Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 407 - Flirt Once and Run

Chapter 407 - Flirt Once and Run

Chapter 407 Flirt Once and Run

In addition to old Li, other people were arranged to position themselves in the front area of the fleet. These included the Kurter couple, Qiu Dongyi, as well as another five mortal evolution states.

Their eyes, containing a sliver of surprise, couldn’t help but flash after witnessing Lu Ze’s purple-red lightning spear.

Other than old Li and Kurter, none of them were confident taking this wave of lightning spears head-on.

Lu Ze probably wasn’t weak even among those who were at level six of the mortal evolution state.

Those who didn’t believe that Lu Ze could kill level six mortal evolution state void beasts before had to accept the truth now.

More than a hundred void beasts charged toward the front of the fleet.

There were 13 mortal evolution state void beasts, including one mortal evolution state at level six, level two, and level five.

This level of void beasts was pretty much no threat to the people here.


Soon, the fastest void beast was only tens of kilometers from the fleet. It opened its huge mouth and let out a shuddering spirit force as it roared.

Old Li swung the long sword in his hand. Following this, an extremely sharp sword intent instantly cut through that void beast in half.

The roaring ceased.

Those void beasts behind quickly stopped. Should they do a tactical retreat? The enemy doesn’t seem easy to mess with.

The corner of Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

For some reason, this type of void beasts was very scared of death. If they saw their boss die, they would immediately be scared.

Lu Ze wanted them to come over of course. His spears were hungry!

At this moment, a domineering roar could be heard from the right of the fleet.

Old Li’s and Kurter’s expression s.h.i.+fted, worsening by the minute. “Level nine mortal evolution state?!”

The strongest in their reinforcements squad was only a mortal evolution state at level seven. They all came for the palace lords of Eternal Life Palace. A level seven mortal evolution state would have been enough. However, they wouldn’t be able to stop a level nine mortal evolution state void beast directly.

Of course, the power of the mothers.h.i.+p’s cannons could kill a level nine mortal evolution state but that would take some time to charge. At such a period, there would be heavy casualties.

Those scared void beasts immediately became c.o.c.ky upon hearing this roar.

They charged toward the fleet once more.

Lu Ze clicked his fingers, and the lightning spear shot toward the void beasts.

The spears were extremely fast. Those void beasts below level six of the mortal evolution state couldn’t dodge at all. They were instantly pierced through. Sometimes, a few spears penetrated level five mortal evolution state bodies while other ones impaled multiple aperture opening state void beasts.

After that attack, more than half the void beasts died. Only a few small fries remained at the back.


Those void beasts halted on the spot.

The ones remaining were all at the aperture opening state or even at the core martial state. They looked at that large batch of bodies and wanted to flee.

Suddenly, a white sword light cut through these void beasts into pieces. The path-clearing task at the front was much more successful than imagined. There were no powerful void beasts in this area after all.

Thereafter, a pillar of dark gray energy instantly crossed a few hundred kilometers, colliding with the s.h.i.+p next to Lu Ze.

That pillar penetrated the s.h.i.+p without resistance, and then, the s.h.i.+p blew up.

It was that level nine mortal evolution state void beast!

Currently, a ma.s.sive void beast that was nine kilometers long appeared on the right of the fleet.

Those who were at the mortal evolution state appeared to be displeased.

One middle-aged man said, “I’ll stop it for a moment, mothers.h.i.+p cannons cover me! I can’t guarantee that I can block it for a long time, so the fleet needs to hurry up and leave. Let the defense line support us too!”

He was the strongest level seven mortal evolution state on the right-wing. One mistake would be equivalent to his end.

By this time, a silver light flashed, and Lu Ze appeared next to the level nine mortal evolution state. Purple-red lightning flickered, and a hundred-meter long, enormous lightning spear struck the white bone armor of the void beast.

Purple and red colors blossomed while a powerful shockwave spread in all directions. Quite some weaker void beasts around it were s.h.i.+vering from the shock.

Lu Ze then glanced at the armor, only to discover a sliver of a crack. It was almost indiscernible.

Lu Ze: “…”

He had expected this, but his mouth still twitched. Such a tough armor!

Subsequently, a silver light enveloped him, and he instantly appeared two hundred kilometers away. He kept flying forward.

Flirt once and run. This was really exciting!

The middle-aged man was stunned at this smooth sequence of moves.

That was Lu Ze, right?

Oh s.h.i.+t?

s.p.a.ce G.o.d art? s.p.a.ce transmission? That guy was a good guy! He would silently remember Lu Ze’s brave figure! Everyone else’s eyes widened and couldn’t react for a long time.

Lin Ling looked around and saw Lu Ze disappeared from her side. She rubbed her head.

She knew that guy couldn’t relax.

Old Li’s face stiffened too.

When the level nine mortal evolution state beast felt the tingling pain from the spot of the attack, it roared violently. Instantly, its huge body went after Lu Ze.Lu Ze had already fled more than 1000 kilometers away, but he still didn’t see that void beast catching up. Just when he thought about shocking it once more, he felt a terrifying wave behind him. He looked around and found that huge void beast pursuing him with an open mouth.

Lu Ze broke out in a cold sweat.


Lu Ze instantly felt hot-blooded. It was as though he was back in the pocket hunting dimension again.

The bosses in there chased him like this although they all eventually died.

Meanwhile, the defense force inside the s.h.i.+p, the defense force of Ena System, as well as the audience watching the stream, were all dazed.

What was this Lu Ze?!

You’re a noob who hadn’t even reached the mortal evolution state, and yet, you dare to mess with a level nine mortal evolution state boss?