Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 559 - Little Heart Pumping Fast

Chapter 559 - Little Heart Pumping Fast

Chapter 559 Little Heart Pumping Fast

The atmosphere in the restaurant was silent. Lu Ze and his group were still shocked regarding the news of the Elf Race prodigy.

Nevertheless, when they thought about Ying Ying, they felt better. Worst comes to worst, they’ll just rely on Ying Ying.


Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with light. The bosses in the pocket hunting dimension were very strong. He felt he could be able to struggle.

Perhaps there was some invincible boss in there, which would become crazy and commit suicide in front of him. Then, he would become invincible.

Lu Ze grinned and smiled. The three girls saw this strange smile and looked worriedly at Lu


Nangong Jing said, “Ze, are you defeated?”

Lu Ze’s talent was the strongest in the Federation. He had never suffered any defeats. They were concerned.

Qiuyue Hesha rubbed Lu Ze’s hair and said gently, “Little brother Lu Ze, our foundation isn’t great enough. We don’t need to compare with those monsters in the short term.”

“If you really feel a lot of pressure, how about I help you release some?” Lu Ze: “???”

Release pressure?


Should he agree?

Lu Ze smelled the aroma coming from Qiuyue Hesha, and his heartbeat quickened. Nangong Jing gripped her fists and said, “I feel I can help you release some pressure too.” Sensing the killing intent from Nangong Jing, Lu Ze’s heart stopped beating.

He quickly coughed. “Teacher Qiuyue and Nangong, what are you talking about? Am I that sort of weak-minded person? I’m just thinking about other things.”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes.

At this moment, that Green spoke again, “The Demonic Prince of the advanced Demon Race is also born a star state. He’s as strong as the Elf Sacred Girl…”

Old w.a.n.g interrupted, “Tell us something we can compare with.”

The Elf and advanced Demon Race had enormous territory. Even in the entire universe, they had some status.

How could the human race compare with them?

Green coughed. “To be honest, Monarch of the New Dawn’s talent is already top-notch, except for a few rare prodigies of the Elf Cosmic Realm Races.

“We’ll go and see in the Four-Race Social Gathering. This is the one wherein the human race will perform the best.”

Lu Ze and the others were also excited. What they could do now was just cultivate and improve their power.

Right then, a beautiful aperture opening state waiter walked over with the food.

Time to eat!

After the meal, Lu Ze and everyone returned to the suite.

The group sat on the couch and opened the void border communicator immediately. They looked at the list of items up for the exchange.

They were all very hopeful. They wanted to see what could be exchanged and work towards it.

The things up for exchange were spirit fruits, spirit material, metals, special material, armors, weapons, equipment, serum, martial technique, secret technique, divine arts, and so forth.

They ignored spirit fruit and serums due to the existence of red and purple orbs.

As for spirit material…

They received quite some of them from the celebration, so they didn’t need to worry about it for now.

Metals and special materials…

Lu Ze and the others didn’t need to forge any pieces of equipment, so they didn’t need this either.

They looked towards equipment, divine arts, and secret techniques.

Lu Ze had enough divine art to use for now, but Lin Ling and the rest had very little compared to him.

Lu Ze only had one divine art rune for each divine art, so he didn’t have any surplus to give them.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s look at the equipment first.”

The three nodded.

They opened the section. At the front was mortal evolution state equipment. There were armors, weapons, and specially inscribed rings to increase one’s power.

They just had a glance and stopped. Mortal evolution state pieces of equipment were useless to them.

Lu Ze selected a piece of planetary state equipment. As for star state equipment, it was best not to look at them. It would be too painful.

The one listed at the top was a black huge sword.

This sword was called “Black Cleaver”.


Lu Ze thought of something.

That seemed to be an ax?

The Black Cleaver sword cost 55,000 Shenwu merits.

If it was converted to federal contribution points… it would be 5.5 billion federal contribution points.

This disappointed the group. This was too expensive!

It was just planetary state equipment.

Nangong Jing scratched her head and smiled. “Luckily, none of us uses huge swords.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and nodded. “She’s right.”

The second piece of equipment was dark black armor. Lu Ze and the rest couldn’t even look away after seeing it.

The armor was called “Martial G.o.d Set”.

It was a special armor of the Shenwu Army. Once you wore it, your use of spirit force would increase a level. This was a huge help for battle.

Moreover, the armor had powerful runes that could recycle spirit force back to the body. This would greatly increase power and speed.

This armor was suitable for everyone.

No matter if a person had G.o.d art or not, speed, power, and agility, spirit force will always be the foundation. Anyone wearing this would have those attributes increased.

The information provided that this was a simplified version of the combat armor belonging to the G.o.d Martial Saint. It was the top-level armor for a planetary state.

The materials used were very rare so only 12 remained.

Lu Ze and the rest loved this. Their personal armor could no longer increase their powers by one level at planetary state. This would only decrease as time went on.

Still, the price was unbearable. 50,000 Shenwu merits…

Who could handle it?!

Even the mortal evolution state shadow leopard armor was only 300!

If all of them would get one, they would need 300,000 Shenwu merits…

After a moment of silence, Nangong Jing said firmly, “We’ll work hard on missions during this period. When Li and the rest come back, we’ll go to that treasure!”

The other three agreed in unison.