Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 637 - This Guy Is a Range Rover Turtle

Chapter 637 - This Guy Is a Range Rover Turtle

Chapter 637 This Guy Is a Range Rover Turtle

Three days later, Lu Ze had remained inside the pocket hunting dimension for five days. This was rather long.

Right at this moment, he saw an obscure figure ahead in the mountains.

Lu Ze rejoiced upon seeing this mountain range. He sped up, and soon, a yellow and green gra.s.s plain appeared. It was indeed this gra.s.s plain!

He had been here twice. This was the hive of the range rabbits. Most importantly, these were range rabbits with divine art.

Lu Ze saw the battle between the range rabbit and the fire wolf.

The range rabbit definitely wasn’t as strong as he was. If he could kill the rabbit, he might be able to get that divine art rune.


Moreover, he was very interested in the floating earth blob in the hive. Thinking about this, Lu Ze concealed his chi and disappeared from the spot.

Inside the gra.s.s plain, Lu Ze saw a lot of range rabbits happily grazing. They were weak and didn’t sense Lu Ze at all. At the same time, Lu Ze didn’t attack them either. It was best not to startle them.

Soon, he was closer to the mountain range.

Many range rabbits were hopping among the stones. Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. Silver light wrapped around him, and then, he turned into a small range rabbit. Thereafter, Lu Ze ran towards one of the caves.

Soon, Lu Ze crossed through twisted tunnels and arrived at the depth of the mountain range.

During this time, Lu Ze appeared in a cave where several rabbits were resting.

Their powers ranged from level-1 mortal evolution state to level-7 mortal evolution state. They were like cotton lying on the ground.

Lu Ze didn’t see the special earth blob in here and didn’t startle these rabbits. When he pa.s.sed by the rabbits, most of them looked up but soon lay back down.

Lu Ze proceeded to the other side of the tunnel and kept moving down.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze pa.s.sed quite a few hives. There was a wide s.p.a.ce before him. It was glowing with yellow light.

Lu Ze looked down. There were six huge range rabbits resting on the ground, and there was the familiar earth blob floating in the middle.

Lu Ze didn’t move. He sensed the power of the rabbits. Five of them were level-7 mortal evolution states, and one was a level-8 mortal evolution state.

Those five were the five ones that Lu Ze encountered last time. That level-8 one was the rabbit that seemed to know divine art.

Lu Ze looked at that level-8 rabbit, and his eyes gradually turned evil.

He instantly appeared above the rabbit’s head. Power surged, and blood lightning swirled around his fist.

Lu Ze was still in the body of a range rabbit. His claws glowed with golden spirit light while the blood-colored lightning formed a lightning spear.

Those six rabbits were just about to look up when suddenly, lightning spears were making their way towards all of them. On the other hand, Lu Ze’s fist force proceeded to strike the rabbit boss.


The boss immediately formed a yellow s.h.i.+eld above its head. It looked indestructible. This was the divine art he saw last time.

Seeing the earth s.h.i.+eld, Lu Ze didn’t avoid it at all. He clawed at the s.h.i.+eld.


Earth and golden rays filled the cave with thunderous sounds. However, the earth blob in the middle still emanated a yellow glow.

Such a terrifying spirit force only shook the wall a little. Not even a crack appeared. Nevertheless, the spirit force wave went out of the cave and into other hives.

Many rabbits sensed the terrifying force at the bottom and ran out without hesitation.

The s.h.i.+eld cracked a little, but the earth light instantly repaired it. Lu Ze raised a brow. This defense was stronger than he thought. He thought this rabbit only had level-1 planetary state power, but now, it seemed to be level 2.

As for the other range rabbits, they had no divine art, and their cultivation level was only level-7 mortal evolution state. They were instantly penetrated by the lightning spear and died.


The boss was furious after seeing the death of the other rabbits. It glowed with earth colors, and then, earth spears shot out towards Lu Ze. These spears weren’t very strong as they didn’t have the buff of divine art.

Lu Ze dodged all the spears and then appeared behind the rabbit.


He aimed the golden fist force towards the rabbit boss again.

Before the fist force could reach the rabbit, an earth s.h.i.+eld appeared again, blocking the incoming attacks.

Lu Ze still wasn’t able to get past the s.h.i.+eld.

This rabbit wasn’t good at other things, but his defense was exceptionally strong.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot once again.

Rumble… Rumble…

He went around the rabbit, attacking from different positions and using different divine arts.

This attack lasted a few minutes. Still, this rabbit wasn’t injured at all. The rabbit couldn’t keep up with Lu Ze’s speed, so it just didn’t move and used the divine art to block Lu Ze’s attacks.

Lu Ze was soon out of breath. Seeing the rabbit look at him, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

This was no range rabbit, this was a range turtle!

ses a

The defenses are too strong. His spirit force recovered quickly. Despite attacking with full power for a few minutes, he just panted a little. However, the range rabbit still remained at full power.

They couldn’t do anything to each other.

Right then, Lu Ze suddenly thought of something. He couldn’t do anything to the turtle’s sh.e.l.l, but he could go grab that blob. Accordingly, Lu Ze did it. He reached before the earth blob and grabbed it.

Immediately, earth G.o.d art secrets rushed into his head. Last time, he almost fainted from this, but now, it just hurt his head a little.

Lu Ze wasn’t worried since he had mental force G.o.d art.


That rabbit’s eyes turned red upon seeing Lu Ze grab the blob.

Earth spears shot over immediately.

Lu Ze rejoiced. A golden set of armor appeared on him.

This was the evolved version of the black gold battle armor. It was on par with the blood lightning Now, his defenses also reached level two of the planetary state. It was enough to stop the spears.