Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 451 - Is This Lord Primordial Sun’s Talent?

Chapter 451 - Is This Lord Primordial Sun’s Talent?

Chapter 451 Is This Lord Primordial Sun’s Talent?

The situation was so strange that Lu Ze wasn’t able to react accordingly for a long time.

Didn’t the alcoholic and fox demon say that it was extremely difficult? Lu Ze had already expected himself to struggle for two days, and yet, as soon as he attempted forming the seed, it was already finished!?

Looking at the flas.h.i.+ng planetary seed, Lu Ze fell silent. He must not let those two know. Even if they were to discover his successful attempt, then it should be after his cultivation level surpa.s.sed them.


He received a headache from thinking about it.

After making up his mind, Lu Ze continued to draw in the spirit force. After a planetary seed was formed, a strange wave spread across his body. The fusion of the other spirit forces and cells would be much easier.

Lu Ze didn’t even need to try hard. As soon as spirit force entered his cells, it automatically fused with his cell nucleus. Faint planetary seeds started appearing.

As more and more seeds were merged into his cells in his Ren and Du meridian, the two meridians glowed.

The mortal evolution state was also divided into nine levels. It corresponded with the nine levels of the body refinement-skin, flesh, tendon, bones, five bowels and six viscera, 12 meridians, as well as Ren and Du meridian.

The perfection of body refinement state could allow martial artists to open more apertures at the aperture opening state.

The perfection of the aperture opening state can grant a perfect spirit body to an individual.

If there was a flaw in the spirit body, the flawed area wouldn’t be able to form a planetary seed. It would then make things harder for martial artists to break through to the planetary state. They might not even be able to transcend to the planetary state.

Everything started from the foundations. If the foundation wasn’t st.u.r.dy enough, then it would be a mere dream to go further.

Only a perfect spirit body like Lu Ze wouldn’t leave any flaws behind. His every step was perfect.

The sequence in forming the planetary seed was the exact opposite of the order in body refinement. In the case of the former, it’s from the inside to the outside—from the Ren and Du meridians, in particular. By the time you had converted all your cells into planetary seeds, then you could now consider breaking through the planetary state. Of course, this was still too far-fetched for Lu Ze. He was just a level one mortal evolution state noob.

Lu Ze moved his spirit force into the Du meridian and happily began converting such a force into planetary seeds.

Every time a planetary seed appeared, his body would gradually grow stronger. He became immersed in this feeling of getting strong.

Lu Ze wasn’t aware of the fact that as his cultivation level kept rising, a powerful pressure was also released from his body. This pressure was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with oppressive force, affecting the entire dorms of the first-year elite cla.s.s.

Lin Ling, who was cultivating, opened her eyes and looked in Lu Ze’s direction. That r.e.t.a.r.d broke through?!

Wasn’t he supposed to have just finished acc.u.mulating the spirit force?? Sister Jing and Hesha said he would need at least three days to breakthrough.

Why was he so fast?!

Lin Ling felt the ever-increasing pressure.

It was extremely strong…

Even though it was just breaking through, the pressure released by Lu Ze was already this great.

She could only sigh as she closed her eyes to continue her cultivation.

In another room, Yingying was lying on the bed while watching cartoons.

She suddenly sensed something and looked in Lu Ze’s direction, but after a moment, she went back to watching cartoons.

Almost all the freshmen students of the elite cla.s.s were woken up by the pressure. Shock quickly filled their eyes.

Who was this??

The pressure was so terrifying! Their cultivation level was relatively low after all. Even though the coercive force emitted by Lu Ze wasn’t supposed to be damaging, it was still something the rest of the students couldn’t handle.

They all stood up and went outside. Along the way, they met up with each other, quickly noticing the paleness on everyone’s faces.

“Which powerful being is running rampant in the Federal University??”

“Is it some teacher joking with us?”

“I believe so too. This is the Federal University, after all. Who would dare to run rampant here?”

“Perhaps, this is some special test. The end of semester exams is near.” “Oh my, this pressure is getting stronger!” “I feel like I’m being crushed to the ground!”

“Don’t give up! Keep running!”

Although they were just first-year students most of them had reached the abstruse martial state after a semester. They weren’t slow. However, despite running for a few kilometers, the pressure didn’t ease up. Instead, it stretched further as though it chased after the students.

The ones running at the front were Ye Mu and his group.

Ye Mu complained, “If this continues, it’s going to reach the second- and third-year students. Is this person planning to subject the entire dorms of the elite cla.s.s under his pressure?”

Xuan Yuqi frowned. “Is it some special test that requires all the students from the elite cla.s.s of Federal University?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve never seen any figure of the teachers.”

Soon, the pressure spread to other areas as well. Those students with higher cultivation opened their eyes. Second-year students had mostly reached the higher level of the abstruse martial state. Some of them had reached the core martial state.

Third-year students were mostly core martial states while some were aperture opening states.

Fourth-year students, on the other hand, were pretty much all aperture opening states.

The pressure released by Lu Ze managed to affect the whole area where the entire student body, across all year levels, was.

Those second- and third-year students also lost the color in their faces. Fear became apparent in their eyes. Only those who were aperture opening states and above were faring relatively better. Still, they couldn’t resist the force entirely.

Everyone exited their dorms and ran outside.

At this time, the pressure expanded further, reaching nearly 50 kilometers before halting.

All of the students felt awkward. They were cultivating, but they were now forced out.

Amidst the crowd, Margaret and Li Qingyun were standing at the front. Everyone was surrounding them as they were the strongest two students in Federal University.

Margaret frowned. “It’s a mortal evolution state pressure!” Li Qingyun felt confused. “Which teacher came over?”

“No, it seems this pressure unintentionally spilled out. It’s not targeting anyone.”

“Is some teacher pulling a prank?” “This school has no teacher that does these sort of pranks.”

Gui Yuping suddenly asked, “Did you see junior Lu Ze’s appointment ceremony?”

Those students immediately looked over.

“Of course! Monarch of the New Dawn!”

“The first monarch of the Federation! Junior Lu Ze is too amazing!”

“He’s brought honor to the Federal University!”

People immediately began discussing this excitedly. The pressure inside wasn’t threatening, so they just needed to wait for the teachers to come over.

Margaret suddenly thought of something.

Feeling shocked, she asked, “Gui Yuping, you’re saying it might be junior Lu Ze?”

Gui Yuping smiled bitterly. “At the ceremony, didn’t saint Lin Dong say that junior Lu Ze was at the peak stage of the aperture opening state…”

These words made the scene sink into silence.

After a while, someone finally spoke. “This is… impossible!”

“Yeah… the ceremony was only two days ago, wasn’t it?”

Li Qingyun said with disbelief, “I know about planetary seeds. Those rather talented people would need a few years. Even better prodigies need a few months. Young dukes could usually form seeds within several months. The fastest record is set by Barren Dragon Young Duke from 300 years ago. He just used 11 days…”

When Li Qingyun’s words echoed in the quiet air, everyone felt a tremor in their brains.

Moments later, Margaret said, “He just used two days to form a planetary seed. Perhaps this is the Monarch of the New Dawn’s talent?”