Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 589 - This Is So Amazing

Chapter 589 - This Is So Amazing

Chapter 589 This Is So Amazing

Before Lu Ze could reply, Lin Ling became stunned first. She had never expected herself to say such things.

They were in battle right now. What was she thinking?

A pink beam stopped by the two. Qiuyue Hesha’s face was a little pale too. She used her charm G.o.d art at full power to control the situation. After all, there were too many enemies.

Only when all the low-level silver hook beasts died could she relax a little and fly over.

Seeing Lin Ling’s pale face, she asked worriedly, “Lin Ling, are you okay?”

Lin Ling felt more awkward and struggled out of Lu Ze’s arms. It was just a brief moment’s rest, but she could continue flying.

She shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine. These silver hook beasts are far stronger than I am, so I couldn’t get much information, but I found one weakness.”

Lu Ze was a little hesitant. He still hadn’t answered Lin Ling’s question before, and now, she changed the topic.

He was going to reply that he was worried about her. If she was happy, perhaps he could get a big meal at night.

Regardless, Lu Ze asked curiously, “What weakness?”

Lin Ling answered, “The scales of the silver

ook beasts are very strong, but those silver runes seem to be some natural rune. It can greatly amplify their body. The connection point between the silver tail and their backs is crucial. Attack there, and it would damage them a lot.

Lu Ze and Qiuyue Hesha looked at each other.

This weakness wasn’t a weakness for normal warriors. Their tails were the strongest body part. How was it easy to attack the joint?

However, this could save them quite some effort.

They looked at the battlefield.

Only 2 level-four planetary states remained. They were attacking a woman. She was probably the commander here.

There were also seven more level-three planetary state silver hook beasts. Three of them were injured and getting beaten up by the alcoholic.

Despite so, they still viciously tried to counter-attack.

The other four were attacking 3 level-three planetary state Shenwu Army soldiers. One blonde youth, a middle-aged man, and a bulky man.

Lu Ze remembered that the bulky man only rested for a brief moment and went to help his comrades.

The three were covered in wounds, but the fight was rather stable.

These silver hook beasts were really good at fighting, but they don’t seem very smart.

They seemed even dumber than the ordinary void beasts.

Now that he knew their weakness, it was easier to deal with them.

Lu Ze grinned and spread his voice across the entire battlefield. “The weakness of the silver hook beasts is the joint between its tail and its back!”

Hearing this, everyone became dazed.

Many of them got a chance to rest after all the low-level beasts were killed.

They were very shocked by the reinforcements that suddenly killed large amounts of silver hook beasts.

That pink mist and violent purple-red lightning shook their hearts.

Too strong!

Didn’t Monarch of the New Dawn only reach the mortal evolution state not long ago?

Didn’t young duke Nangong and Qiuyue recently break through the planetary state?

What was with their combat power? Why was it so terrifying? This didn’t make sense.

Then, they heard Lu Ze’s words.


These silver hook beasts had a weakness?

They had been fighting here for ten days. They took the bodies back for research and didn’t find any weakness. Yet, as soon as they came, they found a weakness?

How did they do it?

The bulky man grinned. “Let’s try! I’ll stop three!”

The other two nodded.

“Hiyahh!” The bulky man roared, and his sword flashed with purple spirit force.

He executed nine purple sword rays. He didn’t have G.o.d art nor divine art, but he had martial techniques. The three silver hook beasts charged at the sword rays.

Currently, the middle-aged man disappeared from the spot and appeared before the remaining level-three planetary state beast. His hands clutched a huge sword, which exploded with powerful spirit light and hacked down.


The silver hook beast’s tail went to strike the sword and so did its front claws.


During this moment, the blonde youth disappeared from the spot. He held a spear with a sharp yellow beam at the tip.

“Hiyah!” The spear shot out like a roaring dragon and penetrated the joint.


He felt he struck a hard metal, but the spear ray surged and soon fractured the joint there.

It seemed to work!

He surged with more spirit force, and the spear ray grew even stronger, hitting the joint with ma.s.sive strength.


The scale cracked open, and the spear tip entered the body.

Violent spirit force surged inside the silver hook beast’s body, and in a short second, the beast’s chi rapidly dropped.

“It worked!” the youth rejoiced.


The silver hook beast reacted and aimed its tail at the youth. However, it was much weaker. The power and speed of the tail were incomparable from before.

The youth easily dodged it and stabbed his spear in the wound again, inserting more power to damage its internals. Roar!

The silver hook beast was heavily injured and became even weaker.

Every time it tried to turn, it would be stopped by the middle-aged man.

Eventually, the youth’s spear ray penetrated through its body and killed it.

“It really died!”

The two landed in disbelief.

This was the first time they had killed them since their peak.

“The weakness is true!”

These silver hook beasts had strong fighting instincts but zero intelligence. If they worked together, they could kill them without much difficulty.

Then, they looked at Lu Ze. He was indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn.

He found their weakness as soon as he arrived!

This was too amazing!

Lu Ze felt awkward. He wasn’t the one who discovered this. Lin Ling found it. He was just spreading the message for her.