Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 406 - I Didn’t Intentionally Become a Perfect Spirit Body

Chapter 406 - I Didn’t Intentionally Become a Perfect Spirit Body

Chapter 406 I Didn’t Intentionally Become a Perfect Spirit Body

All the people, who were at the mortal evolution state, in the room frowned after seeing the void beast charging toward them.

Mortal evolution states could survive in s.p.a.ce for a short period of time, but there were quite some risks. If one weren’t very confident in their abilities or forced to, they would rarely choose to enter s.p.a.ce.

However, in the current situation, the fleet can break through the surroundings, but at least tens or more s.h.i.+ps would be left behind.

This loss was quite huge.

At this moment, one old man said, “Commander Ling, let us mortal evolution states go help.” Ling Dongyu immediately looked at the old man in excitement “Mr. Li, can we really do that? Then, on behalf of the defense force brothers, thank you!”

Why did they bring these powerful people over?

They could pretty much deal with all problems as long as they didn’t encounter a planetary state beast.

Even if they didn’t offer to do anything, he would still ask them to help. After all, the lives of his soldiers were more important than saving face.

Due to this, Lu Ze’s mouth could not help but twitch. He was planning to use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art to draw these void beasts away, but this guy was just pretending to be pitiful?? The other mortal evolution states looked speechlessly at Ling Dongyu.

All the mortal evolution states got up. There were 35 people present.

However, when Lu Ze and Lin Ling got up, everyone felt dazed.

Old Li frowned a little and said, “You’re Lu Ze and Lin Ling, aren’t you? Although your combat power has reached the mortal evolution state, it’s not so easy to enter vacuum s.p.a.ce.”

Qiu Dongyi nodded. “You need to have the spirit body of a mortal evolution state to survive in vacuum s.p.a.ce. Although your combat powers have reached the mortal evolution state, your cultivation level is still at the aperture opening state. You should stay here and watch.”

The reason that the mortal evolution state could survive in vacuum s.p.a.ce was due to achieving a spirit body. Only a spirit body could survive in s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze was dumbfounded by the remark. So one needed a spirit body? He didn’t even know about this. He thought that one only needed to reach the mortal evolution state combat power.

But… luckily he was a perfect spirit body. On the other hand, he wasn’t clear about Lin Ling’s situation.

He then looked at Lin Ling and asked, “Lin Ling, have you reached the perfect spirit body yet?”

In response, Lin Ling nodded. “Yes, a while ago.” With this, Lu Ze smiled at old Li. “Don’t worry Mr. Li, Lin Ling and I are both perfect spirit bodies. It’s fine.”

Although Lu Ze knew that they were saying this for his benefit, there was still an overwhelming number of void beasts out there. Even if everyone went out, the intense pressure won’t be relieved.

Meanwhile, he could offer more help. He had red orbs and would last much longer than these mortal evolution states.

Everyone: “???”

They suspected their ears heard it incorrectly.

Everyone here was at the aperture opening state and above. They all knew what a perfect spirit body was.

If one failed to obtain a perfect spirit body at low cultivation levels, he or she would need to open all 810 apertures at the aperture opening state and breakthrough to mortal evolution state, in order to reach a perfect spirit body. At least, in the current generation of young dukes, only Nangong Jing is a perfect spirit body.

Other young dukes broke through to the mortal evolution state above 800 apertures, but no one is truly perfect!

Yet, Lu Ze just claimed that both of them were perfect spirit bodies?!


Was painful!

Back when they were at the aperture opening state, they fought with their lives to open more apertures just so their spirit bodies could be a little stronger.

However, these guys achieved a perfect spirit body before even reaching the mortal evolution state.

The Kurter couple glanced at each other. Perhaps, they really needed to find a place to retire.

Old Li coughed. “… since you’re both perfect spirit bodies, then it’s fine…”

How awkward…

Lu Ze felt bad after seeing this. After all, old Li innately had good intentions. As such, Lu Ze provided an explanation. “Old Li, you don’t need to mind. I didn’t intentionally become a perfect spirit body. I just cultivated, and I suddenly attained a perfect spirit body. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my cultivation method.”

Everyone: “….”

They didn’t even want to look at Lu Ze, especially old Li. He had decided to not talk to Lu Ze again.

Lin Ling felt even worse. She silently moved away from Lu Ze.

Although she didn’t unknowingly become a perfect spirit body, talking like this would hurt the feelings of others. She wouldn’t say such things.

Ling Dongyu’s mouth spasmed. He suppressed his jealousy and admiration while smiling. “In that case, let’s move out quickly.”

Currently, they didn’t have much time. The void beasts were closing in. Thereafter, the mortal evolution states left the room and proceeded to the exit chamber.

The shuttle slowly opened.

Lu Ze felt quite excited. As a human, this was his first time entering s.p.a.ce with his own body.

Soon, the unequal pressure produced a huge force of wind, but this was like a light breeze to the mortal evolution states.

When the air disappeared and he couldn’t use the traditional method to breathe, Lu Ze could feel every single of his cells shaking. The spirit force was communicating with the outside s.p.a.ce. There was no air, but he didn’t feel any discomfort.

In an instant, Lu Ze became accustomed to vacuum s.p.a.ce.

He wore his combat armor and tried to move around, everything felt natural.

Soon, Lu Ze grinned.

There was no gravity. His spirit force flowed everywhere. This kind of feeling was great.

He opened his mouth and attempted to say something, but the sound couldn’t travel.

Thus, he used telepathy to speak to Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, do you want to chase me? If you catch me, I’ll let you, hey?”.

Lin Ling immediately glared at Lu Ze and clenched her teeth. “Go die!!”

Lu Ze curled his lips. What a boring girl.

At this moment, Ling Dongyu shook the spirit force in s.p.a.ce and said, “Everyone, please go protect the fleet. You just need to stop the mortal evolution state void beasts for an instant, and the main s.h.i.+p’s cannons can kill them.”

Lu Ze’s eyes widened in disbelief. One could really speak in s.p.a.ce?

Everyone nodded and left the exit hatch.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling soon flew to a s.h.i.+p that was a few hundred meters long and stopped.A few thousand kilometers away, a large wave of void beasts was closing in.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with lightning as purple-red lightning spears appeared.

5, 10, 20… Soon, more than 50 violent lightning spears emerged before him. Even in s.p.a.ce, the terrifying spirit force waves still made the other mortal evolution states look over.

This included old Li. He had reached level seven of the mortal evolution state, rendering him as one of the strongest reinforcements.

He held a long white sword. Although he had no G.o.d art, his years of experience in sword dao allowed him to take on mortal evolution states at level eight.

Seeing those lightning spears, he knew Lu Ze could kill mortal evolution state void beasts at level six.

It seemed his achievements on the planet Gracious were true after all…

This kid was still so young too. His future should be immeasurable.