Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 452 - Feels a Little Good?

Chapter 452 - Feels a Little Good?

Chapter 452 Feels a Little Good?

The air remained silent as no one dared to utter a word. All of the students could only look at each other, but deep inside, they harbored the same thoughts. Everyone had felt that what Margaret and Gui Yuping said was highly possible.

After all, this unintentional release of pressure could be greatly attributed to a recent breakthrough.

Was Lu Ze actually possessed by the devil?

How could anyone improve their cultivation in this manner?

Wasn’t it too much?

He made them feel they were idiots… Gui Yuping suddenly thought of something. Subsequently, he had a strange smile on his face. “But… junior Lu Ze’s young duke t.i.tle…”

At the mention of Lu Ze, the lifeless students suddenly recovered with a gleam in their eyes

—even an indifferent person like Margaret could not help but grin.

Li Qingyun sighed. “Amazing…”

“I wonder how junior schoolmate Lu Ze would react when he sees his young duke t.i.tle?”

“I pitied him before. However, seeing how insane he is, I feel a little good?”



Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s young duke t.i.tle came out last night. Lu Ze’s young duke t.i.tle had spread like wildfire online. If the news regarding Lu Ze’s breakthrough to the mortal evolution state was also released, then another huge wave of discussions will emerge.

After all, breaking through to the mortal evolution state with just two days was speed on a completely different level to other young dukes.

Although the t.i.tle “Monarch of the New Dawn” was decided by the saints and no one dared to say anything about it, it was difficult to suppress the thoughts and doubts of others. However, now that Lu Ze had managed to break through, then those people should be convinced.

At this moment, four chi reaching the mortal evolution state quickly neared the crowd. The students felt relieved.

“The teachers are here. We should be fine.”

“This isn’t a surprise exam?”

“Probably not…”

“What’s going on?”

Ian said in a quiet voice, “Do you think Ze and the others are back? Is this actually the pressure released by Ze?”

Ye Mu said, “We went to their dorms these few nights. They’re not back yet.”

Xuan Yuqi frowned. “And, Ze isn’t the sort to pull this prank.”

Meanwhile, the people on the side heard Lu Ze’s name and looked over curiously Everyone looked at the six with envy. After all, Lu Ze and Lin Ling were young dukes now. These six were quite close to them. If Lu Ze and Lin Ling helped them, they would be able to progress very quickly.

These six people were above average among the freshman students, even if they weren’t the top.

Yet, after a semester, they had reached level eight to nine of the abstruse martial state, and their combat power was at the core martial state. Even Ji Zhengtian, who was at level four of the abstruse martial state when he started the semester, was only at level eight of the abstruse martial state now.

They could improve so fast all because of Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

At this moment, those four teachers who entered the dorms flew out. Their faces were serious and yet filled with surprise.

Didn’t these teachers go in to deal with the pressure?

The pressure was still there, but why did they come out?

A middle-aged teacher approached the students. He then said, “Go to the cla.s.srooms first. The dorms are closed for now. No one can enter.”

Everyone: “???”

Go to the cla.s.srooms?


It wasn’t even 7 o’clock in the morning…

The other year levels also had teachers telling them that they couldn’t return to the dorms for now. The students looked at the teachers. They were almost certain that it was Lu Ze breaking through. Otherwise, the teachers wouldn’t be this serious.

At this time, one golden and one pink stream of light dashed into the dorms area.

“Teacher Nangong and Qiuyue??”

“Weren’t they with Lu Ze and Lin Ling on Earth? They’re back already?”.

“Wait! In that case, Lu Ze and Lin Ling are back too, right??”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling returned to the dorms in the depths of the night two days ago. Hence, no one knew about their arrival.

They immediately figured out things. Xuan Yuqi’s cold face carried some excitement. “Two days… Ze really broke through to the mortal evolution state in two days!”

Ian gasped. “Ze is so amazing!”

The other people smiled. They were happy for Lu Ze, of course.

Lu Ze breaking through to the mortal evolution state in two days meant too much. If they could be friends with such a monster, they would wake up from their dreams laughing

Ji Zhengtian walked over and smiled. “Ye Mu, you guys didn’t even tell us Lu Ze came back. We’re all fellow students. Lu Ze was appointed as Monarch of the New Dawn and Lin Ling was appointed young duke. We should celebrate for them.” “Yeah, fellow students, we’re like brothers.”

“Yes, we should celebrate for Lu Ze and Lin Ling.”

Regardless, being fellow students was a rather reliable relations.h.i.+p. It was better than anything to be connected to Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Xuan Yuqi said coldly, “We didn’t know when Ze came back. As for the celebrations, if Ze and the others choose to send out invites, then naturally you guys can go, but if not, then even we can’t go.” How could she not know what these people were thinking?

It was best not to trouble Ze and Lin Ling with these things.

Ji Zhengtian smiled apologetically. “True, the young duke celebration should be the formal one. Moreover, he’s the first monarch. It’s a bit sudden for us to celebrate.”

If they were close to Lu Ze and Lin Ling, it was natural for them to hold a celebration for two. Otherwise, it wasn’t too appropriate. As for the young duke celebration, his family was quite well off. He had the right to receive the invitation. Then, as a fellow student of Lu Ze, it wouldn’t be hard to get in.

Lu Ze didn’t know he spilled out the pressure.

As spirit force entered his two meridians, he could feel improvements in all areas. It was like every cell in his body was getting ma.s.saged. This felt so much better than when he used the red orbs to improve. That was a s.a.d.i.s.tic experience.Lu Ze felt sad. Progressing was so hard.

Three hours later, the spirit force he gathered completely fused into his Ren and Du meridians. Patches of planetary seeds glow.

Lu Ze’s Ren and Du meridians glowed with a color similar to that white energy dropped by the overlords of the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze could feel that he formed about 10% of the planetary seeds in his Ren and Du meridian.

If he wanted to keep improving, he would need red orbs, but Lu Ze just broke through to the mortal evolution state. Right now, he didn’t have the mood to cultivate. He slowly opened his eyes.

Lu Ze gauged his power. He wasn’t sure what level his combat power would reach once he used his divine art at full power, but it should be many times stronger than before.

Those level three mortal evolution state possums and rabbits won’t be a match for him. Now, it was his turn to chase them.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze couldn’t wait to go into the pocket hunting dimension and fight those bosses.