Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 579 - I Want To Kill Him

Chapter 579 - I Want To Kill Him

Chapter 579 I Want To Kill Him

Lu Ze glanced at the dark metal demons and asked, “You guys haven’t said it yet, why are you outside the human territory?”

Hearing this, Maomao and the others immediately stiffened. They just remembered they were supposed to run.

He didn’t know if the human race had caught onto them, but it was better to stay safe. You could survive longer in the void s.p.a.ce like that.

However, Kakarrot’s sudden appearance and his talent shocked them.

Now, they remembered their original plan. Maomao planned to take his men and leave, but suddenly, he froze.


Why should he run?

Although their two races were superficially brothers, they were still brothers!

If they encounter humans, of course, they would take on them together.

There was a level-nine planetary state blade demon. He didn’t believe that the human race would send out a star state straight up. They were extremely rare even in void s.p.a.ce. They could join up to excavate the Four Symbol Crystal

If the humans didn’t come, then they would leave after excavating. If they did come, then they would slaughter them and run.

As for the division of the Four Symbol Crystals… Maomao’s eyes flashed. The two races had an alliance. The dark metal demons were quite stronger than blade demons. They didn’t need to fear for their lives just over these Four Symbol Crystals.

The only issue was how much they would get.


They’ve already collected a part of the mine. They had the primary gains.

Maomao quickly judged the pros and cons. He didn’t think much and looked up at Kakarrot.

“Hahaha, little brother Kakarrot, you came at the perfect time. We followed a human excavation team here and found a Four Symbol Crystal Mine. We were planning to excavate it. Since the blade demon brothers are here, of course, we need to give you a share.”

Seeing this, Lu Ze smiled. Indeed, these dark metal demons were planning to leave before.

Lu Ze was certain that these dark metal demons weren’t sure if the humans received the news, but they still acted so vigilantly. They would rather abandon a portion of the resources and leave. Just as he expected.

Even for the defense force at the Shang Yang System, only the commander was a star state. One could see that star states were rare in the void s.p.a.ce too.

He said there was a level-nine planetary state nearby. Indeed, this dark metal demon chose to have a small sip of the soup rather than having nothing.

If it were him, he would make the same decision too.

Lu Ze felt great. He was indeed a handsome and smart youth.

However, Lu Ze’s blood-red eyes narrowed. His chi fluctuated a little.

Lu Ze showed a surprised expression. “Four Symbol Crystal Mine?”

They were planetary state mine. They weren’t cheap. A little bit of surprise was good enough for Lu Ze’s current ident.i.ty.

“That’s right, Four Symbol Crystal Mine.” Maomao smiled and pointed at the broken s.h.i.+ps and bodies.

“See, we’ve killed the humans. However, we suspect that their stationed armies have received the news, so we’re planning to leave after just digging a little.

We didn’t want to do that, but we didn’t expect allies to be here. Now, things are easier. With powerful beings from the Blade Demon Race here, even if the human reinforcements are here, we can kill them and leave easily.”

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with b.l.o.o.d.y intent. “I was wondering why there are human s.h.i.+ps and bodies here. So you guys did it. Good job! They deserve to die! How dare they fight over resources with the Blade Demon Race. When I reach the cosmic system state, I’m going to annihilate them!”

His expression was very genuine and hot-blooded.

Maomao and the others sneered inside. Whether or not you could reach the cosmic system state was debatable, but even if you can, how can you annihilate the human race?

The Elf Race was backing them up? But… this idiot was really hot-blooded.

Maomao smiled. “Great! You’re indeed a prodigy of the Blade Demon Race! Your great aspirations have inspired us!” Lu Ze smiled pridefully. “That’s because I have the talent!”

Maomao and the rest: “…”

They were getting annoyed with how c.o.c.ky Lu Ze was, but they were scared of getting killed by the boss behind him.

Never mind, why care about an idiot? Perhaps he would die randomly at some point?

Maomao showed another smile. “Of course, your Blade Demon Race has level-nine planetary state power. You guys can get an extra share. You 60%, us 40%. How about it?”

Lu Ze’s face immediately became unhappy. “Do you think I’m dumb? Without us, you guys wouldn’t even dare to excavate it. You wouldn’t get anything. You guys will only get something with us here. Yet, you still want


The dark metal demons almost went up to beat this Kakarrot up.

The atmosphere fell silent for a while before Maomao revealed a difficult smile. “You’re right, little brother Kakarrot.

But… We found the Four Symbol Crystal Mine after all.

Without us, you guys can’t even find the mine?

How about this… We take 30 and you take 70?”

Lu Ze crossed his arms. He wanted to laugh, but he still kept a contemptuous face and sneered. “We take 80, you take 20.”

Maomao gritted his teeth. “Little brother Kakarrot, this division isn’t fair.”

Then, he spoke nicely, “How about you invite your elders to come over to talk?”

The two races were allies. This sort of division didn’t take them seriously at all. He felt that this Kakarrot was too greedy. His elders would be more reasonable.

Lu Ze glared at Maomao. “What? Do you look down on me? Are my words useless? I’m destined to be the strongest man in the blade demon race!”

Maomao almost cursed upon seeing Kakarrot look up pridefully. Where did this guy get his confidence from?

Even those three Blades of Dawn didn’t dare to say such a thing. Or was this guy an idiot?

The other dark metal demons almost exploded with anger.

Maomao took a deep breath and smiled. “What are you talking about, little brother Kakarrot? How can we look down on you? But… your elders are going to come sooner or later. How about you invite them over?”

He had no elders. Well, he did, but they were humans!

How could he keep the act up?

If he kept doing this, they would definitely eat him.

Just when Lu Ze was wondering whether he should flee, a huge wormhole suddenly appeared. Six few hundred meters long black wars.h.i.+ps emerged.Seeing this, Lu Ze rejoiced.

The dark metal demons couldn’t bargain with Lu Ze anymore. They tensed up.

They didn’t expect humans to come this quickly.

However, they remembered they still had a blade demon boss here. They didn’t need to worry. As for the sharing ratio, 80-20 was fine. It was better than nothing.

Just when Maomao was going to look at Lu Ze to express his agreement, his eyes became dazed. Kakarrot glowed in the same silver light as the one in the motor room!

“It’s you?! … How is it possible?!”

Maomao had never been this shocked before.

The thief he was searching so hard for was this level-four mortal evolution state blade demon prodigy?!