Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 616

Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Looks Painful

Outside the Zhihuo System, there was a small asteroid made of completely dark gray rocks. Its diameter was a few hundred kilometers long. Inside, there was a black metal base.

There were several screens in the base’s surveillance room. The footage not only showed scenes in the Zhihuo System but also places in Shangyang Galaxy and outside it.

There were 5 level-two planetary states and 1 level-three planetary states inside. They were busy recording all sorts of information about the Federation’s stationed armies.

One of the level-two blade demons spoke with a bit of an angry tone. “That d.a.m.ned Tiger Tail Thief! When masters Bibi Liya and Chacha Lisi catches him, we’re going to show him!”

The level-three planetary state frowned. “Don’t say these useless things. Our actions in Zhihuo System have been discovered by humans. This time, the scouting b.a.l.l.s have been taken away. If we don’t find it back quickly, we’ll be in big trouble.”

Someone said, “After we install the scouting b.a.l.l.s here, we’ll leave quickly. We need to install some in other locations as well.”


Then, someone laughed. “Those three masters were approved by the Advanced Demon Race and awarded with quite many good things.”

“Yeah, they’re indeed the three masters appointed as the Blades of Dawn by the Demon Palace. Their talent is so strong that even powerful figures from the Advanced Demon Race approves of them. The rise of the blade demons is on schedule.”

Someone sneered, “I’ve heard the human race has some Monarch of the New Dawn? He seems to be appointed by the cosmic system state of the Federation, isn’t he? He’s nothing compared to the three masters.”

Someone then argued, “You can’t say that. Cosmic system states aren’t blind. Didn’t you see that the Demon Palace takes that Monarch of the New Dawn quite seriously? Perhaps he’s not much weaker than the three masters.”

“So what, if that’s the case? There’s only one of that Monarch of the New Dawn. How can he compare with our three masters? In a few thousand years, when the three masters mature, the human territory will be ours!”

“Hahaha, this feels quite good?”

The annoyance and dejection in the surveillance room dissipated.

They were all thinking about the future wherein those three masters have reached the cosmic system state. Then, they would be able to crush the humans.

At this moment, there was a piercing alarm. Those blade demons looked up nervously. The screen displayed the s.p.a.ce near their base.

A warp dimension wormhole appeared and a golden s.h.i.+p flew out.

The s.h.i.+p flew over rapidly

Seeing this, all the blade demons were shocked.

“We’re caught?”

“No… not necessarily. Perhaps it’s just some flying s.h.i.+p pa.s.sing by.”

“Our disguise is fine. We can’t be discovered.”

During this time, the door to the surveillance room opened and ten more powerful blade demons came in. Clearly, they were startled by the alarm.

There were four more level-three planetary states, and the rest were level-two planetary states.

Seeing the s.h.i.+p on the screen, one level-three planetary state spoke. “What do we do? It seems to be coming for our asteroid.”

“Should we leave?”

The other level-three planetary state spoke nervously. “Master Bibi Liya and Master Chacha Lisi took people to catch the Tiger Tail Thief. They’re still not back yet, and the scouting b.a.l.l.s aren’t found.”

The atmosphere fell silent.

If they weren’t able to finish their mission, then they would be in huge trouble.

One level-three planetary state gritted his teeth. “Let’s see who is coming. If we really can’t beat them, we’ll flee and find an opportunity to contact Master Bibi Liya and Master Chacha Lisi.”

Everyone nodded. At this juncture, the s.h.i.+p suddenly stopped where it was, and four figures flew out.

Seeing this, everyone felt relieved.

The strongest was only a level-one planetary state. What were they scared of!

Just kill them!

One level-three planetary state said, “Leave behind two level-two planetary states. The rest of you will all come out. We must make sure they can’t send any messages and disclose our location!”


The New Dawn soon came to the location of the asteroid. There was nothing on there, just gray rocks.

New Dawn stopped the s.h.i.+p ten thousand kilometers away from the spot. Then, the four of them got out and flew towards the asteroid.

Soon, they came near.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed with glowing light. Then, she called out, “Careful, there are many powerful beings nearby…” Before she could finish, a powerful spirit force erupted from the asteroid. Five level-three planetary states and eleven level-two planetary states charged out.

Blood spirit light covered the asteroid. Violent spirit force gathered, forming tens of blood sword rays slas.h.i.+ng towards the four of them.

Nangong Jing sneered. Her chi surged, making her golden hair fly.

She stepped forward. Golden light gathered around her hands, and she punched.


A series of clashes sounded.

Nangong Jing couldn’t stop this large number of sword ray attacks all by herself. She just blocked it for a moment, and everyone dodged.

The blade demon ended up dazed upon seeing this.


How could a level-one planetary state be this strong?

They didn’t hold back at all just, so they could instantly kill the group.

This wasn’t right.

However, Lu Ze and the rest didn’t stop.

Qiuyue Hesha flashed with pink light while a hundred-kilometer radius lightning cloud formed above Lu Ze’s head.

Lin Ling started searching for their weakness.

Nangong Jing just charged up.

She appeared behind a level-three planetary state.

This time, the level-three planetary state was controlled by seduction G.o.d art. Nangong Jing kicked the blade demon’s back with her long leg. Rumble!!

The violent power penetrated the armor and surged into the blade demon’s body, tearing his flesh and crus.h.i.+ng his bones.

Instantly, that blade demon was heavily injured. This was the result of Nangong Jing controlling her power. After all, live blade demons were worth more reward points.

The remaining level-three planetary state woke up from the seduction. “d.a.m.ned human, who are you?!” They were shocked that their level-three planetary state pal almost died instantly, and those level-two planetary state blade demons hadn’t woken up yet.

For some reason, their subordinates seemed to be looking at them with killing intent?

Right then, a few hundred blood lightning surged in the lightning cloud and struck towards them.

They were just level-two planetary state attacks and didn’t have much of a threat for these level-three planetary states.

They roared and formed a spirit force barrier that covered the level-two planetary state blade demons.

The lightning bolts could only create a ripple on the barrier.

Lu Ze gasped. His combat power wasn’t strong enough against level-three planetary states. However, those two were strong enough.

Nangong Jing disappeared from the spot and appeared above the blood-colored barrier. “Break!”

She roared and stomped on the barrier.


The barrier shook vigorously, but it still didn’t break.

Right at this point, Qiuyue Hesha used seduction G.o.d art again. Immediately, those level-three planetary states’ spirit force halted and the barrier weakened. Nangong Jing stomped down once again.


Finally, the barrier cracked.

Before the level-three blade demons could recover from the seduction G.o.d art, Nangong Jing appeared next to another one and kicked his chest. This blade demon was flung towards the asteroid. His body smashed a huge crater, and the asteroid was thrown off its...o...b..t.

Lu Ze gasped. This alcoholic was so violent.