Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 725 - Almost Forgot He Was a First-Year University Student

Chapter 725 - Almost Forgot He Was a First-Year University Student

Chapter 725 Almost Forgot He Was a First-Year University Student

Although Lu Ze still died in the end, he was still satisfied with the loot he gathered.

After resting for half an hour, the painful sensation went away, and Lu Ze began cultivating again. There was one day left until they arrived at the Dawn System. Lu Ze planned to learn the light divine art during this time.

He used the blue crystal and purple orb together.

Unlike the darkness divine art, when the light divine art rune entered his body, Lu Ze could feel being enveloped by light. It was very comfortable.

Pieces of divine art knowledge appeared in his mind, and he started to immerse himself in learning them.

A day later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. There was a warm light around him.

Just like the Darkness Beam, he only spent a day to reach beginner level for the light divine


Lu Ze grinned. He was in a rather good mood.

The light divine art was like the darkness divine art. In terms of attack, it wasn’t as strong as the Golden Fist Art, but it had some sort of purifying effect. It seemed capable of countering negative things. Lu Ze decided to call it “Light Beam”.

Perhaps because the black-and-white anaconda was a pair, the Light Beam and Darkness Beam had quite some similarities.

Lu Ze got out of the bed and stretched out. They were about to reach the Dawn System. He had learned all his divine art runes and G.o.d art orbs in these 15 days. He had fulfilled his goal beyond what was required.

The blue crystal was too potent. Otherwise, he would only be able to learn, at most, light G.o.d art or darkness G.o.d art.

Now, the only one he didn’t learn was that fusion divine art. If he learned that, he would have pretty much learned all the G.o.d arts and divine arts on the third map. If he learned all of those divine arts to full mastery, his combat power would experience a huge increase.

Lu Ze felt great. His power was increasing so fast.

He happily walked out and visited Ying Ying’s room. He saw that everyone else was inside. They were sitting around Ying Ying while pinching her face.

When Lu Ze came in, they all looked over.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Little brother Lu Ze is so late. We’re already at the Dawn System. The s.h.i.+p will stop at planet Venus. Everyone will get a day’s rest, and then, we’ll be going to planet Jinyao to consolidate the learnings of this trial.”

Lu Ze smiled. “We can go home first.”

The void border was rather dangerous. Coming back inside the Federation made him feel like it was going back home. He felt rather relaxed.

Lu Ze said, “Since we have a day’s rest tomorrow, I’ll go to old man Nangong’s place tomorrow. I can give him the orbs, so he can reward people.”

Nangong Jing smiled and nodded. “I’ll go with you tomorrow then.”

Lu Ze nodded at her response.

“Wait! I want to go too!” Lu Li said immediately.

‘If the two went together, they would have quite some time alone. Who knows what they would do?’

She had to keep watch.

The others thought the same too.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “The more people the better, so I’ll go as well.”

“I want to go with senior too!”

“I’ll go as well then.”

Alice and Lin Ling both wanted to go.

Lu Ze: “???”

He thought they had already acc.u.mulated enough mental pressure from staying in the void better for a long period of time. He wanted them to rest well at home. Yet, they all wanted to accompany him. Did they become clingy after that night?

He was really charming!

Lu Ze felt great. Meanwhile, Nangong Jing wasn’t so happy. She wanted to spend some time alone with Lu Ze on the s.h.i.+p, but now, they all wanted a piece of him too.

Despite her concerns, she couldn’t reject them.

Soon, the s.h.i.+p stopped at planet Venus.

Lu Ze and the group smiled. “Let’s go.” Thereafter, Lu Ze grabbed Ying Ying, and everyone came around and hugged him. He used s.p.a.ce transmission.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang had her own business here, so Lu Ze left with everyone.

Accordingly, Lu Ze and the rest appeared in Nangong Jing’s place. She then grinned. “We’re finally back.”

Subsequently, she just dropped onto her bed. “My own bed’s the comfiest.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Clean up Ying Ying’s room first.”

Ying Ying usually slept at Nangong Jing’s place. A room was reserved for her.

Nangong Jing just pointed to the side and said lazily, “Go over yourself. It’s still the same room. There’s a dust-cleaning device inside. You don’t need to clean it up.”

Lu Ze shook his head. She was beyond help.

At this moment, the girls also jumped onto Nangong Jing’s bed.

Lin Ling giggled. “Ze, thank you for taking care of Ying Ying. We’ll rest for a bit.”

Lu Ze: “???”

His mouth could not help but twitch. They just dumped Ying Ying to him and went to rest. Most importantly, there wasn’t even s.p.a.ce left for him on the bed.

Lu Ze looked at Ying Ying and rubbed her little face. Only Ying Ying could give him some warmth now.

He walked to Ying Ying’s room and placed her gently on the bed. Then, he fed her some more orbs.

He returned to their room. It was rather peaceful.

Lu Ze rubbed his head. Who was going to cook dinner?

During this time, Lin Ling took out her phone.

Alice asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Ling smiled. “It’s nothing. My brother is asking where we went. They didn’t see us on the s.h.i.+p.”

Lu Ze asked, “What does brother Lin Kuang need us for?”

Lin Ling answered, “He said that everyone had just returned, so we should have a meal together. It would be their treat.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “That’s great!”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Then, let’s go over?”.

Lu Ze nodded. “This is a rare chance, and you guys don’t need to cook dinner tonight. Just rest for a bit.”

The group got out of the bed, and then, Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce transmission to get back to the s.h.i.+p.

Most young dukes hadn’t left yet. Lin Kuang and his group said that they would be treating, so people stayed. Most importantly, Lin Kuang informed everyone that Lu Ze and the girls would be joining them.

Everyone looked at Lin Kuang and his group with admiration. Only they could invite Lu Ze to come.

Soon, Lu Ze and his team appeared. Jack took everyone to a spirit food restaurant.

The spirit food was a mortal evolution state. After all, a planetary state was too expensive. It was too much to handle for Lin Kuang and the others. Above all, Lu Ze only cared about the taste, not the grade of the food.

During dinner, most young dukes came to drink with Lu Ze and get acquainted with him.

A few hours later, everyone started leaving.

Lu Ze and the group returned to their dorms.

The first year was over. The students of the elite cla.s.s in the Federal University began their entrance test again. They were still not back from the battlefield.

Lu Ze almost forgot he was still a first-year university student.

He was about to start his second year, but he still hadn’t learned how to pilot a s.h.i.+p.

Could he still realize his dream of driving a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p?