Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 684 - What Feud Is This?

Chapter 684 - What Feud Is This?

Chapter 684 What Feud Is This?

After dealing with the treasures of the two blade demons, Lu Ze and his team loosened themselves up. Several people leaned on the sofa without any desire to move.

After a moment of complete silence, Lu Ze turned his head and looked at Alice. He then said, “Alice, I’m hungry.” Ying Ying also looked up at Alice. Alice smiled and got up. “Then, I’ll go cook for senior.”

“Alice is the best!”

She was indeed an angel.

Everyone looked over immediately. Lu Li and Lin Ling also got up and went into the kitchen.

Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha squirmed next to Ying Ying and watched cartoons with her.

An hour later, the dinner was ready.

Thereafter, everyone went into their rooms. Lu Ze looked at this mental force dimension. He had used up the red and purple orbs from the two golden echidnas. At the same time, the speed at which he learned the Earth s.h.i.+eld slowed down.

Originally, he would need a month to achieve perfection for such divine arts, but now, that would be multiplied. His cultivation level had reached level-8 mortal evolution state for more than twenty days. Currently, it would take another twenty or so to reach level-9 mortal evolution state.

He only had a month until he returned. This speed was a bit sluggish. After all, Lu Ze’s target was to reach the planetary state during his first year at the university.

As of this moment, it seemed as though the pressure was immense.

He had to see if there were overlords he could hunt then.


In the pocket hunting dimension, his combat power would be level-3 planetary state, nearing level-4 planetary state. His Earth s.h.i.+eld had reached experienced mastery, so his defenses should be able to reach level-4 planetary state.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

It was still the familiar barren lands. Lu Ze took a deep breath. This felt like he was going home.

The beasts here were great. They cultivated with him and gave him treasures.



A heavy growl sounded behind Lu Ze, and a scorching temperature shot at him.

Lu Ze dashed a few hundred meters to the side and left an afterimage.

A huge fireball penetrated Lu Ze’s afterimage and turned into a red beam that disappeared into the horizon. Lu Ze looked in the direction of the fireball. There were five huge, red-armored wolves. The leading one was a level-8 mortal evolution state, and there were still strands of flames seeping out of his mouth.

Lu Ze smiled vibrantly. An opportunity to harvest for him as soon as he arrived. Great!

His figure disappeared from the spot. He appeared before the leading wolf and pressed on the wolf’s head.

Golden light flashed in his hand as he pressed down hard.


The red wolf knelt down as its head was deeply rooted into the ground. The ground was torn apart by this violent power as weblike cracks spread in all directions.

The wolf’s ligaments convulsed, and its life force instantly ceased.

The other four red wolves were ranged from level-4 mortal evolution state to level-6 mortal evolution state. They couldn’t even react in time upon seeing their boss was so easily killed.

During this time, Lu Ze looked up at them.

His body flashed, and in a short instant, four heavy thuds could be heard.

The earth was shaking as the cracks expanded. The remaining four wolves’ heads were also buried into the ground, and they died on the spot. This happened so fast that the first wolf didn’t even have time to turn to dust yet.

Lu Ze looked up into the sky with some morose expression. “Too weak, these guys are too weak. They’re not a challenge at all.”

A few months ago, level-7 mortal evolution state beasts chased him everywhere, but now, he casually sent them off.

These guys couldn’t keep up with his progress.

Invincibility was so lonely…

Moments later, the five red wolves turned to dust, leaving behind a ground full of orbs.

Lu Ze picked them up and disappeared from the spot.

With Lu Ze’s speed, it wasn’t hard to run through the entire third map now. He had even been to the border of the map and saw the familiar green gra.s.s plain.

That was the scene on the second map. Seeing the two lightning horses playing happily on the gra.s.sland, Lu Ze felt joyful. Accordingly, he sent out two lightning spears as a gift to them.

Lu Ze also went to the border of the fourth map. It was on the other side of the forest.

Lu Ze saw endless mountain ranges. He couldn’t even tell how tall they were. The clouds were only at the waist of the mountain.

The valleys and ravines were filled with forests. The trees were also much taller than the ones on the third map. They were at least a few kilometers tall.

Lu Ze didn’t know what beasts were there, but he saw a gray-furred mammoth. It was about 500 meters tall. It was pa.s.sing by a ravine, and the shocking chi it emitted made Lu Ze freeze.

It was so strong! Even the fox demon and alcoholic were a far cry from it.

Luckily, he didn’t need to go to the fourth map yet.

When he killed all the overlords on the third map, his cultivation level would pretty much be at the planetary state.

Three days later.

Lu Ze got a lot of level-9 mortal evolution state G.o.d art orbs and ordinary orbs. He got even more orbs below level-9 mortal evolution state.

At this state, he could pretty much do what he wanted on this map.

Lu Ze was picking up some orbs. Just when he was planning to leave, he felt some kind of immense pressure crus.h.i.+ng him.


A huge red dragon appeared. It was burning with terrifying flames. The nearby gra.s.s and trees burned.

The barren lands were being roasted. This was a boss!

A red beam of flame shot out of its mouth. It felt like the flames could melt anything.

Lu Ze used Earth s.h.i.+eld and golden armor without hesitation.

The red flames instantly vaporized the Earth s.h.i.+eld.

Eventually, Lu Ze finally tore open the s.p.a.ce restriction and disappeared from the spot.

A few thousand kilometers away, Lu Ze was already charred. His armor long melted earlier on.

So strong! This guy’s combat power was at the top of level-4 planetary states. It was on par with the black and white snakes.

He used s.p.a.ce transmission once more.


Before he entered warp dimension, the terrifying pillar of flames shot at him again in the form of a flame dragon. s.p.a.ce was crumbling around it. Lu Ze disappeared and reappeared more than ten thousand kilometers away. He had no time to rest. After running hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, he quickly used chi stealth G.o.d art to hide his chi and run in other directions.

The fire dragon roared in the distance.

Luckily, his defenses were strong, or he would have turned to dust immediately.

Lu Ze kept running while recovering his power. He used regeneration G.o.d art to recover his carbonized body. Simultaneously, he relied on his flame G.o.d art to clear the searing fire on his body.

More than ten hours later, Lu Ze finally returned to his peak condition. Another day later, Lu Ze looked at a distant plain.

There were fat possums eating the gra.s.s there. There was a forest in the middle of the plains.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had preys to hunt now.