Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 699 - Just This Sort of Minor Thing?

Chapter 699 - Just This Sort of Minor Thing?

Chapter 699 Just This Sort of Minor Thing?

In an individual room in the Resource Hall, a middle-aged man looked at the black crystal in his hands. His hands were trembling. The other workers, who were present there, were also dumbfounded.

The middle-aged man was the appraiser of the Resource Hall. He would appraise the value of the items being recycled. His cultivation level was level-7 planetary state.

The atmosphere remained silent. Lu Ze and the others felt this was hard to bear.

Nangong Jing was impatient and spoke first, “Mr. Ouweng, how many points is this crystal worth?”

The others also looked impatiently at Ouweng. After they got their points, they were going to return and buy more.

Ouweng finally replied, “Sorry, young duke Nangong. This item is worth too much… I have no right to recycle it. I think, you best contact General Zuoqiu. If you want to recycle it here, I’ll notify the manager here, General Barier.”

Just the heritage crystal itself was worth a lot, much less the powerful divine art inside. There were no more than five divine arts of this caliber in the Human Race.

The other workers were used to seeing all sorts of treasure. They weren’t this shocked even when they saw star state treasure. However, this was the extremely precious heritage crystal. It was over the line to bring it over like this to recycle.

Lu Ze and the girls were dazed. They didn’t expect the crystal to be this troublesome at recycling. Nangong Jing smiled bitterly. “I should’ve told my mother before, if I knew earlier. I forgot about it.”

Alice said, “After all, this isn’t a divine art we can use.”

Lu Ze remarked, “I forgot about it too.”

From his perspective, he already had quite a few divine arts of this grade. He didn’t care much about it. Even the girls didn’t pay attention to this divine art too much.

Who knew things would turn out like this?

The workers: “….”

They didn’t know what to say anymore.

Nangong Jing said, “Then, wait a moment. I’ll contact my mom now. I don’t know if she’s busy or not.” Zuoqiu Xunshuang was a star state, and she just finished a mission. Who knew if she had the time to come over again?

Ouweng smiled politely. “Do as you please.”

Her entire family was very powerful. Her parents were star states, and her grandpa was one of the four saints. She herself was a super prodigy. If it was someone else, they would protect this crystal like a treasure, in fear of getting robbed.

Although the Shenwu Army wouldn’t do this, the adventurers were different. A treasure like this may lead some adventurers to take some risk. However, Lu Ze and the team didn’t mind. Even if someone came to rob them, there was still Ying Ying here.

Soon, Zuoqiu Xunshuang’s image appeared in the room.

She smiled. “Jing Jing, you miss mommy already?”

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes and said, “We got a heritage crystal with a divine art from the battle last time. I want to ask you how to deal with it?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang was stunned. “What? Heritage crystal?”

She felt she heard it incorrectly. Didn’t they go to the battle last time together? How come she didn’t know about it?

Lu Ze explained, “After I killed Guguyate, I found it in his storage ring. But we couldn’t cultivate that divine art, so we forgot about it.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang’s mouth twitched. “… Why didn’t you forget to eat every day?!”

The group looked down with embarra.s.sment. They didn’t dare to talk, seeing that Zuoqiu Xunshuang was a little angry.

Yet, Zuoqiu Xunshuang found their reactions funny and laughed instead.

She looked at the group helplessly and said, “I’m busy right now, and I can’t leave. I’ll tell Barier later. He will deal with this.”

Lu Ze and the group smiled. Nangong Jing said, “Thank you, mom.” Zuoqiu Xunshuang rolled her eyes. “I thought you missed me. So, it’s for this.”

Nangong Jing said, “It’s also because I miss you.” Zuoqiu Xunshuang sneered in disbelief. Then, she said, “Okay, I still have things to do. Cultivate well.”

“Okay, goodbye, mom.” “Goodbye, aunty Xunshuang.”

When Zuoqiu Xunshuang disappeared, the workers finally dared to breathe easy. Zuoqiu Xunshuang was a star state after all. Her temperament was too powerful.

Ouweng said, “Since General Zuoqiu is contacting General Barier, then please wait for a moment. The general will be here soon.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded and waited.

A few minutes later, a door opened, and a gray-haired, middle-aged man came out. His face looked a little desperate.

As the Human Race’s door to the void s.p.a.ce border, Shenwu City had multiple star states. Barier was one of them.

He rushed over quickly when Zuoqiu Xunshuang told him there was a heritage crystal to be recycled.

Ouweng and the rest saluted, “General Barier!”

Barier nodded in return.

He looked at the workers and said, “You guys may leave first.”

Ouweng and the others left.

Lu Ze and the group looked at Barier and saluted too, “General Barier!”

They weren’t of the Shenwu Army, but they belonged to the army too and had honorary positions.

This guy looked too serious. Lu Ze and the group felt it was best not to be cheeky.

Barier smiled and waved his hand. “No need to be too polite. Zuoqiu said you guys were rather cheeky, but it seems you’re quite mature.”

Lu Ze and the group laughed awkwardly. “Hahaha, yes…”

How could aunty Xunshuang say that?

They were always very mature. Barier said, “I’ve been hearing about you guys during this period. Didn’t expect you guys to give me such a huge surprise upon my first time seeing you. That’s the heritage crystal… The Human Race only has four heritage crystal divine arts. You brought back the fifth! Theoretically, it should be the marshal dealing with you guys personally, but he’s busy, so I hope you guys can understand.” Barier’s att.i.tude was very nice.

Lu Ze smiled. “Saint Shenwu needs to guard the entire void border, he doesn’t need to come for a minor thing like this.”

Hearing this, Barier’s mouth twitched. Minor thing?

Is heritage crystal considered a minor thing?

He didn’t know how to answer.

He smiled. “Ahaha… let’s talk business. Show me the heritage crystal.”

Lu Ze handed over the black crystal.

Barier smiled. “Did you know that words are limited? There is much information that can’t be described in words. This is, even more, the case for divine art knowledge. The higher the level of the divine art, the harder it is to describe with words. And, it’s much easier to learn divine art through heritage crystal than words. However, the Human Race doesn’t have a way to create heritage crystal. We don’t have extra resources to buy them.”

Lu Ze sighed. If they had more heritage crystals, it would be much easier for human prodigies to learn divine arts.