Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 622 - Special Spirit Body

Chapter 622 - Special Spirit Body

Chapter 622 Special Spirit Body

That powerful chi made people s.h.i.+ver, but that couldn’t stop Lu Ze from remaining dazed.

This white pillar landed just a hundred kilometers from Lu Ze. He could even see there was a crystal white flow descending from the sky.

He thought of the pillar on the second map, as well as the lightning cloud divine art runes inside.

That was a treasure!

He wasn’t dreaming, was he? Happiness came so quickly that he felt it was unreal. During this time, Lu Ze sensed there was a terrifying chi from the distance coming close rapidly. There was more than one of them.

Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art without hesitation. He appeared in the white pillar. Immediately, he felt this immense pressure bearing down on him.

His bones were cracking, and his body was shaking

Those people who weren’t yet planetary state would probably die just from the pressure. Luckily, his body was quite st.u.r.dy, and he had First Golden Body G.o.d art. That’s how he was able to withstand this pressure.

Lu Ze looked up and saw there was this baby’s fist-sized crystal floating not far in front of


Lu Ze was stunned. This wasn’t a divine art



Just when Lu Ze was confused, another roar sounded. He could feel the powerful chi approaching. Without much time to think, he just grabbed the white crystal.

Immediately, Lu Ze’s face changed. There was a terrifying repelling force from this crystal. As a result, cracks appeared over his body, and blood mist was discharged. It turned the white pillar pink.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth. He was used to this level of pain already. He resisted it and wrapped the crystal with his mental force, sending it into his mental dimension.

With that, the repelling force disappeared. At the same time, the white pillar flickered and started to disappear.

Lu Ze could feel the pain and pressure ease.


This was b.l.o.o.d.y worth it!

He didn’t know what the crystal was yet, but it was definitely something good. He would study it once he went out.


Just when Lu Ze was excited, furious roars sounded from all directions and surrounded him.

Lu Ze’s excitement disappeared. It was bosses he couldn’t beat at all!

They were too fast and was already near the pillar. They were within 1000 kilometers at this point. Lu Ze looked at the surrounding beasts. There was the familiar white and black snake, the ten-meter tall golden ape, huge golden echidna, winged flaming dragon, and quite a few beasts he hadn’t seen before. They had all sorts of G.o.d arts, and their terrifying chi twisted the s.p.a.ce. Lu Ze’s mouth twitched, and his forehead sweated. He was besieged.

Looking at their furious chi, Lu Ze’s heart went cold. He felt he should still try.

During this moment, the white pillar completely disappeared. Lu Ze was planning to use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. “Roar!”

That ten-meter tall golden ape slammed its hands down. The sky seemed to have collapsed as the golden fists descended. The terrifying pressure was many times stronger than the white pillar. Lu Ze was crushed into the ground before he could even think.

He slowly opened his eyes back in his room. It was painful, but he was excited.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and immediately looked at the floating crystal in his mental dimension. This crystal was emitting a gentle spirit force wave. He studied it. Its surface energy wasn’t strong, but it was very gentle.

Lu Ze thought about it and tried to use mental force to touch this crystal. However, Lu Ze didn’t expect that as soon as his mental force touched the crystal, the crystal dissipated and turned into a milky white mist and entered his


Immediately, Lu Ze felt this gentle power filling up his body and spreading in all directions. At the same time, the milky white mist’s flickering rune also fused into every corner of Lu Ze’s body.

He could feel that his body went through some magical transformation. His planetary seeds started to glow milky white and become more st.u.r.dy.

Lu Ze’s spirit force quality was rapidly improving. As the white mist entered his cells, spirit force from s.p.a.ce rushed into Lu Ze’s body. He didn’t even need to form the planetary seeds himself. Spirit force mixed with white mist instantly formed the planetary seeds.

These new planetary seeds were like milky white b.a.l.l.s.

Lu Ze was quite shocked to feel that his cultivation level shot up like crazy. He only formed half the planetary seeds for his five bowels, but in a few short hours, he rapidly finished the remaining ones.

When the last planetary seed was formed, Lu Ze glowed with milky white color. All his meridians and organs glowed with that white color. It was as though he was carved with white jade.

An invisible wave spread out in his body. He could feel both his spirit force cultivation level and body power increase by quite a bit.

He only used a few hours to reach the perfect stage of level-four mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze saw that there was still half of the white mist remaining. He kept cultivating without hesitation. For level five of the mortal evolution state, he needed to form the seeds in his bones.

The white mist fused into the bones and started forming new seeds rapidly. Simultaneously, those intricate runes kept fusing into his body.

It was gradually daylight. The warm sunlight shone towards Lu Ze’s room.

Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly. His face was very excited.

He was halfway through level five of the mortal evolution state!

Most importantly, Lu Ze stretched out his hand, and strands of milky white spirit force circulated around his fingers. At the same time, the spirit force in the void seemed to resonate with his own, increasing the power of his spirit force.

Lu Ze thought wrong. That crystal wasn’t a divine art rune, but it contained a special G.o.d art. He didn’t know what this G.o.d art was, but those white mists and runes turned his body into a special spirit body.

Lu Ze could feel his affinity with spirit force in the void.

As long as he used spirit force, the spirit force in the void would amplify his power. This meant that both his divine art and G.o.d art would be much stronger than before! His spirit force recovery and quality both increased significantly. Lu Ze could use five or six divine arts or G.o.d arts at the same time. Ordinary people couldn’t do this at all. Even Lu Ze would consume all his spirit force after doing that and resort to red orbs.

But now, Lu Ze was confident he could last half a minute doing that. With the help of red and purple orbs, Lu Ze felt he would never overdo himself again. Lu Ze looked at the white spirit force on his palm. Then, his eyes flashed with purple-red light.

The white spirit force was replaced by purple-red lightning. The chi was growing stronger. Lu Ze smiled.

Just using lightning G.o.d art, his combat power would be extremely strong in level one of the planetary state.

If he used lightning cloud divine art, his combat power would definitely not be considered weak in level two of the planetary state. With the buff of his combat armor and blood lightning, his combat power should reach level three of the planetary state.

The difference in power between one level wasn’t as simple as the difference among the levels in the mortal evolution state.

A few days ago, a level-three planetary state blade demon could easily crush his full-powered lightning spear.

Suddenly, there was somebody knocking at the door.

“Ze, what are you doing inside?” Nangong Jing’s confused voice sounded.

Lu Ze had suppressed his chi, but it was just a few doors away. She could naturally sense the energy wave inside the room.