Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 560 - They’re Injured?

Chapter 560 - They’re Injured?

Chapter 560 They’re Injured?

Lu Ze and the others continued to look down.

They found that Zuoqiu Xunshuang was right.

There were so many more treasures they could trade here than in the Dawn System. Their grade was much higher too.

Most importantly, these treasures can only be exchanged through merit points. This was probably an incentive for the powerful beings in the Federation. Accordingly, they would be encouraged to visit the void border to improve themselves and search for more resources for the Federation.

This was why there were far stronger people at the void border than inside the Federation.

Whether it was Lu Ze, Qiuyue Hesha, Nangong Jing, or Lin Ling, they all saw pieces of equipment that would greatly improve their power.

However, they couldn’t even afford the Martial G.o.d Set. They shouldn’t even think about other things.

They were too poor.

Too poor.

Extreme poverty made the four feel dejected.

After looking through gears, they moved onto divine arts, secret techniques, and martial techniques.

They were much cheaper compared to gears. After all, these knowledge-type things could be given repet.i.tively.

Meanwhile, gears required precious resources to forge. In some cases, the Federation couldn’t forge them at all. Therefore, their prices were naturally much higher.

There were a lot more divine arts in the treasure depot of Shenwu Army than the Dawn System. Their prices were about the same.

Divine arts stronger than the fire clone only cost 10,000 merit points here. This was about 100 million federal contribution points.

Lu Ze didn’t lack divine arts, so he didn’t feel anything. However, the three girls naturally had a longing look in their eyes.

Now that they had Lu Ze’s purple orbs and the help of the dao enlightenment room, their learning speed for divine art was unimaginably fast. Compared to gears, divine arts were much more cost-effective to them.


They didn’t have merit points.

Their eyes were filled with firm resolve. They were determined to work hard and save up merit points.

Everyone breathed out to calm down. The atmosphere remained silent for a long while, and then, Lu Ze said, “Let’s find if there is any news related to Blue Sh.e.l.l Dragon or Chiyun rock ores.”

Lu Ze opened the information hotspot and chose the local network. He started to scan through it.

There were already several reports regarding the misunderstanding just then. Lu Ze and everyone ignored these reports and focused on what they needed. Soon, they found a piece of news.

This was a group forum. The person who posted the information found a large Blue Sh.e.l.l Dragon cave. There were a few level-five planetary state Blue Sh.e.l.l Dragons. Most were below level four of the planetary state too.

Their squad couldn’t take this alone, so they wanted to find a few squads to go annihilate that hive.

Seeing this, Lu Ze and the rest looked among each other. Lu Ze asked, “Should we contact them?”

Nangong Jing nodded. “Mhm, it’s hard to find one. Let’s contact them and see.”

Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing nodded in agreement.

Seeing this, Lu Ze messaged the person. Soon, the other party called, and a projection appeared.

It was a kind-looking, bald-headed man. When he saw Lu Ze and the group, he was stunned. Clearly, he didn’t expect them to contact him.

But soon, he smiled. “So it’s Nangong and Qiuyue, you two little girls.”

Then, he studied Lu Ze. “Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze, I’ve heard so much about you lately. You started trouble as soon as you came over.”

Lu Ze was shocked. By the looks of it, this bald-headed dude knew the alcoholic and everyone?

Nangong Jing was dazed due to the statement of the man, and then, she smiled. “So it’s senior Yan Gu. I didn’t expect you to be at Chiyun System too.”

Qiuyue Hesha also nodded. Subsequently, she introduced him to Lu Ze and Lin Ling. “This is senior Yan Gu. He’s a young duke from the same period as Elliot. He’s also a graduate of Federal University. He’s very strong and nice.” Lu Ze was surprised. This person was previously a young duke from the same period as Elliot?

Elliot was a bad person. Lu Ze took note of this.

That guy seems to be a level-five planetary state.

How strong was this Yan Gu?

They were both young dukes, so they should be about the same, right? Yan Gu waved his hand. “You guys don’t need to talk about my strength. With your talents, you would probably soon surpa.s.s me.” He also heard about the matter regarding Lu Ze and his group annihilating a pirate crew as soon as they arrived.

This meant that Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had a combat power reaching level three or even level four of the planetary state. This power was shocking to him.

As for Lu Ze’s combat power, he couldn’t guess yet, but it shouldn’t be bad.

Thereafter, Yan Gu said, “In that case, we’ll rendezvous at the entrance of Resource Building tomorrow morning. There are some things we need to be clear about.” Lu Ze nodded. Following that, the communication was cut.

Nangong Jing smiled. “I didn’t expect senior Yan Gu to be here.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “I heard he was invited by many powerful adventure guilds outside the galaxy. He rejected them all and chose to stay in the void border. I didn’t expect him to not have joined the Shenwu Army. It seemed that he chose to join an adventure squad here or made his own.”

Lu Ze smiled. “We can go and ask tomorrow.” He was quite interested in this previous young duke too.

Lin Ling nodded. “Perhaps we can learn more about the void universe from him. I wonder if he has been out of the human-controlled region.”

They were about to go there soon, and of course, it was best that they learned something about it.

“Okay, go cultivate. We’ll probably be experiencing a lot of battles after tomorrow,” Nangong Jing said. She drank some wine before returning to her room. Lu Ze and the rest also chose to go back to their rooms.

Lu Ze sat on his bed. It was just afternoon. He began to use red orbs to cultivate.

He was about to reach level four of the mortal evolution state. It was best that he could break through before going to the dragon hive. That way, his combat power would increase, and he would gain more.

Lu Ze dived into cultivation.

The next morning, the warm sunlight enveloped the entire city.

Although it was morning, it didn’t matter much for powerful beings. They weren’t affected by biological clocks anymore. Cultivation was sleep. Therefore, the entire camp was still busy with the traffic of s.h.i.+ps.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. He was really close to breaking through. He felt his seeping spirit force and smiled. The steady progress every day made him feel great. His mood was as beautiful as the sunlight.

He got off the bed and left the room. He saw that the other three had finished cultivating and were sitting on the couch. They all had happy smiles.

Nangong Jing said, “Ze, the merit points from yesterday have arrived.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up and looked hopefully at Nangong Jing. “How much?”

“The only damage to one of the three largest s.h.i.+ps was the broken door. It’s worth 3000 points. That rock s.h.i.+p is completely fine, but it is less valuable than the big s.h.i.+p, so it’s worth 2000 points. As for that black s.h.i.+p…”

Everyone looked strangely at Lu Ze. Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He had a bad feeling.

“That black s.h.i.+p has about the same value as the rock s.h.i.+p, but because it’s damaged heavily, it was only worth 1000 points.”

Lu Ze’s heart ached. He complained, “There are only three holes. If they patch it up, it can still be used. Do they need to deduct that much?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Do you think it’s sewing a hole? That s.h.i.+p was already heavily damaged due to the long time spent in warp travel. This 1000-point reward is already a friendly price.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He wanted to beat himself up. That 1000 points were worth more than 100 million federal contribution points.

Lu Ze felt that his heart was bleeding.

Seeing how miserable Lu Ze was, the other three didn’t want to criticize him further. Qiuyue Hesha comforted, “Who knows about these sort of things during battle? Little brother Lu Ze, you don’t need to blame yourself.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Including those high-level s.p.a.ce pirate crew, we have 7700 points. This is quite a lot.”

Lu Ze could only choose to accept.

The group divided the merit points. Lin Ling got 500, Lu Ze got 1200, and Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha each got 3000.

Now, Lu Ze had 1900 in total while Lin Ling had 900.

They could buy some low-grade planetary state gear.

Of course, they were saving up to buy divine art and higher-grade pieces of equipment.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go rendezvous.”

The group checked out of their room and flew towards the resource building. They soon reached the place and saw the bald-headed man Yan Gu.

Beside him were a cold-looking, golden-haired woman and a bulky, tall, golden-haired man.

There were also two squads on the side. One squad had five, and the other squad had six people.

They were small adventure guilds.

When they saw Lu Ze and the others come over, they all looked over with curiosity.

While they were studying Lu Ze and everyone, Lu Ze and his group were also studying them.

Other than Yan Gu’s group of three, the other two squads each had a level-four planetary state as the strongest. The rest were level-one to level-three planetary states.

This power was rather terrifying.

Yan Gu and the rest could only be stronger. However, Lu Ze saw that Yan Gu’s group had pale faces and weak chi.

Were they injured?