Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 700 - Other People Would Be Hurt by SuChapter Words

Chapter 700 - Other People Would Be Hurt by SuChapter Words

Chapter 700 Other People Would Be Hurt by Such Words

Barier smiled. “By the way, there are actually two heritage crystals in the belongings of the Crystal Race, but the knowledge there has been erased. The marshal is guessing that the knowledge inside is probably a divine art. Someone probably wiped out the content inside to prevent the knowledge from leaking out.”

Lu Ze and the group felt stunned. They felt this was quite a pity. The divine art that the top prodigy of the Crystal Race would erase definitely wasn’t simple.

This was a huge loss.

Clearly, the human foundation was lacking. After all, there wasn’t enough time. For an ancient race like the Crystal Race, which existed for hundreds of millions of years, who knew what sort of secrets they had?

Any random one would surpa.s.s the Human Race.

Barier smiled and said, “Alright, let’s not talk about this. Let me see what grade this divine art is.”

He pierced through the crystal using his mental force. Moments later, he opened his eyes with surprise and joy. “It’s a middle-cla.s.s, low-grade divine art. The Federation only has a few divine arts of this level!”

He continued with regret, “What a pity! Demonic body G.o.d art is commonly seen in the Demon Race. It’s too rare in the Human Race.”

Lu Ze and the girls were dumbfounded. They didn’t know what sort of levels of divine arts there were.

Barier noticed this and explained, “The level of divine art is not too important to the Human Race because our foundation is too weak. It’s pretty much all low-cla.s.s divine art. For a middle-cla.s.s divine art, we only have a middle- and low-grade.”

Lu Ze and the others felt that Barier made the Human Race sound so pitiful and poor. But then, Barier continued, “However, you’ve cultivated your divine arts very well. It’s not far from my level.” He was very shocked. He was a star state being, and in the years he’s lived, he had plenty of time to learn divine art. However, he didn’t feel he had that much better mastery of G.o.d art than Lu Ze and his group. Barier added, “Divine art is divided into low-cla.s.s, middle-cla.s.s, high-cla.s.s, top-cla.s.s. Each cla.s.s has low, middle, and high grades. The divine art you took out is a middle-cla.s.s, low-grade.”

This divine art was about the same level as the ones he got from the mortal evolution state overlords.

Lu Ze was very curious what level of divine art those super bosses in the pocket hunting dimension would drop.

Barier said, “This divine art isn’t a low-cla.s.s, but the G.o.d art is too rare. I can award you 500,000 merit points.”

“500,000 merit points?”.

Lu Ze and the team widened their eyes.

Oh s.h.i.+t! They were rich! Barier smiled. “To be honest, this divine art isn’t precious for races who have existed for a long time, but the Human Race has too few divine arts, especially high-quality ones, so the reward is more bountiful.”

To be honest, it was more because of Lu Ze’s and the girl’s talent. Giving them more reward points would help them grow faster.

Lu Ze nodded his head and smiled, “Thank you, General Barier.”

Barier shook his head. “Zuogiu asked me to look after you guys. Your talent and contribution are worth it.” Thereafter, Barier left with the crystal. He had many things to do.

Lu Ze and the rest recycled the two blade demon prodigy’s belongings and earned another 140,000 reward points. Altogether, they earned 640,000 merit points.

Following such, they returned to their suite. The girls were rather excited.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “We have more reward points. We can buy more things now.”

Alice giggled and looked at Lu Ze. “What should we buy, senior?”

Nangong Jing remarked, “Gloves, the same as mine. Ze doesn’t use any other weapons.”

Nangong Jing thought to herself, ‘This could be couple gloves’.

The others didn’t like it, but they didn’t argue either.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “The gloves won’t cost that much. Should we buy him a necklace? One that also buffs mental force G.o.d art?”

Everyone looked at Qiuyue Hesha strangely. She didn’t want to buy herself one, but she was willing to buy one for Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was speechless. He didn’t care about equipment. He progressed too fast after all. Soon, the equipment won’t be useful to him.

Lu Ze coughed. “Forget the necklace, my mental force G.o.d art is too weak, and I use it occasionally. The necklace is too expensive and wasteful. I’ll just buy a set of gloves. You guys can see what other things you want to buy.”

Qiuyue Hesha gave Lu Ze a disgruntled look while Nangong Jing grinned. When everyone took out their weapons, it would be clear they had a couple set.


45,000 for the gloves. They were going to save 500,000, so now, only 95,000 were spendable.

Lin Ling asked, “What should we buy next?”

Lu Li said, “We don’t lack cultivation resources. We have regeneration and wood G.o.d art, so we don’t need medicine. As for a trump card…”

Everyone looked at Ying Ying. What trump card could be stronger than her?

“Should we buy some buff items?” “Never mind. We’re progressing so fast. It’s a bit of a waste.” “Our power can’t support this much good equipment.”

“Then, what should we buy?”

Everyone didn’t know what to buy. After all, their equipment was at the top of the planetary state. Meanwhile, star state equipment was too expensive, and they couldn’t afford it. Even if they could, it wouldn’t be more useful.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “If the other young dukes knew we were full build, I wonder what they would think?”

That would feel very painful for them.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Should we buy some rare ingredients?”

Everyone looked at each other, and then, Alice said with a blush, “Then, let’s buy a few? I can study a new recipe.”

Everyone immediately agreed.

“Spirit force is beneficial for cultivation anyways.”

Everyone comforted themselves.

Afterward, they spent 95,000 on buying high-level spirit ingredients.