Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 581 - Terrifying

Chapter 581 - Terrifying

Chapter 581 Terrifying

All the planetary state dark metal demons had no questions about Maomao’s decision. In such a situation, wealth and Four Symbol Crystals were no longer important.

Surviving was the most crucial thing. Mortal evolution state Dark Metal Demons: “???”

How could they run? Who should they follow?

At this moment, tens of figures came out of the human s.h.i.+p and flew over.


They attacked at the same time. More than a hundred spirit force attacks shot towards the dark metal demons. It formed a huge spirit force storm. It was too powerful. The entire planet was shaking.

Maomao and the others immediately roared. “Run!”

Youjin said coldly, “Do you want to run? Don’t even think about it!”


Just when the battle was about to start, a silver light flashed tens of thousands of kilometers away. Lu Ze appeared.

His body was covered with lacerations and blood splattered out of his wounds. He was like a human fountain.

He had no choice. Even though he used s.p.a.ce transmission instantly, there were high-level planetary states present, and all of them attacked him simultaneously. Even though they didn’t hit him directly, he felt he was almost crushed.

Luckily he was good at taking a beating. Thinking about this, Lu Ze grinned.

This was a talent.

Lu Ze coughed some more before returning to his original appearance. Then, he devoured the red and purple orbs in his mental dimension and recovered his energy.

With this, Lu Ze flashed with gray light.

Super regeneration!

Lu Ze started to heal extremely rapidly.


At this moment, spirit light flashed in the distance. Even at this distance, Lu Ze felt a bit of the shockwave.

Lu Ze frowned.

So they have begun to fight. That meant his mission was over.

He couldn’t beat those bosses head-on, but he could still sneak back to watch. Thinking about this, Lu Ze happily flew towards the battlefield while recovering

In a few minutes, Lu Ze was near the wars.h.i.+p.

On board the s.h.i.+p, the mortal evolution state humans were watching an intense battle.

At this moment, someone exclaimed while pointing at the screen, “Isn’t that Monarch of the New Dawn??”

Everyone looked over immediately at the screen. Right there, Lu Ze was flying towards the battlefield while covered in blood. “It’s Monarch of the New Dawn! He’s heavily injured!”

“That was the combined attack of all the planetary state dark metal demons. I felt scared even watching from the s.h.i.+p.”

“It seemed that he did indeed stall them.”

“He’s too hard-working. He’s already so heavily injured, but he still wants to go to the battle?”

Most of the eyes of the girls inside the s.h.i.+p reddened.

“Yeah, Monarch of the New Dawn is so hard-working. He really stalled these dark metal demons. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to catch up to them, right?”

“Monarch of the New Dawn is so handsome. I wonder what sort of girls he likes?”

“Pfft… don’t think about it. Didn’t you see how protective those three young dukes were of him?”

“I’m just thinking about it. So what? You deserve to be single for the rest of your life!”

Lu Ze didn’t know about the discussion. The blood on him wasn’t a recent one. He had long recovered already. Soon, he was near that dim planet.

Many people were fighting above the planet and in s.p.a.ce. The dark metal demons didn’t have a lot of fighting will. They just wanted to run.

After knowing the powers of these dark metal demons, of course, the stationed army would send out people stronger than they were.

Lu Ze watched these dark metal demons attempt to run but get subjugated. The humans were cold and full of killing intent. The dark metal demons couldn’t even stop them.

Lu Ze scanned across the battlefield. He couldn’t even find a place for him to intervene.

If he attacked, it would be robbing someone’s work.

Lu Ze even saw Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling. The former two were facing level-three planetary state dark metal demons while Lin Ling was facing a level-one planetary state dark metal demon. They all had the upper hand and would soon be able to kill the dark metal demon.

Lu Ze looked over at the most intense battle.

A golden-haired man held a long sword while fighting that dark metal demon boss.

The boss had a decent G.o.d art. His skin glowed in metallic-red color. His cultivation level was at level six of the planetary state, but his chi was far stronger.

The golden-haired man was also a level-six planetary state, but his chi was stronger than the boss.

Youjin stared at the dark metal demon and said nothing. He wasn’t interested in talking to someone who was going to die. He waved his right hand as golden light gathered. He lifted his hand and hacked down.

Lu Ze saw this and became stunned. This move seemed familiar. It seemed to be the move that teacher Jack used last time?

It was Golden Sword something?

Suddenly, Lu Ze recalled that Jack had an elder brother here?

Was this guy Jack’s brother?

What a coincidence!

Maomao tensed, and his dark red skin glowed even more. He waved his huge four-meter long red sword and sliced at the golden sword.

The two swords clashed, erupting a huge spirit force wave.

Beams shot in all directions. The nearby people had to dodge.


Youjin disappeared and reappeared behind Maomao.

Maomao was just about to turn around, but a sword ray had cut heavily on his back.


The sword ray struck the dark red beam, and another wave of force erupted. Such a ray sliced apart the dark red ray and cut open the battle armor. The dark red skin was cut open, and a deep mark was left on his back.

Blood splashed out.

“Go die!!”


Maomao was injured and furious. He clutched his sword with both hands and sliced at Youjin’s waist.

The dark red sword beam had a sharp chi. When it neared Youjin’s body, he remained very calm. His body turned into sword light once again and dodged the attack. Then, he appeared behind Maomao and attacked!

More blood poured out.


Maomao started spinning, turning into a dark red vortex.

Amidst the storm, sword rays shot out in all directions, covering the skies.

With this move, this boss had no weaknesses. Before, his speed couldn’t compare with the golden-haired man.

Youjin frowned at this. He dodged the sword rays and gathered more golden light on his sword.

It grew more and more intense. Sweat dripped from Youjin’s head.

In a few short seconds, the golden light became so intense that it was like a miniature sun.

Youjin’s eyes beamed with golden light as he slowly lifted his sword up. Then, he cut down heavily at Maomao, who was chasing him while spinning The lightning sound spread through the entire s.p.a.ce. Even Lu Ze took a few steps back.

These two were level-six planetary states, but their combat power was at level seven.