Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Blood Spewing Like Crazy


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Before Lu Ze could even take a proper look at the two orbs, they suddenly disappeared right before his eyes.

Lu Ze blinked and felt dazed. Is everything able to run nowadays? Those orbs that looked like treasures disappeared just like that!

Lu Ze’s liver hurt…

Even worse, at this moment, one black and one white rabbit, each about the same size as the one he had just killed, appeared on the gra.s.s before him. They were rapidly running towards him in a frenzy. There also seemed to be gra.s.s rustling sounds coming from behind him.

Lu Ze’s face froze as he looked back. Another two rabbits of the same size, this time both grey, were coming towards him. Four rabbits… Their red eyes flashed with ferocity as they neared.

Lu Ze turned and dashed to the right without hesitation. Just one of those huge rabbits had almost flipped him to the sky. Now that there were four, he really wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Lu Ze had used up a lot of stamina in the previous fight. After bursting out at full speed, he was soon short of breath. The sound of the gra.s.s rustling had never stopped. Without a doubt, it was the four rabbits chasing him.

Lu Ze’s mouth was dry. He wasn’t a female rabbit, why chase him?!

The gra.s.sy plains looked boundless. Lu Ze ran at full speed for a few kilometers. He was panting heavily but could only grit his teeth and press on. He ran faster and faster.

This was because as he was running, two more rabbits joined the chase. Now, there were six rabbits behind him. If he dared to stop, he would be torn to pieces.

Lu Ze couldn’t think about other things. His chest was in immense pain, his throat was dry and sore, and his legs were numb as though they weren’t his. He was only running forward subconsciously now.

More and more rabbits gathered behind him. They lined up uniformly behind Lu Ze like kids led in a run. Of course, if only these kids didn’t open their mouths so big.

Just when Lu Ze’s consciousness was blurring out, the rabbits behind him suddenly raised up their ears and their bodies instantly froze. Moments later, they all spread apart and ran into the brushes.

Lu Ze heard this without seeing it and arduously turned to take a glance. He found that the rabbits hunting him had completely disappeared. His mind relaxed and his body immediately stumbled to the ground. After resting for a while, he slowly sat up.

When a human came to the gra.s.sy plains, they were abused by rabbits. Oh my G.o.d, he was almost killed.

He would remember this conflict. When he got stronger, he would definitely come back to deal with these huge rabbits.

Just when Lu Ze made up his mind, there was a sudden pain in his chest. He looked down and blood suddenly spurted out. Then, his vision fell into darkness.

In a dark room, Lu Ze suddenly opened his eyes and sat up. He panted heavily and fear could still be seen in his eyes. His dark hair and pajamas were drenched in cold sweat.

Moments later, Lu Ze recovered his senses. His eyes looked at the familiar environment with some confusion.

What is this situation?

I just transmigrated and now I transmigrated back?!

Lu Ze licked his dry lips with his tongue. Did he just die?

He had experienced the feeling of death on Earth. He didn’t expect to experience it again so soon. Looking at the time outside, the day wasn’t even bright yet. That meant that he had died twice in a single day… that was amazingly satisfying!

Lu Ze recounted that strange final scene on the gra.s.sy plains. His last memory was of his chest being cut open by something sharp.

His blood spewed out like crazy. He was like a human fountain.

As for who the culprit was, he didn’t see at all.

Even now, his body was wracked with pain. It seemed that the feeling from that strange place pa.s.sed over.

Lu Ze was very confused right now. Did he transmigrate or was he just dreaming? Could such a realistic dream even be considered a dream?

Just when he was pondering, his eyes dimmed as he suddenly felt some incoherent things in his brain.

He quickly sat down with his legs crossed as he focused his mind. A moment later, Lu Ze found a small three-dimensional s.p.a.ce in his mind. There were two red orbs floating in the s.p.a.ce.

“Aren’t these those red orbs that came from the huge white rabbit?” Lu Ze dazedly looked at the floating orbs and became even more confused.

A transmigration hack?

Am I really the main character of this realm?

He thought about something and both of the little orbs disappeared from the dimension and appeared in his hands.

It was like that strange s.p.a.ce. They had no weight but were warm.

Lu Ze gazed at the light as his eyes s.h.i.+mmered. What the heck was this? How could he use it?

Moments later, Lu Ze took the mobile phone from his bed stand and flicked out his father’s number. He hesitated and changed father to dad.

He would try eating it first and see what it tasted like. As a Chinese man, there was nothing he couldn’t eat. If his stomach became upset, he would hotline call his dad for help.

Then, he gritted his teeth and put the red orb into his mouth. The faint red light turned into a warm flow that fused into his body. It was like flames burning his body; Lu Ze’s skin went red. Lu Ze quickly used the basic body refinement cultivation method as he guided the powerful energy to refine his body.

The first three levels of martial artists were skin refinement, muscle refinement and tendon refinement. Lu Ze had already done all these but this energy didn’t go according to the guidance of the cultivation method and refine his bones as he wanted it to. Instead, it gathered at the skin and refined his skin again.

Lu Ze became dazed and then realized that this energy was innately nouris.h.i.+ng loopholes. Lu Ze’s original skin refinement wasn’t complete, thus, he started to follow this energy and refine his skin once again.

Dead skin receded and his skin became tighter. The cells were renewed and his skin became livelier. It was even emitting a faint glow. This was what complete skin refinement looked like.

An hour later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. He had a look of excitement on his face. He took out the other red orb and ate it without hesitation.

The skin refinement went on!

The sun rose up and emitted a faint red glow. The sun in the sky was different than the Earth’s sun. The star of this solar system was larger. Lan Jiang was also closer to the star, therefore, the star looked much bigger than on Earth.

Along with the sound of happy birds chirping, a light breeze with sunlight entered Lu Ze’s room.

Lu Ze opened his eyes which flashed with a sliver of excitement. Those two small orbs allowed him to refine his skin again. Although it had only completed half, his current power was definitely far greater than it was yesterday. If he encountered another huge rabbit, he would be able to kill it far easier.

Thinking about the huge rabbit, he thought about the light orb. What a pity, would he have another chance to enter that place?