Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 636 - As Long As He Ran Fast Enough, Bosses Can't Catch Up With Him.

Chapter 636 - As Long As He Ran Fast Enough, Bosses Can't Catch Up With Him.

Chapter 636 As Long As He Ran Fast Enough, Bosses Can’t Catch Up With Him.

Shang Yang System.

Michael looked at the unconscious blade demon and then at Lu Ze. He was full of shock. Moments later, he asked, “How… how did you capture him alive?”

He felt that if he didn’t ask, he would die from curiosity. Lu Ze scratched his head. “When we saw him, he was suddenly out of stamina. I think he might be having a heatstroke. That’s why we picked him up.”

Michael and Zhu Ya: “???”


A level-7 planetary state blade demon would get heatstroke?!

Lu Ze retained an innocent face while being scrutinized. He couldn’t spill Ying Ying’s secrets.

As for whether a level-7 planetary state blade demon would get a heatstroke, perhaps it was possible due to the sun?

Following such, he pa.s.sed the blade demon and tentacle monster over as though they were chickens. “I’ll leave them to you. Is the mission handover done then?” Lu Ze asked.

Zhu Ya quickly nodded. “Yes, it’s done. The rewards will be distributed in the following two days.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “In that case, we’ll be going back first.”

Michael saluted Lu Ze, “Thank you for your contribution to the Shang Yang Shenwu Army during this time!”

A level-7 planetary state was a rare tactical resource, whether in the Human Race or Blade Demon Race. Lu Ze saluted back and smiled. “Since I’m the Monarch of the New Dawn, this is just what I should be doing.”

Michael laughed. “You’re right. Only with younger generations like you can the human race grow stronger.”

Lu Ze returned to the New Dawn.

Eyeing the fleet off, Lin Ling asked, “Ze, are we going back first?”.

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s wait until the Shenwu merit points arrive, and then, we’ll go buy the Martial G.o.d Set.”

Nangong Jing’s eyes lit up. “Let’s test how good it is. If it’s bad, then we’ll switch it with something else.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. So he was only a lab rat?!

Back at the stationing grounds, the group booked a suite. Alice, Lu Li, and Lin Ling cooked. Everyone proceeded to their rooms for cultivation afterward.

Lu Ze sat on the bed and entered the pocket hunting dimension. In the barren lands, yellow sand blew.

Lu Ze looked around and headed off in a random direction.

Half an hour later, in a patch of cracked barren lands, blood lightning flashed. With an exploding thunder, a spirit force wave swept the entire surroundings.

Lu Ze was facing off a 70-meter tall golden needle tiger.

There were multiple craters between the two. All those pits were flas.h.i.+ng with blood lightning Lu Ze’s combat power was now at level two of the planetary state. On the other hand, this golden needle tiger was a level-9 mortal evolution state, and its combat power was closer to level two of the planetary state by a narrow margin.

The tiger roared, and it stood on its hind legs while swiping with his front claws, launching sharp golden spirit force claws towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was wearing golden armor. The sharp chi clanked on this armor.

Right then, Lu Ze flashed with silver light and disappeared from the spot. When he appeared again, he was already above the tiger’s head.

He clenched his fist and punched with golden fist force. His fist landed heavily on the tiger.


The tiger’s spirit force barrier was easily shattered. Its head crashed heavily toward the ground.

Before the tiger could pull its head out, Lu Ze stomped on its head and barraged it with punches.

The heavy blows fractured the earth. After ten consecutive strikes, the enormous beast’s chi disappeared, and its body landed on the ground with a thud.

Lu Ze jumped off, as though nothing had happened. Ever since he had that spirit body, Lu Ze’s stamina was longer-lasting, and he could attack with full power for a long time.

The body disappeared, leaving behind orbs. The special level-9 mortal evolution state red orbs increased his cultivation speed once more. In about two weeks, he would soon become a level-7 mortal evolution state. After picking up his loot, Lu Ze left the place.

Two days later, Lu Ze had been hunting for a long while. With the growth of his power, his loot was more and more bountiful. Even those level-9 mortal evolution state beasts with G.o.d art were no match for him now. Other than the rare few bosses, he could do whatever he wanted in here.

Currently, Lu Ze suddenly sensed a chi surge from his left. A roaring sound followed, and the force of the roar spread across a thousand-kilometer radius. Stones and sand were swept into the air.

It was a boss!

The cracked barren lands suddenly turned to lava. Huge bubbles began appearing. The scorching temperature twisted the air, including s.p.a.ce as well.

A hundred-meter tall red wolf appeared. It was covered with tough exquisite red scales. It had a pair of ruby flame horns on its forehead.

The red wolf was surrounded by complex red runes that slowly flowed into its body. As this happened, its chi grew more terrifying.

At this point, the red wolf looked up and glared at Lu Ze. As a result, Lu Ze’s skin crawled.

This boss seemed to hate him?


Lu Ze was full of questions.

During this time, the red wolf growled, and a terrifying wave of flame headed over Lu Ze’s position.

Lu Ze had fire G.o.d art, but he still had the feeling he would be roasted.

He instantly tried to use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. However, he felt a powerful s.p.a.ce restriction.

Lu Ze glanced at the red wolf. Suddenly, he realized something. He stole the treasure in the white pillar at that time. Those bosses were probably rather angry.

The wolf was clearly one of those bosses. It must have remembered his chi.

d.a.m.n, he offended all the boss on this third map in one go!

Luckily, this boss didn’t seem to intend to let its underlings help.

Lu Ze forced open the s.p.a.ce restriction and disappeared from the spot.] He reappeared ten thousand kilometers away.

Before he could breathe, he heard that shocking roar again, and the terrifying chi followed suit.

Lu Ze frowned. What a clingy monster!

He used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art again. This time, Lu Ze easily teleported away without the restriction. Then, he used chi stealth G.o.d art and carefully teleported in different directions before shaking off the wolf pursuing him.

He felt quite proud. He only had level-2 planetary state power, but he could escape from a being with level-4 planetary state power.

As long as he ran fast enough, even bosses couldn’t catch up with him.

Didn’t this mean he was invincible on this map?

Lu Ze happily continued his jungling job.