Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 621 - White Light Pillar

Chapter 621 - White Light Pillar

Chapter 621 White Light Pillar

The last time they encountered Luo Bingqing and the others, they exchanged contact details. Since he had decided to treat them to Zhihuo Shooting Star, Lu Ze contacted Lin Kuang. However, Lin Kuang didn’t reply.

Nangong Jing asked, “They’re probably cultivating, right?” Lu Ze looked outside. It was getting dark. “It’s almost night anyway. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m hungry.”

Lin Ling knew that her opportunity for freedom had come. She immediately looked at Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing. “Sisters I need to go cook.”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha got up unwillingly. Lin Ling immediately dashed out.

After dinner, the four of them went to their own rooms.

Lu Ze sat on the bed and a.n.a.lyzed his situation. It had been 17 days since he reached level four of the mortal evolution state. His non-stop battles had allowed his cultivation level to improve faster.

In another half a month, he should be able to reach level five of the mortal evolution state. However, his cultivation level improvement speed was far from how fast his body was getting stronger. His body was already at level eight of the mortal evolution state and that was just a normal state. If he used the First Golden Body G.o.d art, it could barely reach the planetary state.

Moreover, his body would allow him to easily use special level-eight mortal evolution state red orbs to cultivate. Lu Ze was even confident to use level-nine mortal evolution state orbs. Nevertheless, Lu Ze couldn’t beat a level-nine mortal evolution state beast yet.

As for G.o.d art, his mastery of the fire, metal, earth, lightning, body of darkness, wood, and chi stealth G.o.d art had all reached a rather deep mastery. The G.o.d art orbs he used now only contained knowledge he had already learned.

With the golden fruit wine, Lu Ze’s body was steadily growing stronger every day. His cultivation level could increase one level a month. This was scarily fast already.

As for his G.o.d arts, it was almost at the limit of the third map.

Now, his target was to get the divine arts of the third map. Then, his combat power would have a huge improvement.

Lu Ze rapidly concluded his progress and soon entered the pocket hunting dimension. He reappeared in the familiar barren lands.


Immediately, he sensed a growl behind him.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot. A few golden sword rays sliced at where he was. He then reappeared above a 30-meter tall golden tiger.

It was a level-seven mortal evolution state golden needle tiger.

He looked calmly at the tiger while domineering golden rays flashed in his hand. He punched it.


The golden first force burst out and penetrated the tiger’s body. A huge crater appeared where it stood.

The violent power crushed the tiger’s body. Before it could even call out, it landed heavily in the crater.

He picked up the orbs and then disappeared from the spot.

As his cultivation level grew, Lu Ze was getting faster and faster.

Three hours later, a lightning cloud surged above a patch of gra.s.sland.

A few hundred fat possums were squeaking and fleeing

Purple lightning bolts roasted the possums, emitting this pleasant aroma. The strongest here was only a level-five mortal evolution state. Lu Ze felt quite excited.

Before, he couldn’t even beat a level-four mortal evolution state possum. How long had it been since then?

In half a minute, Lu Ze killed all the possums. Lu Ze collected the orbs and flew off once again.

He felt like he had been paid generously. He attacked and a large wave of monsters was gone.


A distant violent chi appeared. After sensing the chi, Lu Ze frowned. He flew towards the direction of it.

Soon, Lu Ze saw a red-scaled dragon that was a hundred meters tall.

Level-eight mortal evolution state fire scale dragon!

Its thick legs stood on the ground and spider net cracks spread out from where it was. Flames spurred from the cracks, shooting tens of meters high. In turn, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was twisted by the high temperature of the dragon.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with purple runes. He pursued the creature without hesitation. With a flash of silver light, his body disappeared from his position, and he appeared above the fire dragon’s head.

That fire jade-like horn emitting a searing glow made Lu Ze’s mouth feel dry.

Purple-red lightning swam around him, and black lightning cloud gathered above his head.

Tens of lightning bolts shot out towards the dragon. Simultaneously, lightning spears formed around Lu Ze, which tore s.p.a.ce open heading towards the fire dragon.


The dragon’s eyes burned with fire, and it suddenly opened its mouth and roared. Then, it stomped on the ground. Fire pillars shot out and enveloped it. At the same time, two flame pillars shot towards Lu Ze.

Runes started forming in Lu Ze’s eyes. He clenched with his right hand. Tens of lightning bolts were fused together and smashed onto the fire pillar, like divine punishment.


Fire and lightning shot out in all directions, plowing the land and spreading over a thousand kilometers.

All the weak beasts in this area fled.

The fire and lightning were in a stalemate.

Lu Ze flashed with silver light and appeared inside the fire pillar above the red dragon’s head. Then, he punched the dragon’s head with his golden fist force.


It seemed like the world was rattled by war drums. The earth trembled.

The dragon’s body landed with a thud on the ground with its head first, creating a deep crater that was over ten kilometers wide.

Fire splashed around in the deep crater. The dragon’s tough scales cracked a little, and blood burning with fire dripped down.

The dragon became dazed due to the heavy strike. Lu Ze stomped on the dragon’s huge head and then barraged its head with his fists.

With every punch, the ground shook, and the crater became deeper and wider.

The dragon’s bones soon cracked. The domineering fist force penetrated its brain and wiped its life force away. Lu Ze breathed and nodded happily.

Eventually, the dragon disappeared, leaving behind 8 special level-eight mortal evolution state red and 7 purple orbs, as well as a burning fire G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze proceeded with his hunt.


Ten hours later, Lu Ze looked at the sun. It was about to set. His combat power would only be stronger in the dark.

Thereafter, he would see if he could change into a dark wolf and sneak up on a level-nine mortal evolution state dark wolf.

Suddenly, the sky dimmed down.

Lu Ze tensed up immediately. Every time the sky suddenly turned dark, there was a super boss pa.s.sing by. Usually, he just died. However, he didn’t feel any pain.

He scanned the surroundings and looked at the sky.

What was going on?

Where was the super boss?

At this time, a beam of white light descended and penetrated the world. The world seemed to have sunk into silence.

This just lasted a brief instant and countless roars filled the place.

The spirit light everywhere lit up the place again. Lu Ze sensed a few powerful chis that made him shudder. This was stronger than the alcoholic and fox demon!