Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 624 - What Scene Haven't We Seen?

Chapter 624 - What Scene Haven't We Seen?

Chapter 624 What Scene Haven’t We Seen?

Boss Zhu left with the body and all the eggs. He was preparing to make Zhihuo Shooting Star.

Meanwhile, everyone in the foyer looked at Lu Ze with envy. This was Zhihuo Shooting Star. They might never get a chance to taste it in their entire life.

Lu Ze didn’t mind everyone’s gaze. He looked at Lin Kuang and his group and said, “Let’s find a place to sit.” Luo Bingqing was a bit hesitant. “Lu Ze, you’re really going to treat us to eat Zhihuo Shooting Star?” Lin Kuang nodded. “Yeah, that’s spirit food which can give people a chance to learn fire G.o.d art.” Of course, they wanted to eat it, but all their reward points were used to buy cultivation resources. They couldn’t afford it.

Lu Ze smiled. “I got three eggs. I already have fire G.o.d art, so I just want to try the flavor.”

Hearing this, Luo Bingqing and the rest, as well as the onlookers, felt their hearts were stabbed again.

So many people wanted the Zhihuo Shooting Star with their lives, all just for the fire G.o.d art.

This guy clearly had fire G.o.d art and still got three eggs and even a body. Yet, he just said he only wanted to try the flavor.

Lin Kuang and the others gritted their teeth and nodded.

If they could learn fire G.o.d art, it would be very beneficial to them. Moreover, this spirit food was a planetary state. It was quite useful for mortal evolution states like them.

Lin Kuang said, “Then, we won’t be too


He was still a little annoyed at Lu Ze because of Lin Ling, but now, he was still receiving benefits from Lu Ze. This was very awkward. He felt like he was getting bought. Was that the kid’s real purpose?

Lin Kuang looked at Lu Ze strangely.

Lu Ze sensed something was amiss and asked, “What’s wrong brother Lin Kuang?”

“… Nothing.”

The group found a far off place to sit. Luo Bingqing’s group asked Lu Ze about their missions.

When they reached the planetary state, they would need to think about doing some simple planetary state missions outside the stationed grounds.

Lu Ze and his group hid nothing from them and told them about everything. Consequently, Luo Bingqing’s group was stunned. Their mission targets were level-three and level-four planetary states. Who could handle that?

Lin Kuang looked at Lin Ling who was calm-faced. He felt quite complicated. Did this girl grow up already? She was stronger than him now. At this moment, Lu Ze’s phone rang. Everyone looked over.

Nangong Jing asked, “What is it?”

Lu Ze shook his head. He didn’t know.

He took out his phone and looked at the message. Immediately, his eyes widened. “The reward points are here.”

The message showed the Blade Demon Mission’s rewards.

Capturing the blade demons alive gave them 1200, locating the base left them with 5000, discovering the blade demon scouting activity was 5000, and bringing back that black ball was 10,000 merit points!

The others seemed reasonable but that black ball was worth 10000 points. That surprised Lu Ze.

Those black b.a.l.l.s were probably some extremely high-tech. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth that much.

They were given 21,200 points just for this mission. This was so much more than Lu Ze expected. The girls smiled and looked at Lu Ze’s phone. They were shocked to see this many reward points too. Lin Kuang and the others were confused upon seeing how shocked they were. Jack frowned. “What happened? Are your rewards deducted? The Shenwu Army wouldn’t do something like that, right?” His brother was an officer in the Shenwu Army after all. He had quite a nice impression of them. Lu Ze coughed. “Of course, they wouldn’t take away our points. It’s just that the rewards were more than what we expected.” Luo Bingqing and the rest rolled their eyes.

Derrick said with admiration, “So it’s something good. You got a few hundred extra reward points?”.

Lu Ze and the girls: “…”

They didn’t know how to answer this. Could they say they got extra 20,000 points?

Seeing how Lu Ze and the others were hesitant to talk, Derrick’s smile disappeared. His mouth twitched. “Come on, tell us, we’re young dukes too. What scene we haven’t seen yet? How many Shenwu merit points is it?”

They were the young dukes of this generation. Their mental strength was quite good. Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Then, I’ll say it?”

Lin Kuang rolled his eyes. “Don’t be hesitant like a girl…”

Before he could finish, he sensed three terrifying chi lock onto him. His mouth twitched, and he immediately stopped talking.

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s not that much, just an extra 20,000.”

The atmosphere instantly became quiet. Derrick’s smile completely froze.

Lin Kuang accidentally crushed the cup. Even Luo Bingqing stared at Lu Ze in disbelief.

The entire group combined hadn’t even earned 1000 for these past ten days. Yet, Lu Ze’s mission was counted in units of 10,000.

This was too absurd!

Lu Ze looked at the four and coughed. “This mission is a bit special. Not every mission is like this.”

The four recovered a little after hearing this.

That was true. How could every mission reward that much?

Lin Ling nodded. “During our last mission, we only got 1000 each.”

The group’s heart got crushed again. Lin Kuang looked at Lin Ling in disbelief. Was this still his sister?

Since when did she become like this. She must have learned it from Lu Ze.

Lin Kuang’s face changed, and he made up his mind. Even if he were to die and not eat the Zhihuo Shooting Star, he couldn’t let Lin Ling fall into Lu Ze’s hand!

During this moment, an intense aroma came.

All the guests put down their chopsticks and looked in the direction of the kitchen.

Even Luo Bingqing s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards the kitchen.

Lin Kuang gulped some saliva. “So this is the smell of the Zhihuo Shooting Star? It smells so good. When do we eat?” Lu Ze said, “Soon? Have some more later.”

Lin Kuang sneered, “What a joke! I’m not going to hold back.” As the aroma wafted in the air, the sky outside the restaurant burned with red flames. The intense aroma spread through the entire stationed grounds and even reached the outside area.

The planetary state spirit food’s aroma drifted for over 100 kilometers.

The adventurers and Shenwu Army soldiers all looked over.

When they saw the flames in the sky, their eyes bulged. “Zhihuo Shooting Star? Old Zhu is making this?” “How is this possible? It has not been five years yet, right?” “Wait… didn’t he agree to make it for Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze a few days ago?” “But that would be after he gets the eggs? He doesn’t have it now…”

“Could it be that he already got the eggs?”

Right now, another huge flaming bird appeared in the flames. Everyone was dumbfounded. “Zhihuo Bird?! Lu Ze killed one?!”