Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 513 - Burried Ying Ying

Chapter 513 - Burried Ying Ying

Chapter 513 Burried Ying Ying

After a long while, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya noticed Lu Ze.

Fu Shuya smiled while carrying Ying Ying. “Good boy, when will you bring over a granddaughter?” Seeing how cute Ying Ying was, she wanted a granddaughter of her own.

Lu Ze: “???!”

He was only 18 years old! This was way too fast.

On the other hand, Lu Wen nodded as though he agreed with the idea a lot.

Lu Wen glanced at Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling. He was very hesitant. He wanted to ask what their relations.h.i.+p was, but he knew that if he did, Fu Shuya would punish him.

Moments later, Alice’s family and Nangong Jing came over too.

Uncle Merlin’s glance made Lu Ze feel cold, but he thought he didn’t need to worry, so he sat down while waiting for food.

Alice, Lin Ling, and Lu Li went to cook. Everyone sat in the living room.

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lu Ze glanced at each other.

Nangong Jing said, “Uncle Merlin and Aunty Hong Lian, we have some things to tell you.”

Merlin and Hong Lian were a bit stunned. Seeing that the three were serious, they got up. “Let’s go to the martial arts gym.”

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya saw everyone was serious, and thus they didn’t make any comments.

The group came to the gym and Merlin asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nangong Jing then told them about the insectoid race.

Merlin and Hong Lian were a little shocked. “Evolved insectoid? One that has the potential to reach the cosmic system state and above?”

When they heard that Ying Ying stopped the insectoid from sacrificing his energy, they felt some trace of fear.

They didn’t understand about high-level insectoid sacrifices, and they wouldn’t be able to stop it either. Luckily, Ying Ying was here, or there would be endless trouble. The insectoids were lethal to a new race like the human race.

Thereafter, two looked at each other. Merlin smiled helplessly. “We’ll need your help with Ying Ying.”

Ying Ying was a cosmic realm state being and was so close to them. This was a very fortunate event. They had to maintain their relations.h.i.+p with Ying Ying no matter what.

Lu Ze and the rest felt that uncle Merlin thought too much. That little guy was rather cute.

Zhu Hong Lian frowned. “Was Alice and Lu Li involved in this?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes, we were all together.”

Zhu Hong Lian nodded and then glanced at Merlin. The two seemed to have made up some choice.

Merlin smiled. “Next semester, we’ll let Alice and Lu Li attend the school with you together. It’s time for them to experience some things.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “You’re saying to let them go to Federal University right now?”

Merlin smiled. “They can be granted special entry for sure, given their power. As for the tests, the Federal University will decide themselves. You wouldn’t think they can’t pa.s.s, right?” Lu Ze: “…”

How was that possible? They would be considered the most elite bunch even in the fourth-year elite cla.s.s. If such power couldn’t pa.s.s the exams, the Federal University probably wouldn’t need to take in any students.

However, the problem was, if the two girls attended the same school as him, his situation would be a bit bad. Still, the good thing about such a situation was that he would be able to have Alice’s food every day.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt great.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha felt strange too. They would have never expected uncle Merlin to let Lu Li and Alice enter Federal University ahead of time. This was unprecedented.

Nevertheless, they weren’t doubtful regarding the capabilities of the two girls. Definitely, both of them could enter Federal University. They were too strong after all.

Merlin said, “Okay, we’ll tell the Federal University about this. As for the insectoid body and Black Smoke Race, you guys can go and inform old man Nangong.”

Zhu Hong Lian nodded. “We won’t leave here for now.”

Lu Ze’s talent and potential were worth it for them to look after his family. Moreover, Zhu Hong Lian needed time to recover her power.

Lu Ze and everyone nodded. They then left the martial arts gym. Alice and the others had prepared the breakfast already.


After breakfast, Merlin smiled at Lu Li and Alice. “By the way, we have made arrangements to allow you two to enter the Federal University in the following semester. What do you think?” Lu Li and Alice widened their eyes in disbelief. They thought it would take another semester before they could go. “I don’t mind,” the two answered without hesitation.

Lu Wen was a little sad. His precious daughter was leaving.

Fu Shuya’s emotions were a little complicated. She didn’t want Lu Li to go away, but she also felt it was better to let Lu Ze and Lu Li stay together more. Also, it was very helpful to Lu Li’s growth to enter Federal University early.

They didn’t mind too. Ying Ying was the happiest.

Sister Alice’s food was so amazing! It could s.h.i.+ne too!

She would be able to eat her food all the time now.

Sister Lu Li’s cooking was rather ordinary. She would eat less of that.

After breakfast, Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, Merlin, and Zhu Hong Lian went out to play together. It was the holidays. Naturally, they took the opportunity to enjoy it.

Lu Ze and everyone lived like usual. Ying Ying watched cartoons at home while the others went to cultivate at the martial arts dojo.

After a morning of cultivation, they each returned to their rooms.

Days pa.s.sed by, and three days later, it was time for the New Year in the galactic era.

At night, the two families watched the New Year’s programs in the living room together. The programs were rather boring, but it was hard for everyone to gather together and chill.

The alcoholic wanted to avoid being urged to get married.

The saints would celebrate New Year together online.

Meanwhile, the fox demon said this was the only year she didn’t go back to celebrate New Year.

The TV program was showing magic tricks. Ying Ying’s eyes widened. She was very immersed.

Lu Ze and the others felt bewildered. As a cosmic realm state boss, this little girl was so interested in ordinary magic tricks.

During this time, Fu Shuya took out a big red packet and a few gift boxes. “Little Ying Ying, this is your red pocket money and New Year gift.”Thereafter, Lu Wen, Merlin, and Zhu Hong Lian each took out their gifts as though they had rehea.r.s.ed this.

Ying Ying was buried in gifts.

Lu Ze, Lu Li, Alice, Lin Ling, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha: “…”

There were so many gifts!

The six looked hopefully at the parents. Although they wouldn’t get as much as Ying Ying, surely they had a portion too, right? However, the parents didn’t even look at them. They just watched Ying Ying open the gifts.

Lu Ze coughed and then smiled. “Um, mm, dad, Uncle Merlin, Aunty Hong Lian, Happy New Year!”

Where were the red packets?

Where were the gifts?