Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 702 - Oh My! That Scared Me!

Chapter 702 - Oh My! That Scared Me!

Chapter 702 Oh My! That Scared Me!

After gathering the things, Lu Ze left the caves.

He looked around at the top of the mountain to think about which direction he should fly.

He already had the drops of the golden ape, so he was in no rush to find other overlords.

Suddenly, a crisp green chi quickly approached.

There was a powerful spirit force that disrupted the air and created a storm. Lu Ze looked at this in shock.

Was it an overlord beast?

He smiled. Wow, a boss came to find him! It was so obedient and understanding.

It had been half an hour since Lu Ze hunted in the caves and collected orbs. He had completely recovered during this time and could fight again.


A dominant howl sounded and that crisp green light stopped not far from Lu Ze. It was a hundred-meter tall green deer.

Lu Ze had a rather deep impression of this beast. The deer and the golden ape were among those overlords who beat him up.

He didn’t expect it to come here though. Perhaps it was neighbors with the golden ape. It appeared as though it lived in the forest.

The deer stopped in the air, but its hooves proceeded to step as if it was actually walking on the ground. It also looked desperate, but it stared at Lu Ze with vigilance.

At the same time, a green light was flickering around its body. However, Lu Ze didn’t give it time to hesitate. He used Lightning Travel divine art and disappeared from the spot.

The deer roared, and then, a green vine appeared in the air and shot towards its left. There, Lu Ze appeared, and the Earth s.h.i.+eld before him blocked the vine.


Lu Ze saw the Earth s.h.i.+eld break, and then, multiple vines reached out towards him. He was planning to dodge, but suddenly, the vines started gathering in the air and reached for


Lu Ze raised a brow and was going to use s.p.a.ce transmission, but he found out in shock that the s.p.a.ce seemed to have been completely bound.

Seeing this, Lu Ze didn’t feel too good. d.a.m.n! What divine art was this? It could bind s.p.a.ce so well?

The vines were nearing.

Since he couldn’t dodge it, he would fight it head-on.

The vine attacks were weaker than the golden ape’s fists. It couldn’t completely break his s.h.i.+eld with one go.

He used star crippling punch and lightning spear at the same time while reforming his Earth s.h.i.+eld and using golden armor.


A series of clashes sounded. The vines were torn apart, and Lu Ze took a few hits, but they were all blocked by the Earth s.h.i.+eld and golden armor.

With his defenses, he could stop the vine attacks.

The restriction was then gone, and Lu Ze disappeared from the spot. He once again neared the deer overlord.


A few hundred vines appeared in the air. They twisted around like tentacles.

Lu Ze’s skin was crawling from how creepy they were.

This deer looked quite elegant but was actually a tentacle monster. However, he liked this divine art. It would soon be his!

Lu Ze used all his divine arts—fire buff, star crippling punch, Lightning Travel divine art, and lightning spear.

Lu Ze turned into a golden red war G.o.d and tore through the vines as he neared the deer.

He found that this divine art of the deer was rather amazing. s.p.a.ce around the vine seemed to have been reinforced. He couldn’t use s.p.a.ce transmission there at all. Or perhaps it was just that his s.p.a.ce transmission was too low-grade?


Golden, red, blood, green spirit force flashed in the air. The shockwave spread past the golden forest. The trees appeared as though they would be uprooted at any time.

However, this golden mountain seemed like a st.u.r.dy rock that ignored the powerful waves.

In terms of damaging force, this green deer was far weaker than the golden ape. However, it was more troublesome. The golden ape just wanted to crush Lu Ze and that was easy to deal with. However, this deer didn’t let Lu Ze near him.

Every time Lu Ze tore apart the vines and got closer, this deer ran faster than a rabbit and then began forming vines again.

After fighting for half an hour, Lu Ze found he hadn’t even touched it yet.

If only he could use s.p.a.ce transmission and appear right next to it… Its attack wasn’t as strong as the golden ape, but they were numerous.

He had been struck quite a few times already. It was more exhaustive than when fighting the golden ape.

Despite so, Lu Ze was confident in his stamina. He was right to believe this deer would be exhausted first.

As time went on, Lu Ze’s face grew a little pale. The deer’s vines started reducing in numbers, and its chi grew weaker. Lu Ze grinned. He was right. At this moment, two shocking roars sounded. “Gugu!” x2

Another two forces approached.

Lu Ze’s expression changed. More overlords were here? This chi was on par with the ape and deer.

Lu Ze could feel that sharp chi from a long-distance away. It belonged to those two golden echidnas.

Weren’t they in the wilderness?

Why were they here?

During this time, the deer roared excitedly.

The two echidnas came over even faster. Countless golden needles formed in the air and shot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s face went pale.

They were cheating!

Lu Ze couldn’t use s.p.a.ce transmission, so he could only form the Earth s.h.i.+eld and golden armor with his full power while using the star crippling punch to break some of the needles first.

The Earth s.h.i.+eld instantly broke, and the golden armor could only hold up for an instant. Luckily, there weren’t many needles remaining. Lu Ze survived.

But before he could breathe easy, the fire burned at the edge of the horizon.

The fire dragon rapidly closed in.

Seeing the four top overlords, Lu Ze didn’t even want to run. He only lasted a few seconds before dying.

He woke up back in his room. The pain of being pierced by thousands of needles was still there.


He couldn’t even move.

He was ganged up again.