Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 726 - The Old Man's Shock

Chapter 726 - The Old Man's Shock

Chapter 726 The Old Man’s Shock

Planet Jinyao, in a small wooden shack.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang was sitting with old man Nangong as they chatted. Old man Nangong asked, “I heard you found the belongings of a Crystal Race prodigy?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled and nodded in affirmation. “Yes, it contained quite some nice cultivation resources. However, most of the divine art and technology isn’t suitable for the Human Race.”

Old man Nangong didn’t mind. “Every race develops based on their characteristics. The Crystal Race is fundamentally different from the Human Race. It’s normal that their technology is different. We’ll just learn what we can.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang agreed with his answer. Then, she said, “By the way, it was Jing Jing and her group who discovered this. Ze even killed two super-prodigies from the Blade Demon Race. I believe the Blade Demon Race would be crazy with fury now.”

Old man Nangong smiled. “You seem to quite like Lu Ze?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “Ze is a good kid. He’s gentle. Although his talent is unparalleled, he isn’t arrogant at all. He treats everyone calmly. He made several contributions at the border. However, sometimes his way of thinking might be strange.”

Old man Nangong laughed at this. He knew about this too. Thereafter, he smiled. “Xunshuang. Jing Jing is 30. Lu Ze is not a bad kid. What do you think about the two being together? Let me hug my grandson in a few years. That’s all I want.”

In his few thousand years of living, Lu Ze was the most excellent youth he had seen.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang’s mouth twitched. This old guy wanted her to have Jing Jing, and now, he also wanted Jing Jing to conceive a child. However, she did hope that her daughter would be with Lu Ze.

She smiled. “Old man, they might have their own progress.” Old man Nangong’s eyes lit up. “Really? Jing Jing is finally getting married?”

He thought that with her personality, she probably wouldn’t be able to find someone.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled bitterly. “But other than Jing Jing, the child of Lin’s, Alice, and the other girls all seem to like Lu Ze.”

She wasn’t surprised about this at all.

The old man Nangong was immediately unhappy. “What? Does that kid want them all?! I’m going to break his leg! Jing Jing is already so excellent, and yet, he’s not satisfied?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang wanted to laugh. The other girls were very excellent too.

She said, “Old man, don’t get involved. It’s best to let them sort this out themselves. They’re still young.”

Sometimes when parents got involved, it would turn out for the worse.

Old man Nangong sneered. Regardless, he wasn’t going to let the kid have them all!

Early the next morning, Lu Ze woke up from his cultivation. He looked out at the bamboo forest and smiled. Such a familiar scene!

He wondered how Ye Mu and the others were doing. He hadn’t seen them for quite a while.

As elite cla.s.s students, they still needed to partic.i.p.ate in the entrance test.

As for Lu Ze and his group, they went to the void s.p.a.ce, so they didn’t need to go.

At this moment, someone knocked on Lu Ze’s door. He then heard Alice’s soft voice. “Senior, are you awake?”

Lu Ze said, “Yes, come in.”

Alice came in with a bright smile and jumped to him. “Good morning, senior!”

Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her hair. “Why did you come so early?”

Alice giggled and kissed Lu Ze. “I snuck over. Otherwise, Li and the others would come too.

Seeing Alice behave so sneakily, Lu Ze wanted to laugh.

Suddenly, he had a bold idea.

He grinned and lifted up Alice’s chin and stared into her eyes. “Woman, you’re playing with fire.”

Alice felt dazed. She studied Lu Ze carefully and seemed worried. “Senior, are you sick?”

Lu Ze: “???”

‘What? Shouldn’t she be embarra.s.sed?’

Lu Ze could only smile awkwardly. “Nothing…” Alice hugged Lu Ze’s neck. “Senior is really nice.”

Lu Ze: “???!”

He resisted the urge to ask because he didn’t want to appear stupid. It was during this time that someone knocked on the door again.

Lin Ling inquired, “Ze, did you finish cultivation?”

The two immediately separated. Alice looked around, trying to find a place to hide. Lu Ze patted Alice’s head. “I’ve finished. Come in.”

Alice quivered and blushed.

When Lin Ling entered, she saw Alice. The two stared at each other. The atmosphere became very awkward. Then, Lu Li’s voice sounded. “Brother, you finished cultivation…”

Likewise, she also saw what was occurring inside.

The three girls were very awkward, but Lu Ze was fine. He didn’t care anymore. “Let’s go to teacher Nangong’s place. We’ll visit the old man’s place after breakfast.”

Lu Li and Lin Ling took a deep look at Alice. They underestimated her. She was faster than they were?!

Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce transmission to bring them over to Nangong Jing’s.

Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing were already waiting for them. Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling went to the kitchen while Lu Ze was dragged by Qiuyue Hesha to feed Ying Ying.


After breakfast, they boarded the New Dawn and flew to planet Jinyao.

Half an hour later, they arrived before the wooden shack.

When old man Nangong saw Lu Ze and the rest of the team, he felt stunned, but he smiled at them. “Aren’t you supposed to come tomorrow? Why did you come today? Did you come to visit me?”

Everyone fell silent for a moment. Thereafter, Nangong Jing nodded. “Of course, old man. Haven’t seen you for so long. I miss you so much.”

Lu Ze and the others sat before the table. The old man poured some Jin Ge tea for them.

Then, they chatted about the void border and the Four-Race Social.

Old man Nangong was in a rather good mood. “The other three races have a few powerful prodigies, but I’ve learned some information about them. They’re weaker than Ze. Ze will get the first place this time!”

Lu Ze nodded. Then, he asked, “I have something to give you.”

Old man Nangong asked curiously “What is it?”

Lu Ze took out some low-level orbs. “These are energy orbs I created using my cultivation G.o.d art. I, Jing Jing, and the rest of the group have been using this to cultivate. After reaching the planetary state, I have many more of these. Other people can use this for cultivation.”

Old man Nangong had been staring at these orbs in shock ever since Lu Ze took them out. He reached out his withered hands and took the orbs. After using an orb, a dominant golden beam flashed in his eyes. His face trembled.

Thereafter, he looked at Lu Ze and asked in a desperate tone, “Kid, how many orbs do you have? Do you have stronger ones?”.

Everyone was dumbfounded by his reaction, and Nangong Jing asked curiously, “What’s wrong, old man?”

old man Nangong closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “This energy feels like it’s giving me a new life, despite having used up all my potential. However, the quality and quant.i.ty are a bit off.”

Lu Ze and the rest felt shocked for a moment, and then, all of them rejoiced.

Was this useful to old man Nangong?

If the four saints could recover and continue progressing, it would be very beneficial to the Human Race!

Lu Ze took out a planetary state red orb and gave it to old man Nangong. “Try this.”

Old man Nangong was quite hopeful and used the orb. Subsequently, his face shook again. There was a hint of surprise, but then, it quickly turned into disappointment.

He said helplessly, “What a pity, it’s useful but still not enough. If there’s enough quant.i.ty, there would be hope. But… I need too much. I can’t affect your cultivation.”

He still had a few thousand years. It was no rush.


Nevertheless, he was still very shocked. There was a price to pay for acquiring power. They used the Elf Race’s Divine Tree to reach the cosmic system state in an extremely short time. The price was that their potential was completely exhausted, and they couldn’t improve further.

However, this energy gave him hope.

‘Just what level was Lu Ze’s G.o.d art?’

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s fine, I’m a planetary state now. Soon, I will be able to reach the star state. By then, you can try the star state orbs. Perhaps that would be more useful to you.”

If that didn’t work, then the cosmic system state!

He would break through to the cosmic system state while the old man was still alive!

Hearing Lu Ze’s words, old man Nangong was full of hope.

If Lu Ze was stronger, the energy he could get would also be stronger.

old man Nangong couldn’t help being excited. He hadn’t been able to progress for two thousand years, but finally, there was hope now.

He looked at Lu Ze gently. This child was truly the new dawn of the Human Race.