Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 544 - This Is the Void Border

Chapter 544 - This Is the Void Border

Chapter 544 This Is the Void Border

Shenwu City

Outside the gathering area, Lu Ze, Lin Ling, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha were strolling around the city while the others had already gone their own ways.

Some went shopping at the trading building to see if there was anything they needed, and some went to look around at the resource building to get an understanding of the price of the resources here.

There were some who went to the leisure area like bars and hotels; in such areas, they could get a lot of useful information.

As for Lu Ze and the rest, they were planning to walk around the city before finding a room and seeing what sort of missions was available, then decide on which mission to take on.

Other than the gathering area just now, there were also a number of equipment stores, weapon stores, pharmacies, and even restaurants that specialize in spirit foods.

Lu Ze and the rest went into a restaurant to have a meal and realized that it tasted pretty good. They may not be as great as Alice’s cooking but it was not bad.

What surprised Lu Ze and the rest was that even the servers here were core martial state elites.

One must know that in the Telun System, the core martial state was already the highest level, but you could only be a server in this place.

But obviously, because there was an abundance of resources here, working as a server would allow them to purchase resources with the extra money. The speed of cultivation definitely cannot be compared to the inner region of the Federal.

After leaving the restaurant, everyone had a satisfied smile on their faces.

Under Lu Ze’s influence, everyone was becoming more and more accustomed to eating good food.

On the streets, Qiuyue Hesha looked around and realized that there was an equipment store nearby. She smiled. “Shall we visit the equipment store?”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “Sure.”

Until now, Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s battle armor had been changed twice. The first was the original spirit powered battle armor, the other was that exclusive battle armor.

The exclusive battle armor could still be used even when they reached the planetary state level, but it was still good to look around.

Nangong Jing and Lin Ling were excited as well and wanted to see if there was something they could use.

Four of them entered the equipment store and realized that it was huge; it was about a few hundred meters wide, and there were various battle armors hung on the wall. There were even some pieces of equipment that Lu Ze had never seen before.

There were three young male store attendants in the shop and their cultivation was at the aperture opening state. There was also a modest-looking middle-aged man with brown hair sitting behind the counter.

The strength of this middle-aged man shocked Lu Ze and the others.

Planetary state!

Lu Ze and the others didn’t expect that the owner of an equipment store would have planetary state strength. This was truly Shenwu City, huh?

When they saw Lu Ze and the rest walked in, the few people looked up and glanced at them.

After seeing who they were, the few people were stunned, then the middle-aged man smiled. “Didn’t expect so many young dukes came to Shenwu City. Welcome, take a look around.”

When Lu Ze and the others saw this, they smiled and nodded towards the middle-aged man and looked around the store.

When they looked around the store, they understood what the middle-aged man meant. At this moment, other than them in the store, there were three familiar people around as well. They were two male young dukes and a female young duke.

That female young duke was Martina Taylor, the girl whom Lu Ze and Lin Ling battled before, while one of the two male young dukes was a handsome man with black short hair and the other had golden short hair and was very muscular.

When the two guys saw Lu Ze and the others, they nodded slightly and gave a friendly smile, then, they turned back again to look at the various equipment. However, Martina didn’t look at Lu Ze and the others, she was looking at a set of black leather armor on the wall. Her beautiful brows furrowed slightly, and she looked somewhat perplexed. When Lu Ze and the others saw this, they walked over curiously.

Their eyes widened when they saw the message on the black leather armor.

The leather armor was called shadow leopard leather armor and was made with the shadow leopard’s skin coupled with a variety of precious materials.

This leather armor was even engraved with another civilization’s inscription engravement technique. It was similar to the pattern on Lu Ze and the others’ private s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. This leather armor could enhance the agility and strength of the user by a considerable amount; the enhancement effect was greater in the dark and the inscription was also effective in reducing damage. For Martina, who had a cat body, this was a leather armor simply made for her.

Lu Ze and the others stared at this leather armor and realized that it was similar to their exclusive battle armor.

One must know that their exclusive armor was made out of many planetary state precious materials. They didn’t expect that the battle armors here would actually be so outstanding, huh?

They couldn’t even count how many times this Shenwu City had surprised them after they had arrived.

They had to say that compared to the inner region of the Federal, the resources here were indeed more bountiful.

Everyone looked at the shadow leopard leather armor, then turned to the perplexed Martina and Lin Ling finally asked out of curiosity, “Miss Martina, why aren’t you buying it since you like it?”

Martina then returned to her senses. She glanced at Lin Ling and the others who were next to her, and her lips twitched as she replied bitterly, “It’s too expensive.”

“Too expensive?”

Lu Ze and the rest looked at Martina, puzzled.

As a young duke, Martina should be worth a lot, right?

Just then, a store attendant gave a modest smile and said, “This shadow leopard leather armor wasn’t forged by the Federation, it was seized from the s.p.a.ce pirates at the void border, and it is a strong battle armor that even a planetary state level can use.”

“If it’s purchased using the federal contribution points or academic credits, it costs 30 million.”

“If it’s purchased using Shenwu merits, it costs 300 merits.” “Of course, we accept trades for other items as well. The valuation would definitely be fair.”

After hearing what the attendant said, Lu Ze and the others were speechless.

No wonder Martina said that it was too expensive. This was simply way too exorbitant, alright??

One must know that the fire clone G.o.d art that Lu Ze purchased previously was only 80 million!

This leather armor was already 30 millionwho would be able to afford this?

Even though Martina was a young duke with a monthly salary, she was just at level three of the mortal evolution state at this moment, and she might not even have 30 million in her account.

Even if she did, she needed the contribution points to buy resources for cultivation.

Just as everyone was stunned, the middle-aged storeowner laughed. “Don’t think it’s too expensive. This shadow leopard leather armor’s enhancement to Miss Martina would definitely be comparable to a divine art that is worth 30 million federal contribution points.”

“Also, divine arts need to be cultivated and cannot be used immediately. This leather armor is different; you just need to put it on, and you’ll benefit from it instantly.”

With that said, he paused before continuing. “Also, this is the void border. The stronger you are, the safer you will be. And you would be able to take on tougher missions, gaining more rewards. By then, you would earn back all the money you spent, right?”.

“Of course, you guys can consider going to the Shenwu military treasure trove to see if there is a similar battle armor. But I only have one of this shadow leopard leather armor here, and the price is rather fair. If you miss this chance, there might not be another one.”

Hearing that, Martina’s eyes glistened like she was considering it.

Lu Ze and the others looked at one another and realized that what the storeowner said actually made sense.

This leather armor may not be cost-effective for other people, but for Martina, it was simply too good.

Also, at this dangerous void border, being powerful was clearly very important.

However, this was Martina’s decision, and they obviously should not interfere.

The place was silent. Martina gritted her teeth. “I’ll choose to trade!”

When the middle-aged storeowner heard that, he smiled. “Wise choice.”


As he spoke, he stood up. “Follow me, I will make a valuation for your item.”

After that, Martina followed the store owner into a small room at the corner.

After seeing Martina going into the room, Lu Ze and the rest looked at one another and didn’t expect that Martina really bought it.

Just then, the attendant smiled. “Monarch of the New Dawn, young duke Jing, young duke Hesha, and young duke Ling, you guys can also see if there’s anything that’s suitable for you.”

Lu Ze and the others nodded slightly then began looking around the store.

There were many pieces of equipment in the store and various types as well. Other than the shadow leopard leather armor just now, there were also some clothing that appeared normal but was made from precious threads and armors made of precious metals.

These clothes had inscription carvings on them -a technique that was rare in the Federal.

After all, the development of the Federation was too short, and it was very hard to even practice martial arts, so this kind of talent had not been found yet.

What’s more, the Federation had no legacy in this regard.

Lu Ze and the rest looked at these pieces of equipment, and there were many that would benefit them. Some were even stronger than their exclusive battle armor.

However, their exclusive armor could still be used, and they didn’t need to change it for the time being.

Also, these were simply too expensive, even for Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

Very soon, the little door opened, and Martina walked out with the shop owner. Then, the middle-aged man smiled. “Xiao Yi, hand the shadow leopard armor to Miss Martina.”

As he spoke, he turned to Martina. “This is your first time in Shenwu City, right? We can transact using the communication device. This is also a kind of contract. If there is a problem with the shadow leopard armor, you can inform the Shenwu military.”

“Also, if the leather armor is damaged, you can bring it over, and we will repair it for free for the first three times. A fee will be charged for subsequent repairs.”

Martina took the shadow leopard leather armor from Xiao Yi and checked carefully. When she found nothing wrong with it, she then happily placed it in the storage ring.

After that, she smiled at the middle-aged store owner. “Alright, thank you, store owner.”

The middle-aged store owner smiled. “I’m Pullman Griffin. You guys can just call me Pullman.”

As he spoke, he turned to Lu Ze and the others. “If you have any items in the future, you can sell them to me, after all, the Shenwu military doesn’t accept everything, and the price is absolutely fair if you sell them to me.”

Lu Ze and the rest nodded, then Lu Ze thought about what Pullman said and asked out of curiosity, “Pullman, what is the Shenwu merit that you’re referring to just now?”