Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 617

Chapter 617

Chapter 617 We Have To Send News of Monarch of the New Dawn Back

Only now could the next 3 level-three planetary states wake up from the seduction G.o.d art.

Without a level-four planetary state, Qiuyue Hesha just needed to use seduction G.o.d art at full power. It was all too easy to interfere with them.

Their faces were full of terror right now. Another level-three planetary state pal was gone. Was it their turn next?

As soon as they had that thought, that familiar feeling arose again. Then, the three felt a severe painful sensation at the same time. Their vision went dark, and they fainted.

As the blade demon numbers dwindled, the pressure on Qiuyue Hesha was relieved. Therefore, the blade demons were seduced for a longer period.

Just once, the three level-three planetary state blade demons were kicked over by Nangong Jing. The rest of the level-two planetary state ones betrayed the others without the interference of a level-three planetary state. They looked at Qiuyue Hesha like she was a G.o.ddess.

Blade Demon Base, Surveillance Room.

The two level-two planetary state blade demons who stayed behind looked at the screen while s.h.i.+vering.

In just half a minute, all their companions were gone?!

At this moment, a blade demon’s eyes widened, and he thought of something. “Quick! Send the news about this back! It’s Monarch of the New Dawn and human young dukes!”

“This is the void universe. We must not let them get back inside the Federation!”

Hearing this, the other blade demon quickly made up the message and put a detailed description of their combat power. That way, their race would send someone strong enough to a.s.sa.s.sinate them.

After this was done, the two blade demons looked at each other. “Destroy this room!” The contents in the screen weren’t all in the Zhihuo System. At least, those scouting b.a.l.l.s haven’t been found. They could be used in the future.

During this time, a beam of silver light flashed. Lu Ze pulled Qiuyue Hesha into the surveillance room.

They just received news from the blade demons that there were two more blade demons inside. The two blade demons saw a man and woman come in and ended up dazed.

Qiuyue Hesha used seduction G.o.d art immediately. Thereafter, these two blade demons defected too.

Qiuyue Hesha ordered them to open the base and let Nangong Jing and Lin Ling in.

Meanwhile, those level-two planetary state blade demons were ordered to subjugate those unconscious level-three blade demons.

In the surveillance room, Lu Ze, Qiuyue Hesha, Nangong Jing, and Lin Ling looked at the level-two planetary state blade demon and then at the scenes on the screen and raised a brow.

Lu Ze said curiously, “These scenes seem to cover quite a range. How did the blade demons do it?”

Nangong Jing shook her head. “I don’t know, and these blade demons have restrictions in them. We can’t even ask.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Never mind, we’ll leave this problem to the Shenwu Army. Our mission is done.”

Lu Ze and the group smiled and nodded.

Then, Lu Ze asked, “Do they have anyone else here?”

Qiuyue Hesha said, “This question has nothing to do with their purpose. They probably wouldn’t self-destruct, right?”

Nangong Jing glanced at the blade demons. “Let’s try asking?”

Lu Ze nodded. “If they self-destruct, I’ll take them away. I’m experienced in this!”

Qiuyue Hesha looked at the blade demon and asked, “Do you have any others here?”

One demon answered, “Our base was robbed by that Tiger Tail Thief. The captain and vice-captain still haven’t come back from hunting the thief.”

Hearing this, the group relaxed. This wave of blade demons was all gone.

Lin Ling said, “I didn’t expect this mission to be done this quickly! Three missions in a row.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “It’s fast but very tiring,


After all, there were level-four planetary state bosses. The mission went pretty successful, but there were still huge risks while fighting.

Nangong Jing smiled. “Indeed, a level-four planetary state is quite too risky for us. Next time, let’s just accept level-three planetary state missions.”

They were really lucky this time that the blade demons were heavily injured.

Then, they inspected the entire base. Although the treasury was robbed by the thief, there were still some remnants.

When they handed in the mission, they just needed to give back the treasures that belonged to the army.

This was very worth it.

They packed things up and planned to fly back with this blade demon base.

This time, Lu Ze contacted the personnel on planet Zhihuo that they would be bringing back an asteroid.

The people there were confused, but they didn’t dare to ask much more. They just said there would be Shenwu Army to a.s.sist them.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, let’s go back.”

Thus, Qiuyue Hesha ordered the blade demons to fly back with them.

Meanwhile, they took the level-three planetary state blade demons to the New Dawn.

In the living room, Lu Ze and the others rested on the couch while they zoomed past in s.p.a.ce.

During this time, New Dawn’s voice sounded again. “There’s a huge energy wave on the left.”

Lu Ze and the group were stunned. Thereafter, they just realized that they were looking for Zhihuo Bird Eggs, so they told New Dawn to keep watch for energy waves.

They looked on the left. It was a planet covered in red and purple.

The four glanced at each other. Lin Ling asked, “Ze, want to go and see?”

Lu Ze nodded. “We’ve only gotten two level-one planetary state eggs and a body. Let’s go see.”

Lu Ze wasn’t too satisfied with these results.

It would only be considered good if it was a high-level Zhihuo Bird. Perhaps those eggs would be tastier.

Subsequently, Lu Ze ordered the New Dawn to stop far away.

Silver light flashed and Lu Ze disappeared.

Nangong Jing said speechlessly, “I’m guessing that guy is wondering whether higher-level eggs are tastier.”

Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling laughed.

Lin Ling said, “That’s quite possible.”

In s.p.a.ce, Lu Ze sensed the familiar chi of a Zhihuo bird and smiled.

It didn’t seem to be a low-level one!


Without hesitation, he used transformation G.o.d art, and Lu Ze turned into that flaming Zhihuo Bird and flew rapidly towards the chi.

Soon, on barren grounds made of red stones, he saw a Zhihuo Bird hive.

It was huge, and there were two 15-meter tall Zhihuo Birds. Their chi was at level five of the planetary state. Behind them were two huge red jade eggs.

Lu Ze was very hopeful.

He casually flew before the hive and landed next to the huge eggs. As for the two birds, they were just curious, but they didn’t show any enmity. Following that, he pretended to accidentally touch the eggs and used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art before the birds could react.


The two birds were furious. Flames then swept by. Lu Ze felt he was almost melting.

Luckily, he also had fire G.o.d art and had a strong resistance to fire. Only then did he barely survive.

Lu Ze struggled into warp s.p.a.ce and then appeared inside the New Dawn.

Lu Ze yelled, “New Dawn, quickly leave!”

Those two birds were so strong!

The New Dawn immediately shot off towards planet Zhihuo. The asteroid s.h.i.+p followed quickly.

He looked outside and saw that those two birds didn’t pursue him anymore. Only then did he breathe easy.

At this moment, he sensed the girls’ strange glances and asked, “Why are you looking at me like this?”