Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 711 - I Actually Learned God Art?!

Chapter 711 - I Actually Learned God Art?!

Chapter 711 I Actually Learned G.o.d Art?!

The group went out of the room. Consequently, all the Shenwu Army soldiers looked over.

The leading two star states were Barier and a never-before-seen star state.

Barier and the other star state’s lifeless appearance immediately disappeared. They came up to Lu Ze fervently.

Barier smiled like a flower. “Lu Ze, you reached the planetary state? Congratulations!” “???”

The other black-haired youth, who was a star state, also smiled at Lu Ze. “I’ve long heard of brother Lu Ze’s name and the contributions you made when you came to the void border. I didn’t expect you to reach the planetary state at just 19 years old. This is an honor for the Human Race. I’m the person responsible for the Shenwu Army Mission Hall, Lian Weixing. Call me old Lian.”

Lu Ze resisted the urge to step back. He was getting gooseb.u.mps from how these two were smiling. Nangong Jing and the girls were more shocked by seeing this scene. It seemed that the bright light was more terrifying than they imagined. Even star states were acting like this. It was definitely very beneficial to them. Barier smiled. “While you were breaking through, the marshal sensed the situation and sent us to protect you. The old man also felt some enlightenment and went into solitary cultivation. Otherwise, he would definitely come to see you now.” Lu Ze asked, “Um, just what happened when I broke through?”

‘Why did even Saint Shenwu enter solitary cultivation?’ How come he felt he was the only person in the world who didn’t understand this.

Barier explained, “There was a huge anomaly that appeared when you broke through.” “It’s said anomalies would only appear when super prodigies broke through to the planetary state. Each anomaly is different and spans a different range.”

“When you broke through, that bright light which contained the secrets of the universe covered the entire planet. Even the marshal could benefit from this. To me, this is an extremely strong phenomenon, even among prodigies,” Barier remarked excitedly.

He felt that the commotion Lu Ze created was too major. Even the super-prodigies of other advanced civilizations might not have something like this.

Lian Weixing nodded. “We experienced breaking through to the planetary state too. We have a deep impression of the close contact we had with universal secrets. But even when we broke through back then, the feeling wasn’t as deep as now.”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha glanced at each other. Perhaps because they had been using the red and purple orbs non-stop, their breakthrough didn’t feel significantly different from this one.

Lu Ze finally understood what happened. That feeling of opening the universe’s chamber of knowledge affected the outside world. No wonder they were all cultivating.


“That covered the entire planet?!’

‘He was that strong? Why was he the last one to know?’

Barier smiled. “Since brother Lu Ze has broken through, our mission is finished. We need to hurry back for solitary cultivation too.” They came to protect Lu Ze, not only due to the saint’s order but also because it was a good chance to build a relations.h.i.+p with Lu Ze.

If Lu Ze didn’t die, he had high chances of reaching the cosmic cloud state.

Lu Ze nodded. They exchanged contacts with him and quickly left.

With this, some Shenwu Army soldiers left too. A portion of them still stayed within the area to guard. After all, there were many powerful humans here.

All soldiers looked at Lu Ze with admiration. They personally witnessed that event. However, thinking about how they still had to guard the city, they wanted to cry.

Lu Ze sensed their gloomy expressions and felt like he was watching a horror movie. His mouth twitched, and he wondered whether he should go back for solitary cultivation.

Right at this moment, a gray short-haired, middle-aged man, who was standing at the door to the hotel, stood up. His eyes widened, and his face was crazed with joy.

He looked at the wind around his hand. “I… learned wind G.o.d art?!… I learned wind G.o.d art!!”

The planetary states who had G.o.d arts were of the extreme minority. This man clearly didn’t have wind G.o.d art before, but now, he learned it.

He stood up and wanted to howl, but a cold stern voice sounded. “Don’t make a scene, other people are still cultivating!”

The middle-aged man became dazed for a moment and regained his senses. When he saw the streets filled with people cultivating, he felt dazed again. Oh s.h.i.+t?!


I’m on the streets? Why are there that many people on the streets?

There were a few Shenwu Army soldiers looking at him coldly. The middle-aged man immediately didn’t feel too comfortable. Clearly, they were the ones who gave him the warning

He suppressed his joy and decided to go outside of the planet and howl. He thought he would never learn a G.o.d art his entire life, but he suddenly learned one. This surprise was too huge. The soldiers felt more envious upon seeing that the first person to wake up learned G.o.d art. They were waiting to beat this guy up if he didn’t listen to the warning, but he controlled himself.

They didn’t even have a reason to beat the man up now.

The man who learned wind G.o.d art asked a soldier, “By the way, do you guys know what that light was?”

If that occurrence happened a few more times, he would probably become a prodigy.

The soldier replied, “You should thank Monarch of the New Dawn. That light was created when Monarch of the New Dawn broke through.”

“Monarch of the New Dawn?” The middle-aged man suddenly looked behind him. He didn’t even notice there was someone behind him.