Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 514 - Who Do You Choose?

Chapter 514 - Who Do You Choose?

Chapter 514 Who Do You Choose?

Lu Wen glanced at Lu Ze and nodded. “Oh, Happy New Year to you too, kid.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He completely gave up on Lu Wen.

Fu Shuya smiled and rubbed Lu Ze’s head. “Good boy, Happy New Year.”

Lu Ze was touched. His mother treated him better. There would definitely be red packets, right?

At this moment, Fu Shuya saw that Ying Ying was going to open a doll, so she immediately turned around. “Wait… Ying Ying, this is how you play with the toy…”

Lu Ze: “…”

His heart ached. It seemed that his mother treated Ying Ying better than him!

He looked at uncle Merlin and aunty Zhu Hong Lian. The two smiled at Lu Ze too. “Happy New Year.”

They didn’t mention anything about the red packets at all and just turned to look at Ying


Lu Li and the rest looked at Lu Ze and then at Ying Ying. They probably shouldn’t ask. Otherwise, their hearts would break.

How come they had no gifts?

Ying Ying got everything!

Lu Ze looked away from Ying Ying. He didn’t feel any warmth on this New Year’s day.

Lu Ze and the others eventually received some gifts.

Mhm… it was four cards.


Lu Ze went back to his room and didn’t want to say anything

Four days after New Year’s day. Lu Ze opened his eyes.

It had been 16 days since he got the golden fruits. He had used one every two days. In total, he used up eight and only had five left.

These eight fruits brought rather great results. Lu Ze’s body had a power that reached level four of the mortal evolution state. At the same time, Lu Ze could handle two orbs at level six of the mortal evolution state. His cultivation speed increased again.

Based on his estimation, it would only take around two weeks to break through to level three of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze clenched his fists, and air twisted around it. Sensing the terrifying power, Lu Ze grinned. He was progressing every day. This was great!

Thereafter, he went downstairs. His parents were already waiting there, so was uncle Merlin and aunty Hong Lian.

Merlin smiled. “I’ve contacted the Federal University. Lu Li and Alice can go back to school with you guys.” Lu Ze nodded.

Lu Wen looked at the excited Lu Li and said, “Take care of Lu Li.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, dad.”

Lu Li groaned. She wasn’t as strong as this guy, but she wasn’t weak now, right? She could take care of herself.

Zhu Hong Lian smiled. “Please take care of Alice too.”


Merlin didn’t want to let Alice to go, but he didn’t want Alice to be too soft. He could only let her go with them. If this kid dared to bully Alice, he would beat him to death.

“Okay, let’s eat. After breakfast, you guys can leave.”

Lu Ze and the rest boarded the New Dawn under their parents’ gaze and left.

The atmosphere was quite silent inside the s.h.i.+p. Lu Ze looked at the seemingly sad Lu Li and Alice. He smiled. “Are you a bit nervous leaving home for the first time? Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Lu Li and Alice knew that they would finally be able to spend time with this guy. Their disadvantage would disappear. Otherwise, who knew what would happen in half a year?

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha looked at Lu Li and Alice and then at Lin Ling. Subsequently, she looked at Nangong Jing and smiled.

She said, “Little brother Lu Ze, I want to ask you a question.”

Lu Ze looked at Qiuyue Hesha. “What is it?”

Lu Ze felt that the fox demon’s smile wasn’t harboring any goodwill.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “If, I’m saying if all five of us like you, who would you choose?”

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Nangong Jing was listening out of curiosity, but when Qiuyue Hesha asked this question, she coughed the alcohol out of her mouth.

“Fox demon, what are you saying? I would not like this little kid!” Nangong Jing argued.

A few days ago, she just made Alice believe that she wasn’t a traitor, and now, this fox demon asked this!

Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling were all dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Lu Ze’s heart exploded.

What was this fox demon asking?

He felt that, at most, Lu Li and Alice might like him, but he couldn’t ask them directly. Yet, the fox demon made this hypothesis. Should he be excited?

Lu Li and Alice looked at Lu Ze, wanting to see his reaction.

Should they confess?

What if he rejects them after they did?

How would they stay with him then? Thinking about this, they felt nervous. The more one cared, the more scared they were. They were very excellent girls, but they were still scared of getting rejected.

Lin Ling was also stunned. Her eyes flashed, and she couldn’t resist looking at Lu Ze. She didn’t like him, but she was still curious.

What does this r.e.t.a.r.d know about relations.h.i.+ps?

Wasn’t his head full of food?

The atmosphere became quiet. Ying Ying was a little confused. She looked around and saw that all the sisters were staring at Lu Ze, so she looked at him curiously too.

Qiuyue Hesha grinned upon seeing that she created this situation. She let out a smile. “Little brother Lu Ze, I’m just saying ‘if’. I’m not actually saying that we all like you.” Lu Ze: “…”

This was a lethal question. No matter who he chose, it would mean that all the other girls weren’t as good as that one.

Would he get beaten up?

What should he do? At this moment, he had a bold idea. It was a hypothesis anyway.

He grinned. “Naive! Only little kids choose. Of course, I want it all!”

That way, he won’t get beaten up, right? At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly felt his neck was a little cold.

He looked at the girls. Their faces were stiff. Awkwardness spread throughout the place.

Nangong Jing clenched her fists. “Luckily, we’re on the New Dawn. Otherwise, I’m going to be a murderer.”

Lu Ze: “…”

What did she mean?

She wasn’t serious, right?

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “Little brother, you really like to fantasize.”

Alice smiled brightly. “Senior, at your monarch celebration, can you let people give you poisonous ingredients?”

“Wait… Alice, what are you going to do?”

She wasn’t trying to poison him, was she?

Alice still smiled brightly. “Nothing, I just want to make you some poisonous spirit food.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling sneered, “Don’t even think about me cooking for you again. Even if I die, I would never cook for you again!”

Lu Ze: “…”


Lu Li can cook too!

At this moment, Lu Li spoke, “Brother is really a maniac.”