Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 685 - Overlord With Dual Divine Art

Chapter 685 - Overlord With Dual Divine Art

Chapter 685 Overlord With Dual Divine Art

The current area before Lu Ze was the base of the fat possums. Lu Ze had come here a few times before, but at the time, he wasn’t strong enough, so he didn’t even enter that forest.

Now, it was different. Lu Ze’s current strength would allow him to escape even in the face of the highest level overlords. Naturally, he wasn’t worried about the fat possums at all.

He wondered whether the fat possums had overlords.

Not every race had an overlord. Regardless, Lu Ze was going to enter the area and check it out. He proceeded to conceal his chi as he went inside.

Lu Ze entered the small forest. The canopy was thick, and it blocked out most of the sunlight.

The place appeared to be dark.

There were numerous possums both on trees and the ground. There were pine cone-like fruits on the trees. Lu Ze picked one and found out he couldn’t eat it. It was different from the golden fruits.

The huge tree trunks had holes dug in them. There would be possums flying out from time to time.

Their cultivation levels varied. There were ones from level-1 mortal evolution state to level-7, and as he reached the deeper portion of the forest, the possums became much stronger. There was even one nearing level-8 mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze was surprised upon seeing a level-8 mortal evolution state happily eating a huge pine cone. Did this mean the overlord of the range rabbits is only a level-8 mortal evolution state?

Observing the entire surroundings, there were quite a few level- 8 mortal evolution state possums around. Clearly, they weren’t the overlords.

As Lu Ze went deeper, he soon reached the center of the forest.

There was an empty s.p.a.ce, which had a three-kilometer radius, in the center of the forest. In the middle, an enormous tree was present.

This tree was over one kilometer tall and had a diameter of over 200 meters. It was like a huge tree that covered this empty s.p.a.ce.

There were purple lightning runes on the branches, which the other trees didn’t have.

There was a huge hole in the tree that was 100 meters in diameter. In addition, there were subtle purple and red lights flickering in the tree hole.

Powerful chi surged out of the hole.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with joy.

Clearly, the possum living here wouldn’t be ordinary. It was definitely an overlord-level!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze unleashed all his chi. Violent power spread in all directions, which then formed an airwave that swept across the forest.

The chi in the hole erupted.


A purple-yellow figure flew out of the hole and appeared in the air.

Lu Ze saw that it was a ma.s.sive possum. It was 100 meters long and had yellow fur. There were purple lightning runes around it. Its appearance was a bit das.h.i.+ng.

The possum’s dark eyes flashed with lightning. It was furious as it was challenged in its base.

Lu Ze was surprised. This guy was a level-9 mortal evolution state with a cultivation level nearing the planetary state. It was much stronger than the rabbit overlord.

But a level-9 mortal evolution state overlord pretty much posed no threat to Lu Ze. Rumble!!

The possum sensed Lu Ze’s powerful chi and became serious. It disappeared from the spot.

Lu Ze’s eyes widened when he sensed the possum’s speed.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

It was this fast?! Its speed reached level-3 planetary state.

To be honest, speed was his weaker aspect.

His wind G.o.d art wasn’t sufficiently strong, and his corresponding divine art was only the Blue Bird 1 divine art.

Previously, Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce transmission to fight, but after encountering that fire dragon, he realized those bosses could disrupt s.p.a.ce.

It was too dangerous for him to move in chaotic s.p.a.ce now.

As his cultivation level grew stronger, his s.p.a.ce transmission could only be used for travel if it didn’t improve.

This possum seemed to have a speed G.o.d art, right?

This was good news for him.

The possum soon appeared before Lu Ze. The huge claws contained earth and lightning G.o.d art.

The terrifying spirit claw caused the air to distort everywhere it pa.s.sed.

In turn, an Earth s.h.i.+eld formed before Lu Ze.


There was a deafening sound.

The Earth s.h.i.+eld crumbled, and the spirit claw disappeared.

Although it had dual G.o.d art and could even fuse them together, it didn’t have an attack-type divine art. It wasn’t too strong after all.

If it did, its offense power might be on par with that level-1 planetary state fire dragon.

If that was the case, Lu Ze would have to start running


Lightning clouds formed above Lu Ze’s head. Tens of purple red lightning struck towards the possum.

Consequently, Earth s.h.i.+elds were formed before the possum. The blood lightning broke through a few Earth s.h.i.+elds and also fell apart.

Lu Ze was shocked.

Two divine arts?!

This guy didn’t have a dual-G.o.d-art divine art but one earth divine art and another lightning divine art. These divine arts made its speed and defense terrifying. The possum looked up at the lightning cloud Thereafter, Earth spears shot up into the sky. Purple lightning circulated the spears. The two fused and their chi multiplied instantly, penetrating the lightning cloud and dispersing it.

At the same time, Lu Ze formed blood lightning spears while his golden fist force surged out.

He used s.p.a.ce transmission and disappeared from the spot, appearing instantly before the possum.

The tens of lightning spear shot at the possum.

The possum growled furiously and formed Earth s.h.i.+elds again. The lightning spear struck the Earth s.h.i.+elds, and the Earth s.h.i.+elds shattered.

At this moment, Lu Ze launched two golden fist force towards the possum.

Purple lightning flashed around it, and it disappeared from the spot.

The fist force only penetrated its afterimage and struck the ground instead.


Two huge cracks expanded in all directions.

Before Lu Ze could take back his fist, spirit force gathered behind him. Lu Ze disappeared from the spot, and a purple yellow beam penetrated the place where he stood.

The broken ground exploded once again. The forest wobbled, but the tree in the center seemed to be protected by some unseen force.


Gu! Gu!

Gu! Gu! Gu!

As the forest was destroyed, large possums shot into the air and attacked Lu Ze.

Lu Ze could completely ignore them. The difference was too huge.

He reappeared next to the possum overlord.


The star crippling punch broke the Earth s.h.i.+eld, and the lightning spears kept a.s.saulting the possum.

However, the possum overlord was too fast. It disappeared before the lightning spear could even get close.

Lu Ze followed and used s.p.a.ce transmission.

In a few minutes, the surrounding few thousand kilometers of the forest was riddled with craters. All the other trees had turned to ashes except for the tree at the center.

The possums nearby were also affected.

Large amounts of orbs appeared on the ground.

The surviving possums ran far away due to the fear of experiencing the same fate.