Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 736 - Dream, Reality, and Staying at Home

Chapter 736 - Dream, Reality, and Staying at Home

Chapter 736 Dream, Reality, and Staying at Home

Lu Ze looked at this barbarian man with some surprise. His cultivation level was only at level one of the planetary state. If he didn’t use his divine art and G.o.d art, his power wouldn’t be revealed to others.

Of course, if someone had a spirit eye G.o.d art like Lin Ling, they might be able to discern his G.o.d art. However, if he didn’t use divine art, it definitely wouldn’t be noticed.

Yet, this guy could sense that he was strong. Man Kun was stunned. He didn’t expect Lu Ze to just admit it like that without being humble at all. He didn’t know how to answer in the end.

Nevertheless, he didn’t think Lu Ze’s power could pose a threat to him. The difference between their cultivation levels was a bit big.

He was dazed for a moment, and then, he smiled after regaining his senses. “It seems the power of the human prodigies this time is very good. Our elder told us to go easy on you guys before we came. Now, it doesn’t seem necessary.”

Lu Ze laughed. Their elders said this too.

Man Xiu glanced at Lu Ze. Man Kun was her boyfriend. She knew how strong Man Kun was. Yet, even Man Kun felt Lu Ze was strong.

Was he really?

Could he be as strong as she was?

Soon, she stopped looking at Lu Ze. Only level-2 planetary states like Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were considered her opponent.

At this moment, a Round Race walked to them. He was a level-2 planetary state. He then smiled. “Long time no see, Man Xiu, Nangong, and Qiuyue.”

The three nodded at him.

Man Xiu smiled. “Qiu Lun. I didn’t expect you to become the strongest prodigy in your race. You’re a level-2 planetary state as well.”

Qiu Lun responded, “I’m not the strongest prodigy. There’s a prodigy who’s currently at the crucial moment of learning G.o.d art and can’t leave. He’s the real prodigy.”

The others were surprised. They could tell by Qiu Lun’s tone that he really admired that prodigy. He probably had a level-3 planetary state cultivation level too, right?

It seemed Qiu Lun didn’t want to talk about it, so they didn’t ask either.

Qiu Lun looked at Man Kun. “h.e.l.lo, how come I’ve never seen you before? Did you just come out of solitary cultivation?”

Man Kun laughed. “Mhm, I was cultivating in a secret realm inside the race.”

Qiu Lun and the rest showed a look of admiration.

“They’re indeed a super strong race who once had a cosmic cloud state. They have their own secret realm.”

Man Kun laughed bitterly. “We’re just living on the glory of our ancestors. We haven’t had a cosmic cloud state for over a hundred thousand years.”

Then, he spoke with firmness, “My life goal is to become a cosmic cloud state and write the name for my race!”

Lu Ze was surprised. ‘Did this big guy have such great ideals?’ He then exclaimed, “Wish you success!” Man Kun looked at Lu Ze and saw that the latter was being genuine. Therefore, he smiled. “Thank you.”

He wasn’t certain if he could reach the cosmic cloud state, but he wouldn’t give up without trying. Qiu Lun said, “Cultivation is about breaking impossibilities and creating miracles. There’s only a small chance, but if you don’t even have the courage to try, you don’t deserve to be a prodigy.”

During this time, Ying Ying peeked at Qiu Lun who looked very tasty.

Qiu Lun was about to say he wanted to become a cosmic cloud state too, but he suddenly s.h.i.+vered and looked around vigilantly.

‘Oh, s.h.i.+t?’

‘Why did he feel cold?’

Man Kun was dumbfounded.

What happened? Qiu Lun seemed very hot-blooded before.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He went to check Ying Ying.

It was she indeed!

Nangong Jing and the others were speechless too.

Lin Ling patted Ying Ying’s head. This cotton candy was really cool. It could move!

Only now did Qiu Lun feel that threat disappear. He looked around. His fellow kind didn’t feel anything.

Was it only him who felt it?

Was he really not used to the land here?

On the other side, the handsome man from the Winged Race was disappointed. He thought there were going to be numerous prodigies here, but only that Barbarian Race prodigy could compete with him.

He couldn’t resist grinning when he saw how scared that Round Race prodigy was.

He thought these people were too naïve, thinking they could reach the cosmic cloud state. It was good to have ideals, but it was still better to be realistic.

However, he wasn’t going to say this aloud since they were allies after all.

At this moment, a beautiful white-winged woman looked at him. “Eddie, what’s so interesting?”

Eddie said, “Nothing.”

The woman smiled. “It’s your first time coming. I’ll show you some friends?”

She pointed in Nangong Jing’s direction. “I’ve met with Man Xiu and the others before.”

Eddie rolled his eyes. “Brenda, you can go by yourself. I can’t be bothered.”

Brenda looked at him with annoyance. “You always like to be alone. That isn’t good. Come with me!”

Thereafter, she started to drag Eddie to where Lu Ze and the others were.

Eddie’s face changed. “I’m not going! Let me go! I’m fine being alone!”

Brenda glanced at him. “Break yourself free then?”

Eddie’s body stiffened, and he got dragged over in the end.

Everyone saw the two beings from the Winged Race come. They wanted to greet them. But when they saw how lifeless that winged-man was, they became dazed.

Just what did he go through?

Why was he like this?

Brenda smiled. “Man Xiu, Nangong, Qiuyue, Qiu Lun, long time no see.”

Man Xie raised a brow. “Brenda, I didn’t expect you to break through to level-2 planetary state as well. This time, I won’t lose like last time!”

Brenda raised a brow. “I’ll wait for your challenge.”

Then, she pointed to her companion. “Eddie, my immature brother. He’s very talented but has been in solitary cultivation. It’s his first time out. Please take care of him.”

She glared at Eddie who then showed a stiff smile. “h.e.l.lo everyone, I’m Eddie.”

Lu Ze had the feeling that this guy probably stayed home for many years, and this was his first time leaving home.