Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 582 - The Light of the Human Race

Chapter 582 - The Light of the Human Race

Chapter 582 The Light of the Human Race

After the clash, the sword light shattered, and the vortex stopped.

Maomao’s huge body was blasted away. His armor was crushed, and his body was covered in sword marks.

During this time, his chi had become extremely weak.

However, Lu Ze was a little dazed at the moment. Maomao’s body was flying towards him.

Seeing that comet-like body cras.h.i.+ng before him, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

There was no resistance in vacuum s.p.a.ce. Unless Maomao stopped himself or he gave Maomao some help, Maomao would fly to the end of time.

Lu Ze didn’t want to get smashed to smithereens.

A lightning spear gathered on his hand and pierced heavily onto Maomao.


The heavily injured Maomao could no longer withstand the lightning spear with just his body. The lightning wrapped around his body and entered inside.

The severe pain made Maomao tremble and roused him from his dizziness. He spat a mouthful of blood and became even weaker. At the same time, his body stopped not far from Lu Ze.

At this juncture, he clearly felt that the purple-red lightning inside him was the same lightning as the one in the motor room.

He turned around with difficulty and looked at Lu Ze.

Level-four mortal evolution state…

But from the human race!

His eyes bulged as though he suddenly understood something. He made an ear screeching roar, “Argh, it’s you! Kakarrot! d.a.m.n you, Kakarrot!!” Lu Ze said seriously, “Wrong person, I’m Lu Ze, not Kakarrot!” Lu Ze was calm and couldn’t resist wondering what he was going to eat next. Meanwhile, the dark metal demon’s morale dropped straight down upon seeing their boss get beaten.

A lot of them were instantly killed or heavily injured.

When they heard the name Kakarrot, all the remaining dark metal demons looked in Lu Ze’s direction.

When they saw the lightning, they puked blood at the same time.

It was an extreme sight.

They were so angry. Some of them died from anger.


Youjin and the other humans were confused.

Who was Kakarrot?

Why were they looking at Lu Ze and saying that?

What did Lu Ze do to them?

The humans felt a chill. Just what did Lu Ze do to the dark metal demons for them to act like that?

They looked at the innocent-faced Lu Ze, and their mouth twitched.

Just what demon was this Lu Ze?

They even felt some sympathy for the dark metal demons.

Lu Ze was speechless. He just acted cool in front of them. Lin Ling and Qiuyue Hesha looked curiously at Lu Ze.

Nangong Jing’s body froze when she heard the name Kakarrot. She loved hot-blooded anime. It reminded her of an ancient one.

She knew without a doubt that Ze used this name.


Why did this guy use that name?

Kakarrot’s transformation was very similar to her G.o.d art.

Could it be…

Her heart jumped. The first person he thought of was her when he came up with a name.

Did he like her?

For some reason, Nangong Jing found her heart beating fast.


Alice liked this guy! What was she thinking? She didn’t like this r.e.t.a.r.d at all.

On the s.h.i.+p, the young girls looked at Lu Ze with starry eyes.

“He’s indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. As a level-four mortal evolution state, he scared tens of planetary states like that, including a level-six planetary state as well. He’s too amazing!!”

Meanwhile, the guys thought about how these dark metal demons were scared. They hated Lu Ze to death.

Despite so, they still looked at him with admiration.

Monarch of the New Dawn was too amazing regardless.

Just what did he do?

They were very curious. Soon, the roaring stopped. These dark metal demons were too heavily injured and tired. However, they still stared deadly at Lu Ze.

They were going to die, but they still had to express their hatred!!

Youjin took a deep look at Lu Ze, and he hurled the heavily injured Maomao before saying, “We’ve won!”

However, no one rejoiced. The atmosphere was heavy.

Moments later, Youjin said, “Let’s pay our respects to them.”

Everyone knew ‘them’ referred to those who made sacrifices.

Despite the intense battle, the valley wasn’t damaged at all. Clearly, the human side was much stronger than these dark metal demons. It was a crus.h.i.+ng victory. The remains and wreckage of the s.h.i.+ps were all collected. The bodies were placed into coffins and laid on the ground. They would be s.h.i.+pped back to the station. Their ashes would be delivered to their kins.

Under the cosmic soul-soothing tune, it was hoped their souls would return to their families and rest in peace.

The soldiers carried the heavily injured dark metal demons and stopped here.

Youjin carried a huge half-dead body. It was Maomao.

He threw Maomao on the ground, and the rest of the soldiers did the same.

Everyone stared at the few hundred coffins in silence.

Death wasn’t rare in the void s.p.a.ce. People were dying constantly. This was like a meat grinder that devoured countless lives. Despite so, they still felt sad while gathering the bodies of their fellow comrades.

This was the fate of a warrior.You’re either weak so others had to protect you, or you were strong enough to crush the world. The people in between were often the most tragic. Youjin spoke, “Farewell comrades, we’ve avenged you.”

“Those who invade our human borders and kill our soldiers will pay with blood!”


With Youjin’s order, all the dark metal demons were killed.

Blood filled the valley.

Youjin didn’t even look at the bodies and said, “Your will shall be pa.s.sed down by the Shenwu Army forever!”

“The territory of the Federation will never be lost!”

“The light of the human race will s.h.i.+ne the cosmic sea!”