-3 planetary state!’

“The pride duo of the Human Race had reached level-2 planetary state. In terms of strength, the Human Race is actually slightly stronger than the Round Race!’

‘Looking forward to seeing the performance of the first Monarch in the Four-Race Battles!’

In terms of prodigy cultivation level, the Winged and Barbarian Races had always been the strongest. There was no doubt about it. Naturally, they had a good foundation.

However, this time, the Human Race had two level-2 planetary states. That was one more than the Round Race. This already made people excited.

Telun System, Planet Lan Jiang, Lu Wen’s Company.

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya were looking at all the news. They couldn’t hide their smiles at all.

Fu Shuya said, “Just look out how amazing our boy is. The entire race is waiting to see him.”

Lu Wen also felt great. “Of course, look at who raised him!”

Fu Shuya responded, “I raised him, of course.”

Lu Wen: “???”

‘Didn’t they raise him together?’

Fu Shuya questioned, “Hmm? Do you have a problem with that?”

Lu Wen immediately answered, “Of course not! It’s all my wife’s work! You’ve done too much, come have a seat…”

Fu Shuya laughed and rolled her eyes. “You can sit on your own seat.”

She sat on the couch on the side. Lu Wen ran over and sat next to her as well. The two kept looking at the news.

“The human pride duo… Don’t they seem to be Lu Ze’s teachers? They came over during the new year. Are they that strong?” Lu Wen was shocked.

Fu Shuya nodded. “I can see that the way they look at our boy isn’t right. Aren’t they rumored to be involved in a scandal too?”

Fu Shuya expressed her anger and pride. “Besides them, Lin Ling and Alice seems to be involved as well?” Lu Wen scratched his head. “This little kid! He was really envious!’

Meanwhile, a lot of employees also whispered among themselves upon seeing the news.

“Boss’ son is really amazing! He’s representing the entire Human Race!”

“Of course! Ever since that graduation trial broadcast, I knew he was a super prodigy!”

“Wow… little brother Lu Ze is so handsome and talented. His character would definitely be nice too. Which b.i.t.c.h would steal him away?”

“Keep chatting, I’m going out to eat a lemon…”

The men in the office felt hot-blooded.

Fighting for the honor of humanity! This was probably every man’s dream. However, their talent didn’t allow it…

Of course, they did hope that Lu Ze would bring back honor for the Human Race. Nevertheless, after seeing the dazed expressions of their female co-workers, they couldn’t help but feel sour about it.

Everyone was green with envy. After thinking for a moment, they quickly realized that they shouldn’t bother with this matter anymore. Regardless of how smitten the women were, they could never be Lu Ze in the end.

After all, the gap between Lu Ze and them was too big.