Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 342 - Deserve the Title of Unparalleled

Chapter 342 - Deserve the Title of Unparalleled

Chapter 342 Deserve the t.i.tle of Unparalleled

Other than Luo Bingqing and Derrick, there were a few middle-aged and old people with extremely strong chi.

Most of them were teachers from Dawn System. At the same time, there were other powerful beings who came for rewards.

Quite some of the teachers were familiar with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. They also looked over after sensing their stronger chi.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha smiled. This was all due to Lu Ze. Naturally, they would not tell anyone about this due to their promise.

Nangong Jing maintained her smile. “I haven’t been able to completely digest the benefits of the dao enlightenment room before. Of course, I’ve been progressing faster.”

In response, Derrick said, “Since when was the dao enlightenment room this useful? In that case, shouldn’t I exchange my other rewards for dao enlightenment room time?”

He glanced at Qiuyue Hesha. For a prodigy of their level, it was quite hard to find a partner who was equally talented and mutually liked each other.

Like him, he could only accept girls who were at Qiuyue Hesha’s and Nangong Jing’s level. Nangong Jing was too ferocious, and he couldn’t beat her. If domestic violence occurred, he was scared of getting beaten to death. Thus, he could only find Qiuyue Hesha’s type.

Nangong Jing smiled and looked at the bloodied void beast. “We’re not here to chat. Let’s fight this first. Don’t let it run.”

Derrick still wanted to talk, but Luo Bingqing already nodded. “Mhm, if it escapes it will be troublesome.”

Other people nodded as well.

Nangong Jing grinned. “I’ll go fight first and bring it to the stratosphere.”

Afterward, she disappeared from the spot.

Rumble!! With a shocking explosion, a golden fist force surged and attacked the huge wound of the beast.

This terrifying fist force made everyone unable to resist widening their eyes.


The beast stared ferociously at Nangong Jing. His body flashed with a black spirit light as it swiped its claw at Nangong Jing. Rumble!!

Vibrant spirit light blasted out. The tremor stretched more than a few thousand kilometers, reaching both Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

At this, their eyes flashed. The battle had begun.

The cities near the battle region were all shaking. The ordinary people and soldiers looked at the flashy battlefield in horror.

This level of battle was a catastrophe for ordinary people.

At this moment, there was a roar at the backside of the battlefield. Lu Ze and Lin Ling turned their heads to look at this.

The void beasts on this planet were all gathering as they head the planetary state void beast.

They seemed to be a stream merging into rivers in the same way rivers form to become a sea.

In the distance, six void beasts were flying toward the planetary state void beast. This city was on its path.

Two of them were over a kilometer long and emitted a chi at the mortal evolution state.

The expressions of the citizens and guards changed upon seeing this.

From the looks of it, they plan to stampede over the city.

Quite some underground bunkers had collapsed. Even if they hadn’t, it wouldn’t be hard for mortal evolution state void beasts to break it.

Lu Ze raised a brow. Was it time for him to act cool now?

At this time, he smiled at Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, look after these guys. I’ll be back soon.”

Lin Ling nodded. “Be careful.”

Lu Ze nodded in return. At least, a void beast who just reached mortal evolution state was not a threat to him.

Soon, his wings of wind and lightning flashed and Lu Ze disappeared from the spot.

At this time, the guards in the city were attempting to maintain order. However, under the looming threat of death, everyone felt a little lost.

“Leave the city. Don’t stand in the way of these animals!”

“We don’t have time. These void beasts are much faster than us!”

“What do we do? I don’t want to die!!”

The head of the defense force for this region wore a bad expression. He gritted his teeth and roared, “First squad and Second squad, stay to maintain order. Third to the Fifth squad, help me draw these beasts away!” At this time, everyone felt a powerful chi land from the air. When they looked up, they saw a short-haired woman in white armor standing in the air.

“She… seems to be the girl with young duke Nangong?”

“She shouldn’t be weak then?”

At this moment, another exclaim could be heard.

“I know her. Isn’t she the short-haired girl who appeared on the 25th planet in Xiaer System with Lieutenant Major Lu Ze?” “It’s her, she shouldn’t be too strong…”

After recalling the battle clips, their hopes quickly turned to despair.

At this moment, Lin Ling’s chi grew stronger and suppressed people who were about to erupt into chaos.

They looked at Lin Ling in shock.

“She doesn’t feel too bad. Perhaps, she could beat those void beasts?”

Most people were at the martial warrior and spirit martial state. They could only feel Lin Ling was very strong but could not gauge how strong she was.

Lin Ling was their last hope. They all hoped she would quickly defeat those void beasts.

Thereafter, Lin Ling said, “Don’t worry, these void beasts are not a threat. Maintain order.”


A few roars occurred, and everyone looked over.

Subsequently, a small figure appeared in the air. Black rays flashed.

Afterward, void beasts fell from the sky. Even those two void beasts that were one kilometer long didn’t escape such fate. They fell heavily after being penetrated by the black light.

Everyone watched this in disbelief.

Mortal evolution state void beasts were killed instantly?

Who was that being? “Who is it?”

Some people who could see far enough said uncertainly, “He… seems to be a young person…”

Then, someone exclaimed, “I know who he is!”

“That’s Lu Ze!”

“It’s him?”

People’s eyes widened.

Lu Ze was more famous than Lin Ling. He was the youngest lieutenant colonel after all. “Isn’t he at the aperture opening state?” Could he still be at the aperture opening state when he instantly killed mortal evolution state void beasts?

He had been improving too fast.

“It seems those who have mortal evolution state combat power have the right to be appointed as young duke, right?”

Everyone looked among themselves. A new student becoming a young duke. This was unprecedented!

After a moment, someone said, “If Lu Ze really has such power, then he deserves to be unparalleled young duke, right?”

Even Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha became young dukes when they were soph.o.m.ores.

If Lu Ze could really be a young duke as a new student, then he deserved the t.i.tle unparalleled.

Seeing the bodies fall, Lu Ze felt relieved.These two void beasts had just reached the mortal evolution state. He was rather lucky.

At this moment, joyful cheers could be heard from the city. Lu Ze looked around and discovered everyone was looking at him.

“Lu Ze is invincible!”

“Lu Ze deserves to be a young duke!”

“Lu Ze, I want to give you babies!!”

At this scene, Lu Ze’s face went red.

Why were these people like this?

He just killed two mortal evolution state void beasts, that’s all.