Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 578 - I, Blade Demon Race, Kakarrot

Chapter 578 - I, Blade Demon Race, Kakarrot

Chapter 578 I, Blade Demon Race, Kakarrot

Hearing Lu Ze’s prideful words, Maomao and the others were a bit dazed.

Those three blade demons weren’t as strong as they were, but they had made a name for themselves in the void. They had a much bigger reputation than they did. They were blessed by the Advanced Demon Race.

Regardless of the dealings between their races, the only thing that didn’t change was that they were all subjects of the Advanced Demon Race.

The blessings of the Advanced Demon Race only went to those prodigies they considered worthy.

In the recent century, only those three demons from the entire Blade Demon Race were blessed.

Their cultivation level wasn’t strong, but it’s said that their combat power reached the planetary state. Yet, such prodigies were looked down upon by this blade demon?

They were confused. Who was this blade demon?

Was he just blindly c.o.c.ky or really powerful?

But then, they remembered the power his casual strike contained just now. Could he really have the power to back it up?

It was so shocking that they forgot they had to leave immediately.

Maomao stared at Lu Ze. “Then, who are you?”

Lu Ze smiled pridefully. “I, Blade Demon, Kakarrot. I’m destined to be the strongest in the Blade Demon Race!” “Kakarrot?”

Everyone was taken aback after hearing his name. They had never heard of such a name.

Was it…

A prodigy who was kept hidden?

They were dark metal demons after all, how could they completely know what was going on inside the Blade Demon Race?

They looked at the prideful Kakarrot. He seemed like a prodigy who was very confident in his power but hadn’t seen the world.

Lu Ze didn’t bother to explain while the dark metal demons were shocked. It was best that they remained shocked. That way, he didn’t need to use any other means to delay them.

Was the Shenwu Army almost here yet?

It had only been half an hour since he ruined their s.h.i.+p. Those soldiers from the Shenwu Army said their station wasn’t far from here. They should be almost here.

If not, he would really have to run.

However, Lu Ze didn’t cease his performance.

That overwhelming c.o.c.kiness made Lu Ze almost want to beat himself up.

The more fearless one acted at this moment, the more people thought you were the real


Lu Ze wasn’t really this stupid. Everyone in the Federation knew this. He was handsome, but he kept a low profile. However, he could only act right now.

The dark metal demons looked at him with different expressions. Some were shocked, but some were dubious.

The leading dark metal demons looked at Lu Ze with flas.h.i.+ng eyes.

The thief who damaged their motor room didn’t disappear for long and this blade demon prodigy came.

Were they connected?

Maomao grinned and showed what he thought was a kind smile. “So it’s a prodigy from the Blade Demon Race, Little brother Kakarrot. But… you’re a level-four mortal evolution state. Why don’t you stay in the safety region of the Blade Demon Race? Why did you come to the territory of humans?”

Lu Ze smiled. He had already prepared his answer. He could use this opportunity to test some things.

His eyes flashed with killing intent. “I came here to do missions, of course. A small pirate crew dares to rob the belongings of the Blade Demon Race. We found that this pirate crew might have come to the human territory, so I came over.”

He glanced at these dark metal demons and spoke rather impolitely. “Did you see that s.p.a.ce pirate fleet? A dark blue s.h.i.+p, a black s.h.i.+p, and a rock s.h.i.+p.”

Those planetary states didn’t even have time to think about Lu Ze’s att.i.tude. They looked among themselves.

Was it the one Luce spoke of? Otherwise, how could the three s.h.i.+ps be exactly the same? Maomao was very vigilant with Lu Ze’s sudden appearance, but hearing Lu Ze’s explanation, half of it was gone.

He didn’t answer Lu Ze’s question and looked at him with confusion. “Why are you alone


Lu Ze frowned and looked at Maomao like he was an idiot. “We don’t have a location device to track those pirates, of course, we have to split off to look for them. If we don’t go and look for them, are they going to come over themselves?”

He studied Maomao and the rest before saying, “There are blade demons nearby, even a level-nine planetary state.”

Lu Ze gave them a warning. It was very normal to do this. Otherwise, if he appeared alone here, who would care if he was a prodigy?

With this, more of Maomao’s suspicion was dismissed. However… this blade demon’s att.i.tude was so disastrous. He was spoiled too much. Was that why his elders sent him out?

Even a level-nine planetary state came. Just what did those pirates steal?

He was curious. The other blade demons were curious too.

This was the territory of humans. It was too easy for a level-nine planetary state to be caught here because their strong power source was extremely noticeable. It was very dangerous for them since they would be hunted upon being noticed.

A level-nine planetary state was a mid-range power in the void universe. If the human race noticed it, of course, they would take it out.

To make blade demons risk that much, they were naturally curious about what was taken. However, they couldn’t really ask directly.

They did laugh at the blade demon’s calamity though.

Lu Ze spoke with annoyance, “I asked you a question. Did you see those s.p.a.ce pirates?”

Those dark metal demons didn’t feel great either, but thinking about Lu Ze’s talent and the nearby blade demon bosses, they didn’t act


They sneered, but they really didn’t know. Even if they did, they weren’t going to tell him, given his att.i.tude.

Maomao smiled. “We’ve never heard of it.”

Lu Ze was watching their expressions. He didn’t see any changes. The only pity was that they didn’t know anything about why the blade demon s.h.i.+ps would suddenly appear.

Perhaps their levels weren’t high enough, or it was the secret of the Blade Demon Race.

What a pity! If only he could find out how those blade demons got insectoid queen eggs. These people were too noob. At the same time, Lu Ze was a little worried. He said everything that should be said. Other things weren’t suitable to his current ident.i.ty. After all, although he learned about Blade Demon Race’s language and culture, he knew nothing about blade demons in the void s.p.a.ce. The more he said, the more likely he was going to make a mistake.

According to the situation, he should be leaving now. Otherwise, someone as prideful as him would be doubted if he remained and played with them.

He was desperate, but he didn’t show any expression.

He glanced at the dark metal demons and sneered. “I see.”

Suddenly, Lu Ze had another idea.