Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 625 - Fake Cultivation

Chapter 625 - Fake Cultivation

Chapter 625 Fake Cultivation

The holographic image of the Zhihuo Shooting Star changed. The flaming royal bird’s appearance took everyone by surprise. With this, the aroma grew more intense. It drifted over a thousand kilometers.

“Zhihuo Bird… this really is it! It has only ever appeared three times, right?”

“How did Lu Ze do it? He could even kill a Zhihuo Bird.”

“I don’t know. That kid is too terrifying.” “They should be at Zhihuo Little Restaurant, right? Let’s go see if they can learn fire G.o.d art!”

“Yes, let’s go see!”

Many adventurers were flying towards the restaurant out of curiosity. As for the Shenwu Army soldiers, they had to stand their ground. They were very curious but couldn’t go. Isiah who was thinking about how to remove the blade demon’s mental force restrictions saw the holographic image in the air and was stunned.

In less than ten days, Lu Ze not only got the Zhihuo eggs, but he also killed a Zhihuo Bird, captured blade demons alive, and caught the Tiger Tail Thief.

“He’s really amazing…” Isiah sighed and continued flying towards the meeting room.

The blade demon issue was very urgent.

Zhihuo Little Restaurant.

Lu Ze and the rest were full of antic.i.p.ation. It smelled too good.

Nangong Jing gulped some wine. “It smells very tasty.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “It should be ready soon, right?”

Lin Ling looked around and frowned. “Many people came over.”

Lu Ze glanced at them and smiled. “So what if they come? We’ll just eat our food.”

Luo Bingqing and the rest were also antic.i.p.ating it.

Derrick was shocked. “Just by smelling this aroma, I could feel my cultivation level improving a little. This Zhihuo Shooting Star’s effect would be very terrifying.”

Jack nodded. “I’ve heard my brother mention that many powerful beings would come for the five-year Zhihuo Shooting Star event. Most of them came for the fire G.o.d art, but the spirit food clearly had a great effect on cultivation.”

He glanced at Lu Ze and smiled. “This time, we owe it to Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze answered with a smile, “You’re too polite, teacher Jack.”

During this time, a sharp chirp sounded. Ree!! “The call of Zhihuo Bird?”

Luo Bingqing and the rest hadn’t seen a real Zhihuo Bird yet. They were shocked.

Derrick said in surprise, “Isn’t that Zhihuo Bird dead? How can it still call?”.

Luo Bingqing said, “I believe it’s Boss Zhu’s means. He’s no ordinary spirit chef to be able to cook the Zhihuo Shooting Star.”

The group nodded.

Those people in the crowd who knew more exclaimed, “The Zhihuo Shooting Star is about to be ready. Apparently, there’s a bird chirp before completion if the bird is added to the dish.”

Everyone looked towards the kitchen.

Right then, the door opened, and Boss Zhu carried a three-meter long dish and walked out.

On the dish was a white hemisphere lid covering the plate, but there was still an intense aroma coming out. Other than that, there was also a warm chi surging. Boss Zhu wasn’t surprised that so many people came to his restaurant.

He grinned. “Move over, don’t damage it. You can’t afford to pay for it.”

Thereafter, his invisible chi surged and pushed everyone away. When Lu Ze and the others sensed boss Zhu’s chi, their skin crawled.

Derrick exclaimed, “So strong!”

Nangong Jing raised a brow. “Boss Zhu is probably a level-eight or level-nine planetary state.”

Luo Bingqing said plainly, “That’s expected. Didn’t someone say last time that his wife is the general here?”

Lin Kuang laughed. “That’s right, to be able to create such spirit food, it’s no wonder that he has such power.”

At this juncture, Boss Zhu walked over. “It’s not too good for you kids to be discussing my power in front of my face, is it?”

Everyone laughed dryly in embarra.s.sment. Boss Zhu didn’t really mind and laughed. “Okay, move over a little, I’m putting it down.”

Lu Ze and everyone retreated a few steps as the three-meter long plate was rested on the table.

Subsequently, he smiled. “Careful.”

Boss Zhu flicked his hand, and a purple flame hand lifted the cover-up. Immediately, a red flame shot up from the plate, turning into a beautiful blue bird.

The bird chirped and flapped its wings. A terrifying fire wave swept by. The temperature of the fire startled Luo Bingqing’s group. They quickly used their G.o.d arts and formed a barrier to block this fire.

Meanwhile, it was much simpler for Lu Ze and the girls. They didn’t even move and watched the fire wave brush past like it was nothing.

Seeing this, both Luo Bingqing’s group and the audience took a deep breath.

Boss Zhu couldn’t resist saying, “You four already have fire G.o.d art and have quite a degree of mastery over it, right? Then, this Zhihuo Shooting Star probably wouldn’t be that helpful to you guys.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “It’s okay, we just want to see if it’s tasty.”

Everyone was speechless. The spirit food they couldn’t get even with their life was just a tasty meal to these guys?

This hurt!

Luo Bingqing’s group had a strange expression. They knew that Lu Ze knew fire G.o.d art, but since when did Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling learn it?

Especially Lin Kuang, Lin Ling was his sister after all. He never knew when this girl acquired fire G.o.d art.

When the fire wave disappeared, the bird chirped and also disappeared.

The dish was finally revealed. It was a lively red fire bird flying in the plate. There were 12 flames around it with tails of shooting stars.

Lu Ze looked at this bird in amazement. It seemed alive. And it looked very tasty!

The audience also wanted to eat this. Their eyes were green with envy. Boss Zhu’s face shook when he saw Lu Ze holding back his saliva. He said, “Okay, you can eat it now!”

He thought of something. “By the way, because there’s a level-five planetary state egg, you mortal evolution states should be careful when eating it. Don’t get blown up.”

Luo Bingqing and the others woke up to this reality. A level-five planetary state ingredient was indeed too strong for them.

Lu Ze didn’t mind. A green wind cut through the air, and a drumstick was sliced off.

A meter-long drumstick was placed in Lu Ze’s hand. He bit into the meat, and immediately, the taste spread in his mouth. It was so tasty he almost cried.

At this moment, as the meat entered his stomach, he felt a powerful spirit force emanate in his body.

Immediately, it was digested by his body. Lu Ze was a little surprised.

So the special spirit body he got yesterday was this useful?

He digested spirit force so well that it was beyond his imagination. At the same time, fire G.o.d art knowledge appeared in his mind.

Some of it, he already knew, but some of them, he didn’t.

Lu Ze used a purple G.o.d art and kept eating while learning fire G.o.d art.

Soon, Lu Ze almost finished the entire drumstick. Simultaneously, his spirit force rippled and flames started to appear around him. It wasn’t strong, but the pressure was increasing rapidly. Seeing this, Boss Zhu and the audience were completely shocked. What was this?

Eating this could really increase one’s power like that?

The cultivation level was understandable, but improving fire G.o.d art like that just by eating was a bit over the top.

Since when did G.o.d art learning become this simple?

Were they really cultivating the same martial arts?

Right now, a lot of people felt they were doing fake cultivation.