Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 343 - Instantly Full of Hate

Chapter 343 - Instantly Full of Hate

Chapter 343 Instantly Full of Hate

In the distance, the battle with the planetary state void beast was still going on.

Despite being a few thousand kilometers away, the tremors could still be felt.

The void beast continued to roar and wail. Clearly, it was troublesome for it to face Nangong Jing and the rest when it was heavily injured.

The roars also drew more void beasts over. Even toward Lu Ze’s side, a few would pa.s.s by.

However, other than the initial two mortal evolution state void beasts, the rest of them were only at the aperture opening state. This was not a threat to Lu Ze.

In a few short minutes, a private s.h.i.+p flew toward the planetary state void beast.

Lu Ze saw a figure fly out. He held a sword and flickered, instantly disappearing from the sky.

Thereafter, a huge blue sword ray sliced across the air in the region of the planetary state void beast.



The void beast wailed in turn. At the same time, the earth started trembling initially, but then, it began to wobble immensely.

Lu Ze looked at that region. The mountains cracked, and rivers stopped flowing. It was like the entire planet was going to crack like an egg.

The battle lasted a few minutes. Subsequently, everything calmed down amidst the wail from the beast in the distance.

The spirit light dissipated, and this thousand-kilometer region of land was completely changed. Cracks stretched all the way to the city which Lu Ze was guarding.

The city was split into a few regions by the fractures. Many tall buildings collapsed. In the end, the city became rubble.

Luckily, the citizens weren’t weak. With the help of the defense force, there were no casualties.

The other cities, which were closer, were probably beyond help.

As the battle calmed down, the citizens rejoiced.

The planetary state void beast was dead. They were saved this time.

Lu Ze felt relieved too. He looked at the pile of void beasts on the ground. There were about 30 of them.

However, no more beasts ran to his side. Lu Ze flew back to the city. Lin Ling was watching over the captives of the underground forces.

Upon seeing Lu Ze fly back, Lin Ling smiled. “Yo, our big hero is back. You are their hero now.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. Naturally, he knew this too.

He then smiled. “You’re enjoying yourself, hiding here peacefully.” Lin Ling: “…”

She felt Lu Ze must have some misunderstanding about peace. The planetary state battle was so intense, so where could she find peace?

She still had to block most of the shockwaves. Otherwise, the destruction would be worse.

At this moment, a golden and pink ray flew over and landed next to them.

It was Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

Their faces were pale while both of their chi was messy. They seemed to be injured.

Lin Ling asked worriedly, “Are you okay, sister Jing and Hesha?”.

The two shook their heads at the question. Nangong Jing took out a bottle and drank the entire thing before laughing. “Haha, this was a satisfying fight. That void beast was heavily injured but still had power at level two of the planetary state. Both of us couldn’t beat it. There were a few more at the peak stage of the mortal evolution state and even someone who was nearly at the planetary state. Only then did we barely manage to stop it from running.”

Lu Ze looked strangely at the two. “In that case, aren’t you two very strong? He didn’t know what planetary state level two is, but since there was a second level, there must be level one, right?

Those two were just mortal evolution states, and yet, they had planetary state combat


Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “Who do you think I am?”

Nangong Jing felt great thinking about just how shocked those mortal evolution states were.

Most of it was due to Lu Ze.

If it weren’t for Lu Ze’s energy b.a.l.l.s which supplemented their foundation, their combat power wouldn’t reach that level.

Of course, that one month in the dao enlightenment room also helped too.

Subsequently, they received news that all the void beasts on this planet were annihilated.

Planet Nanchu had the worst condition in the system, so most powerful beings came to this planet. At this time, Lu Ze and the rest then went to the other planets.

In half a day’s time, pretty much all the void beasts were eliminated.

One had to admit that the rescue operation was much more effective than the ones in the Earth era.

In a short day, a disaster that covered an entire solar system was resolved. After the situation was handled, everyone left through their flying s.h.i.+p, along with the grat.i.tude of the Xigui System officials.

Inside the Golden Swirl, Lu Ze and the rest sat in the living room. They were much more relaxed than when they came here.

Qiuyue Hesha flicked through her social media accounts. After all, she was also a singer.

She wouldn’t have concerts during the school term, but during holidays, she would if she had the time.

Qiuyue Hesha relaxed on the couch and read news coverage about her and smiled.

On the other hand, Nangong Jing didn’t really care about this. She never cared about what people thought of her.

She lay on the couch and guzzled down bottles of wine. “A bottle after a battle is truly a great pleasure of life.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes at this statement and looked at the ground that was full of empty bottles.

“How many did you drink already?”

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “This one, can be ten, or 100. It varies.”

Lu Ze’s mouth could not help but twitch after seeing how seriously Nangong Jing spoke.

“… whatever makes you happy.”

Nangong Jing gave Lu Ze an approving look and kept drinking.

Meanwhile, Lin Ling was taking a shower.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had finished showering

The first thing they did after the battle was to shower.

On the other hand, Lu Ze planned to shower after Lin Ling.At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha said, “Little brother Lu Ze, there is news about you.”

Lu Ze looked over curiously. Even Nangong Jing looked over.

Thereafter, Lu Ze asked, “What is it?”

Qiuyue Hesha projected the screen in the air from which a not so professionally taken recording appeared.

Qiuyue Hesha read the t.i.tle. “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze instantly killed two mortal evolution state void beasts. A first-year new student has mortal evolution state power. This surpa.s.ses all young dukes. He’s unparalleled!”

She looked jokingly at Lu Ze. “Little brother Lu Ze is unparalleled, so amazing.” At the side, Nangong Jing smiled at Lu Ze too. “Mhm, Ze’s power is indeed not bad. It is even stronger than us at the time.”

Lu Ze: “…”

With this t.i.tle, several people would probably disagree. Would he get bashed then?