Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 703 - This Guy Is a Traitor?!

Chapter 703 - This Guy Is a Traitor?!

Chapter 703 This Guy Is a Traitor?!

After recovering, Lu Ze began cultivating again.

He still digested the white energy strand first. After all, it was very effective and comfortable to use.

There were twenty more days left, and their training at the void border would be finished.

During this time, they decided to go into solitary cultivation on their own. They won’t spar with each other anymore.

Ten hours later, Lu Ze finished digesting the white energy.

He didn’t use the golden divine art rune. This was probably the fist art that the golden ape used. For him to learn it to a degree stronger than the star crippling punch, he would need experienced mastery at least. That would cost quite some time.

Lu Ze planned to bring Earth s.h.i.+eld to perfect mastery first. He got that special earth blob before, and therefore, his earth G.o.d art mastery was almost catching up to his lightning G.o.d art and body G.o.d art.

If he had perfection mastery of Earth s.h.i.+eld, he was rather confident in blocking the attacks of

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Moreover, he could sense that it would take him at most ten days to bring Earth s.h.i.+eld to perfection. This was the most efficient method.

During the day, Lu Ze used the level-1 planetary state overlord red orbs to cultivate. At night, when Lu Ze entered the pocket hunting dimension, he found out that the overlords were very cunning.

Every time he fought an overlord, they wouldn’t fight him head-on. They would run towards the deer overlord instead.

He was even with the top overlords, so there was no way Lu Ze could stop them from fleeing

Every time he saw the deer overlord come, he began to run. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t be able to when the vines bound the s.p.a.ce.

Ten days later, Lu Ze’s handsome face was pale and serious. He was at a crucial moment in progressing the Earth s.h.i.+eld divine art. While he used the purple orbs non-stop, Lu Ze’s mind worked rapidly as he learned the secrets of the divine art.

Even with his current enlightenment, it was difficult.

As time went on and Lu Ze digested those complex knowledge, the originally holographic Earth s.h.i.+elds around him manifested their physical form. At the same time, Lu Ze had some kind of st.u.r.dy chi emanating from him.

Soon, the yellow light receded, and Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly.

He was a prodigy indeed!

Ten days and the Earth s.h.i.+eld had reached perfection!

Lu Ze smiled. He was in a rather good mood. The defensive power of perfect Earth s.h.i.+eld was many times that of experienced mastery. Level-4 planetary state attacks can’t break it now. Instead, it would take level-5 planetary state attacks to break it.

If he wore the Martial G.o.d Armor, he was confident in blocking level-6 planetary state!

Currently, his skin was 60% filled with planetary seeds.

The level-1 planetary state overlord orbs were better than he had imagined. He finished more than half the seeds in just half a month. This was rather fast.

Of course, it was also due to the multiple strands of white energy.

Simultaneously, his recovery speed’s and spirit force’s quality also improved through the constant use of red orbs.

Thereafter, Lu Ze looked at the time. It was already morning. He got out of bed and left his room. Lu Ze had stayed inside for the past ten days. Now, he wanted to take a break.

The living room was very quiet. Only Ying Ying was there. The rest of the people were probably in their rooms.

Lu Ze sat next to Ying Ying and rubbed her head. She looked at him and continued playing. He then found out that Ying Ying wasn’t watching cartoons. She was playing games. It was the very old game Snake.

Lu Ze asked, “Ying Ying, did your sisters come out?”

Ying Ying nodded. “Alice comes out every day to cook for me. The other sisters haven’t come


She found that although sister Alice was a bit flat-chested, her cooking was great. She was very satisfied with her every day. Even if wasn’t comfortable being hugged by Alice, she wasn’t going to complain.

At this moment, Alice also came out of the room. When she saw Lu Ze, she smiled like an angel and ran up to Lu Ze. “Senior, why did you come out?”

Lu Ze rubbed her head. “I’ve made some progress in cultivation, so I’m taking a break.”

Alice didn’t expect Lu Ze would pat her head. She became dazed first and then blushed while closing her eyes.

Seeing Alice behave like a cat being petted, Lu Ze’s eyes softened. “You’ve been coming out every morning to cook for Ying Ying? That’s very nice of you.”

Alice shook her head and said, “Ying Ying always wants to eat, and I want to practice my cooking.” Then, she rubbed her head against Lu Ze’s hand and said, “I’ll go cook for you. I still need to go cultivate later!”

She really liked him rubbing her head like that, but she shouldn’t get immersed in it. She was a warrior. She would fight with senior in the future.

Lu Ze let go of Alice and nodded. He got up and said, “I’ll go cook with you. Although I can’t do it well, I can still hand you ingredients and so forth.”

Alice smiled brightly. “Really? Then, come with me, senior.”

Ying Ying raised her hand. “I want to help too! The cartoons say I can’t just eat and not cook!”

Her voice was even so firm.

Alice’s smile froze. She looked at Ying Ying in disbelief.

This little girl was a traitor!

She had cooked so much for her before and that was all for nothing?

She was going to cook a romantic breakfast with senior and she wants to join?

However, Alice couldn’t really reject Ying Ying’s request. She spoke with a stiff smile, “Okay, Ying Ying, come as well.” Lu Ze rubbed Ying Ying’s face. “Then, you can’t cause any trouble for sister Alice, okay?”

Ying Ying looked at Lu Ze with discontent. “I’m going to help!” The three went into the kitchen. Lu Ze looked around curiously.

The kitchen was reorganized by Alice. There were expensive utensils inside.

When Alice came in, she seemed like a different person. She had confidence on her face.

She took out a large pile of spirit materials. “Senior, watch this Qinquan beast meat. Use this spirit water.”


“Ying Ying, peel this purple heart fruit. You can’t eat it!”


The scene was busy, and the hands of Lu Ze and Alice touched from time to time. They looked at each other with a smile.

Soon, a flas.h.i.+ng dish of roast meat was done.

After enjoying the meal, Lu Ze went to wash the dishes while Alice waved at him. “Senior, I’m going to cultivate.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, tell me if you need anything.”

Lu Ze played with Ying Ying for a while and returned too.