Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 588 - I Can Only Do Some Supplementary Work

Chapter 588 - I Can Only Do Some Supplementary Work

Chapter 588 I Can Only Do Some Supplementary Work

The New Dawn entered the atmosphere and stopped above the gray barren lands. The four came out of the s.h.i.+p, and Lu Ze put the s.h.i.+p away. Searing winds blew over. Lu Ze looked and could see the flas.h.i.+ng spirit light. He smiled. “Let’s go over.”

The four started flying. A few minutes later, Lu Ze and the others crossed tens of thousands of kilometers and were very close to the battle region.

Rumble! Rumble… Rumble… Rumble…

Thunderous clas.h.i.+ng sounds were accompanied by the storm and spirit force wave.

A small black base came before Lu Ze and the rest.

There was a blue spirit force defense barrier. Outside it was tens of Shenwu Army soldiers fighting a few hundred strange-looking beasts.

Watching their waving scythe tails, Qiuyue Hesha narrowed her eyes, “Are these silver hook beasts?”

This was the first time they had seen such beasts.

They had sleek bodies, sharp teeth and claws. Their terrifying tails were full of lethality.

At this moment, Lin Ling looked at the endless mountain range with her glowing eyes.

“There are a lot of silver hook beasts in the mountains. They seem to be startled by the battle and are keen to move… but for some reason, they didn’t come out.”

Nangong Jing raised a brow. “Let’s go over to help first.” “Mhm.”

The four had put on their special armors and unleashed all their chi.

There were quite some of these beasts. They had to use full power.

Outside the base, the silver hook beasts had attacked the barriers non-stop during the past day. The energy in the barrier was running out.

The dark-haired female warrior led planetary states out to fight the silver hook beasts, allowing the spirit force barrier to rest and charge.

Not all the silver hook beasts were planetary states, but there were more than a hundred planetary states. They could fight evenly for a short while.

The female warrior held a long sword and faced 2 level-four planetary state beasts. With a sweep of her sword, a sharp golden sword ray surged out and forced them back.

She panted and frowned. “How long does the recharge need?”

“It’s at 40% now. It still needs half an hour.”


Before she could answer, the two silver hook beasts rushed toward her again.

She gritted her teeth and charged up once more as well.

Her cultivation talent was quite good. She even learned a weak metal G.o.d art. But these silver hook beasts were much stronger than ordinary void beasts. Their bodies seemed to be made of special alloy and were extremely tough.

Facing such powerful defenses, even she could barely kill them.

At this moment, there was another furious roar. The bulky man with the severed hand was surrounded by 3 level-three planetary state silver hook beasts. Their tails kept slicing at the man, giving him quite a hard time.

His armor was getting cut up, and blood poured out. His injuries were getting worse. Despite this, the man didn’t retreat. He just kept blocking their attacks.

Seeing this, the female warrior gritted her teeth. “Jeffry, go inside the barrier first. I’ll stop these three!”

Jeffry hacked down his long sword, which clashed with a silver tail.


The shock wave spread in all directions, and his body was forced back. At this moment, two more silver beams were incoming.

He barely dodged the lethal spots.


Two deep marks were left in the armor.

“No! General! I’m not going back!”

These beasts’ tails were unstoppable and eerier. They were enough to create a threat for a level-four planetary state.

Two level-four planetary states and three level-three ones ganging up on the general will be a bit riskier for her.

The female warrior looked around the battle. Everyone was struggling to see more than a hundred planetary state silver hook beasts and more mortal evolution state ones.

Their injuries hadn’t healed yet. They weren’t at their peak.

She spoke firmly, “Retreat! Go back! The charge is at 40%. That’s enough to last until help arrives.”

At this moment, four beams rapidly neared the battlefield.

A pink mist loomed over the entire battlefield. In that instant, all the silver hook beasts stopped.

Those 2 level-four planetary state silver hook beasts had a very strong mental force and broke free almost instantly. They remained attacking the female warrior.

The other silver hook beasts weren’t strong. Those three silver hook beasts attacking the bulky man paused completely.

The man quickly flew out of their range. His eyes still had some fear.

The other warriors also found that their opponents had suddenly frozen.

Right then, all the mortal evolution states and level-one planetary state silver hook beasts lost their life force. Their bodies fell to the ground, carving out small ditches in the st.u.r.dy land.

These thudding sounds struck into the hearts of these warriors.




Just when everyone was dazed, these 3 level-three planetary states finally broke free. They roared in fury and set their gaze on the bulky man again.

Suddenly, a golden beam flashed above the heads of these three silver hook beasts.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Three golden fist forces landed heavily on their back, smas.h.i.+ng them into the ground. A crater of a three-kilometer radius was created.

Inside the crater, the scales on their backs were crushed. Blood gushed out. Then, roars could be heard again. The golden beam turned into Nangong Jing. She looked at the three silver hook beasts and frowned. “Their defenses are so strong. They’re not dead?”

Her attack should have killed ordinary level-three planetary state beasts.


At this juncture, the sky turned black. A few hundred kilometers wide black lightning cloud covered the battlefield.

Bolts of purple-red lightning surged and struck the tens of level-two planetary state beasts that were resisting Qiuyue Hesha’s charm G.o.d art.

They were all crushed into the ground.

Lu Ze saw that they still had remaining life force and raised a brow. “They’re a bit tough. Let’s do it again.”

Then, another wave of lightning struck down. The ditches exploded with lightning, and blood poured out.

“Still not dead? Quite st.u.r.dy. Let’s do it again.”

After three waves of lightning, all these beasts finally died.

Lu Ze looked at the bodies in surprise. “These silver hook beasts are really something.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Let me have a look.”

Lin Ling ignited all her spirit force into her eyes. Using this divine art past her full power made Lin Ling’s face go instantly pale At this moment, she stared at the 2 level-four planetary state beasts attacking the female warrior.

In a short second, the light in her eyes dimmed, and Lin Ling fell down.

Lu Ze quickly grabbed her and asked, “Are you okay? You’re trying too hard. You dare to look at a level-four planetary state?”

Lu Ze remembered that was what she did back at the entrance test.

Lin Ling was very feeble, but she smiled. “I’m fine. Sister Jing, Hesha, and you can all do something. I’m not strong enough, so I can only do supplementary work.”

Lu Ze replied speechlessly, “You don’t need to do it with your life.”

Last time, she almost lost her eyes, and yet, she still dares to do this.

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze’s face and smiled. “Are you worried about me?”