Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 712 - Why Am I So Fierce?

Chapter 712 - Why Am I So Fierce?

Chapter 712 Why Am I So Fierce?

The middle-aged man was dazed. The bright light containing endless knowledge was a phenomenon from Lu Ze’s breakthrough?

What was that? This was the first time he encountered a situation where breaking through to the planetary state would create such a thing. He was a planetary state himself.

He almost failed to reach the planetary state, much less create a phenomenon.



Did that soldier say Lu Ze broke through to the planetary state? He then looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

How old was Lu Ze? 19? A 19-year-old planetary state?

The man’s skin crawled.

He remembered he broke through to the planetary state when he was 483 years old.

Suddenly, he didn’t feel that bad. He was, at most, an ordinary prodigy with some cultivation talent. He didn’t even have G.o.d art and wasn’t a young duke. Meanwhile, Lu Ze was considered the greatest prodigy in the history of the Federation.

Why did he even bother comparing himself with such a prodigy?

He calmed his emotions and looked at Lu Ze gratefully and bowed. “Congratulations on reaching the planetary state, Monarch of the New Dawn! Thank you for this time. I finally awakened wind G.o.d art, but that’s probably nothing to you. I don’t know how I should repay you.”

The wind G.o.d art was a huge fortune to him. He owed Lu Ze big time.

Lu Ze’s head ached. He was just still a kid, but this guy treated him like an elder. He didn’t really like being in a high position of power. It seemed tempting, but power and responsibility went hand in hand.

The greater your power, the greater your responsibilities.

The saints carried the prosperity of the entire Human Race on their shoulders.

Of course, one could just enjoy the power and not be responsible as long as your heart will allow it. Lu Ze felt he couldn’t do that.


It was lonely at the top.

He preferred freedom. However, the humans were still weak. He still wanted to lead the Human Race to the peak of the universe.

If that day really happened, he would take the people around him and roam through every corner in the universe and be happy. There were already two difficult things. One was bringing the Human Race to rise, and the other was getting them all.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s heart felt heavy.

He grinned at the middle-aged man. In return, the middle-aged man felt spooked. Did Lu Ze have some special fetish?

No way! He had the female young dukes around him.

‘Were they not better than a man like him?’ The middle-aged man suddenly felt worried.

At this moment, Lu Ze smiled. “Do you have some tasty spirit fruit or material? It just has to be rare and tasty.” He couldn’t really think of what this man could give him. He had fewer resources and materials than him. Food was probably better.

“???” The middle-aged man couldn’t properly react to Lu Ze’s words.

‘What sort of request was this?’

The Shenwu Army soldiers were also confused with what Lu Ze was thinking.

Lu Li and the girls were expressionless. They already knew Lu Ze would say this.

Lu Ze looked at the middle-aged man and said speechlessly, “Uncle, you’re not saying you don’t have tasty materials, right?”

The middle-aged man quickly answered respectfully, “Yes, yes, I have planetary state spirit ingredients. I was planning to ask the spirit chef to cook it into spirit food so as to progress my cultivation level.”

He took out a meter long blood-jade-type of material and gave it to Lu Ze. He took a long time to collect this, but this was nothing compared to the wind G.o.d art. Alice’s eyes lit up upon seeing this. She giggled. “This is the heart of Blood Jade Tree. My reserves are almost used up. I didn’t find it in the treasure storage last time.” She took it and said with pity, “However, it’s only two thousand years old. It’s a bit young but still manageable.”

Lu Ze asked, “What is this used for?”

Alice smiled. “The red jade cake we often eat for breakfast needs this ingredient.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “So that’s it!” That was one of his favorite cakes.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze looked at the middle-aged man with a friendly look.

This guy was a good person!

Middle-aged man: “…”

He didn’t want to live anymore when he heard they often ate cake made with Blood Jade Tree’s heart for breakfast.

So this was the joy of wealthy people? This was too joyful.

If they weren’t Lu Ze and the girls, he would’ve wanted to rob them. However, at the same time, the middle-aged man was also happy that Lu Ze took his gift.

The middle-aged man said goodbye and left the city excitedly. He needed to go out of the planet and roar.

Lu Ze and the group also returned to their rooms. They weren’t interested in seeing what these humans learned.

Back inside, they didn’t cultivate. They just lay on the couch.

They were going to leave tomorrow, and they just finished solitary cultivation, so they settled with relaxing a little.

At this moment, Nangong Jing and the others just realized that Ying Ying wasn’t there. They didn’t notice it before because they were too shocked by the previous events.

Lu Ze told them she was asleep. They went to Ying Ying’s room together, and Lu Ze began feeding her.

Nangong Jing and the rest glared at Lu Ze. Therefore, he gave them some orbs too.

After that, Alice, Lin Ling, and Lu Li went to cook while Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha rested on the couch.

Nangong Jing said, “Look, there’s something posted about the situation on the planet earlier. It seems to be the phenomenon you created.”

Both Lu Ze and Qiuyue Hesha looked over curiously.

“Where? Let me see.”

Nangong Jing projected a post by the Shenwu Army. “The Light Covering Planet Shenwu Is Not An Alien Invasion”

Lu Ze and the others were confused.

How did this involve an alien invasion?

The post explained that the phenomenon was created by Lu Ze’s breakthrough. There was even a photo of the planet being covered by light.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “I really caused that?”