Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 545 - You’re Becoming More Thick-Skinned

Chapter 545 - You’re Becoming More Thick-Skinned

Chapter 545 You’re Becoming More Thick-Skinned

When Pullman heard what Lu Ze said, he looked at them and smiled. “Didn’t the people who brought you guys over tell you?”

Lu Ze recalled that unreliable Zuoqiu Xunshuang and his mouth twitched.

Nangong Jing rubbed her temples and smiled. “She said that we would find out on our own after a while.”

Pullman nodded slightly. “That person is right. You’ll find out after performing a mission and getting the Shenwu merits, then, go to the military supplies hall.”

With that said, he paused before adding, “Usually, only missions issued by the Shenwu military would have rewards for Shenwu merits because the lowest level mission here is already at the mortal evolution state, so every Shenwu merit is about the value of 100,000 federal contribution points.”

“But because only Shenwu merits can be used in exchange for the treasures in the Shenwu military treasure trove and not Federal contribution points or academic credits, if you use those in exchange for Shenwu merits, it would cost more.”

“Only stores like ours that aren’t under the Shenwu military would accept federal contribution points and academic credits. Of course, it would be better if it was Shenwu merits.”

When Lu Ze and the rest heard this, they nodded.

When Pullman was talking about that shadow leopard leather armor, they could already guess, but it was confirmed now.

It was actually a ratio of 1 to 100k—this was simply too high. Also, you could only use Shenwu merits in exchange for items in the Shenwu treasure trove, so most people probably wouldn’t use Shenwu merits to buy things outside.

If they really used Shenwu merits to buy items outside, it would be a loss.

Unless it was something like the shadow leopard leather armor that couldn’t be found in the treasure trove and one didn’t have enough federal contribution points, only then would one use Shenwu merits for it.

After that, Lu Ze and the others continued looking at the pieces of equipment around the store. Finally, because they were embarra.s.singly short of money, they chose to give up. Not only Lu Ze and the others, even those two male young dukes didn’t buy anything. After all, it was still quite challenging to find equipment that was very suitable for them like Martina did. It was Martina’s luck that she was able to find the shadow panther leather armor.

After bidding farewell to Martina and the two male young dukes, Lu Ze and the others went to the weapon store, pharmacy, and more. In the end, there was a glow of poverty in their eyes.

Too expensive!

They couldn’t afford it.


They spent about a few hours shopping around before all of them booked a suite in a hotel.

Even the cost of the hotel was more expensive than in other places!

Lu Ze looked at how much they spent, and his heart ached.

However, these three were tyc.o.o.ns, and Lu Ze could leech off them. He didn’t have to spend any money.

On the sofa in the suite, Qiuyue Hesha sprawled on the longest sofa and said in a s.e.xy hoa.r.s.e voice, “How poor… little brother Lu Ze, how about you provide for me? Big sister will repay you with my body, how about that?”

She saw a necklace that could enhance the power of the mental force G.o.d art. It looked really good and had great effects.

But it costs 200 million academic credits or federal contribution points… Her credits had been used to exchange for planetary state cultivation resources, and she couldn’t afford it.

This was the first time Qiuyue Hesha realized how poor she was.

She wanted to sell herself to little brother Lu Ze and asked him to provide for her.

Lu Ze looked at the way Qiuyue Hesha was lying on the sofa with her hips raised and her slender legs. He couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes.

This woman didn’t think before speaking. That equipment and weapons, which they looked at, would add up to roughly tens of thousands of Shenwu merits—who could afford that?

He didn’t even have a single Shenwu merit at this moment.

“Even I want someone to provide for me,” Lu Ze sat next to Qiuyue Hesha and said in exasperation.

Qiuyue Hesha lifted her head and revealed a sly smile. “Big sister shall provide for you, then.”

Lin Ling looked at Qiuyue Hesha. She was speechless. “Big sister Hesha, please watch your image! Don’t look at Ze that way. He is still a man, after all.”

When Lu Ze heard what Lin Ling said, he was upset. “What do you mean by don’t look at me? I am an honest, upright, handsome, and confident Monarch of the New Dawn. What’s wrong with me, huh? Am I not handsome enough?’

I’m very handsome, alright?

Nangong Jing was gulping down on alcohol at the side.

She saw a pair of gloves but couldn’t afford it…

Her heart was aching. At this moment, she coughed after hearing what Lu Ze said and nearly spat out the alcohol in her mouth.

She was mad, yet, she wanted to laugh as she looked at Lu Ze. “Ze, you’re becoming more thick-skinned.”

Qiuyue Hesha grinned as she looked at Lu Ze like she wanted him to continue talking, and she wouldn’t interrupt him.

As for Lin Ling, she had already decided long ago not to look at this fella anymore.


After that, Lin Ling said, “Alright, time for serious matters.”

They didn’t come to the void border to play, and especially after seeing so many valuable items, they had to work even harder now.

Lu Ze and the rest retracted their smiles and became serious.

Nangong Jing said, “We’ll look at what missions are available first.”


The few people nodded and took out the communication devices they received after registration.

The communication device was similar to a handphone. It was black in color, about the size of a palm, and there were two modesprojection mode and screen mode.

As Lu Ze and the others had their own communication device, they chose screen mode and looked at their own devices.

Other than the communication function, there was also the latest information on the void border.

For example, if there were elites of hostile races in certain stations, or if s.p.a.ce pirates were found in some areas, or even where there was a dangerous void storm and so on.

These pieces of information may not be crucial for elites, but for those mortal evolution state newbies, it would help a lot. They were too weak, after all, and before these issues were resolved, the area would be unsafe for them to go.

Otherwise, who knew when they might encounter a big boss, huh?

Other than the information function on the communication device, there was also an emergency rescue function. After turning on this function, the Shenwu military from the nearest station and nearby people with communication devices would receive the distress message.

There was also the map of the void border and the region of the void universe that was controlled by the human race. The map marked the danger zone, the celestial bodies in each region, the possible void beasts’ nests in the area, and other giant beasts.

Of course, there was also the mission module.

Lu Ze opened the mission module and realized that the mission module was very simple. There was a total of five options—mortal evolution state missions, planetary state missions, star state missions, cosmic state missions, and missions with unknown difficulty.

The four types at the top were very straightforward while the difficulty for the last one was unknown due to a lack of information.

Very few people would take on this type of mission as they were riskier.

Lu Ze looked at these few options and thought about it.

First, he excluded the star state and cosmic state missions.

Life was beautiful, he didn’t want to die yet.

If he really took on missions from these two levels, he would really die.

As for the mortal evolution state and planetary state missions, Lu Ze thought about it and opened the mortal evolution state module first.

There was a long list of missions, and there were hundreds of pages.

Lu Ze scanned through them. There were missions issued by adventure squads and missions issued by big financial groups from the inner region of the Federation. There were also missions issued by the official inner region of the Federation.

At one glance, Lu Ze didn’t see any missions issued by the Shenwu military.

He tapped open the first mission to take a look.

This mission was issued by the official inner region of the Federation; it was to gather a mortal evolution state spirit herb called Star Mist Gra.s.s. Each Star Mist Gra.s.s could be exchanged for 100,000 Federal contribution points or Dawn System academic credits.

Alright… this was roughly the value of one Shenwu merit—too bad it couldn’t be converted.

However, it was not bad even if it was federal contribution points. At least, they could be used to buy items at the stores outside.

Lu Ze realized that it wasn’t stated how many Star Mist Gra.s.s was required for this mission, so he took it down and would definitely gather them if he came across the gra.s.s. He didn’t have a choice; after all, he was simply too poor. If he didn’t work hard, he wouldn’t even be able to afford any equipment.

The second mission was issued by a financial group from the inner region of the Federation. The request was to capture a live blue-patterned snow fox. The blue-patterned snow fox was a creature that lived on the Gelan Dwarf System which was about 50,000 light-years away from the void border. Its strength was only at the core martial state level, but there were many mortal Evolution state beasts on that Dwarf System, so it was quite dangerous.

Of course, this was dangerous only for mortal evolution state beings. As for the reward, one could choose to receive 5 mortal evolution state dead wood lingzhi or a pretty good spear.

In Lu Ze’s opinion, these rewards were not very attractive.

Dead wood lingzhi was not bad for cultivation.

But it didn’t taste good.

He didn’t need the spear either; after all, he was a man who used his fist, why would he need a spear?

After glancing through this mission, Lu Ze continued to the next one.

The rewards of the next few missions were either cultivation resources or some pieces of equipment or weapons that weren’t very powerful.

These were things that Lu Ze didn’t need.

When he went to the second page and saw one of the missions, his eyes lit up, and he got very excited.

This was a mission issued by the Shenwu Military.

The item to be gathered was the outer sh.e.l.l of a void beast called Blue Sea Dragon.

The reward for an outer sh.e.l.l of a level one to level 3 mortal evolution state Blue Sea Dragon was half a Shenwu merit.


Lu Ze was dumbfounded. This merit could be halved?

Why not round it up and count it as one directly?!

The reward for an outer sh.e.l.l of a level four to level six mortal evolution state Blue Sea Dragon was one Shenwu merit.

The reward for an outer sh.e.l.l of a level seven to level nine mortal evolution state was two Shenwu merits.

What surprised Lu Ze was that the reward for an outer sh.e.l.l of a level one planetary state Blue Sea Dragon was only 10 Shenwu merits.Only 10??

Lu Ze was somewhat speechless—this was too little eh?

It was equivalent to 1 million Federal contribution points only!

This was a planetary state void beast!

The reward for an outer sh.e.l.l of a level two planetary state Blue Sea Dragon was 20 Shenwu merits.

Level 3 was 30 Shenwu merits.

However, Lu Ze didn’t bother reading on after level 3.

With his current strength, killing a level one planetary state Blue Sea Dragon was already very challenging, not to mention a stronger one.