Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: This is a Rabbit?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze looked at the humongous white rabbit peacefully eating gra.s.s. He was already thinking about his method of cooking it. Should he steam it or roast it?

After making a difficult decision, Lu Ze ended up choosing to roast it. However, he then realized that he had no ingredients and it would be difficult to even start a fire. Anywhere he looked, all he saw were boundless gra.s.sy plains. Even if he was to start a fire with wood, he would need wood first.

At this moment, the huge rabbit seemed to have noticed something. Its long ears shot up in vigilance as it suddenly looked around.

It had blood-red eyes and even though it was looking up, it kept munching with its mouth.

The human and rabbit stared at each other for a long time. They seemed to have noticed some similarities from each other’s eyes. They were both lovers of culinary delicacies. But Lu Ze felt that the rabbit’s desires were towards the gra.s.s and not him.

However, when he saw the cute little mouth open and reveal rows of s.h.i.+ning white teeth, Lu Ze realized he was wrong.

It definitely was no normal rabbit!

This rabbit is very cute, so how come its teeth are so sharp?!

When Lu Ze felt the nefarious intent from the white rabbit, he subconsciously retreated a step back.

He came from a peace-loving mother Earth. Although he liked to eat, he has never even killed a chicken. When he felt the ferocious chi coming from the huge white rabbit, he became a little uncertain.

As for the previous owner of this body, Lu Ze knew from his memories that his talent for martial arts wasn’t very good. The foundational fist art, movement technique, and sword art were just satisfactory. He also didn’t have any real battle experiences.

Lu Ze clutched his fists and stared cruelly at the huge rabbit. ‘If you encounter a tiger, you must not act worried. If you glare at it, at least you can die with honor.’

Lu Ze hadn’t encountered a tiger before but this huge rabbit was about the same size as regular wolves on Earth… It could be considered a fierce beast, right?

The man and rabbit glared at each other. The huge rabbit’s chi was ferocious, but it was very careful and didn’t attack immediately. Meanwhile, sweat was pouring down Lu Ze’s forehead. He went over the basic movement techniques over and over in his mind. Running as fast as he could seemed like the way to go.

Lu Ze felt extremely great mental pressure from being stared at by the rabbit’s blood-red eyes. Soon, more sweat gathered on his forehead. His mouth felt dry and he couldn’t resist gulping down some saliva.

At this moment, the huge rabbit’s powerful legs sprung against the ground, making only a slight thud. A mixture of blades of gra.s.s and earth was kicked up into the sky as the giant rabbit turned into a white beam and rapidly neared Lu Ze.

The gap between them closed by tens of meters in just a few seconds. The giant rabbit got close up to Lu Ze. Its originally soft and cute paws became a lethal scythe slicing at Lu Ze’s chest with a frosty glow.

Lu Ze bit his lips and forced himself to stay conscious under the charge of the ferocious chi. He subconsciously stomped his right foot on the ground, twisted his waist and leaned to the left.


There was a slight crack and the s.h.i.+ning claws sliced through Lu Ze’s pajamas like paper, leaving a faint mark on his chest. Blood seeped out from the wound and dripped down due to gravity.

Before Lu Ze could even pant, the giant rabbit landed, twisted, then sprung again, turning into a white beam.


Pain and humiliation made Lu Ze’s eyes go cold. How could I be bullied by a rabbit?!

It’s just a bit bigger, has some good teeth and some sharp claws!

One word… Attack!

Lu Ze’s previous body owner wasn’t a prodigy but at least he practiced martial arts.

Martial arts were divided into nine levels of body refinement. One ate the meat of ferocious beasts and used chi to refine the energy and spread it throughout their entire body, aka the skin, tendons, bone marrows, organs, 12 core meridians as well as the Ren and Du meridians. This was all so one could use spirit chi to cultivate in the future.

Lu Ze was no prodigy but he was above average. His family also never lacked ferocious beast meat, therefore, he had the power of a level four martial artist. He had already begun refining the bones in his body at that stage.

When he was nervous and facing the huge rabbit’s rapid charge, he could barely dodge it. If he just calmed down, perhaps he could come out victorious and eat it.

When the giant rabbit charged at him again, Lu Ze had already calmed down completely. His eyes went cold as he moved his legs and sidestepped slightly. He dodged another attack.

What was different this time was that at the same moment he dodged, he clenched his right hand into a fist and twisted his waist to release power. His punch landed on the side of the huge rabbit.


The huge rabbit was struck and flew away, landing five meters out.

Lu Ze sneered, “Hmph, rabbits are still rabbits. No matter how big they get, they’re still weak and pitiful… What?!”

He only got half a sentence out before he couldn’t resist opening his eyes wide in shock. The had rabbit flipped back up was charging at him again.

Lu Ze didn’t hold back on that punch at all. Even if he hit a rock, it would’ve been enough to crack it. Was this rabbit made out of iron?!

Seeing the huge rabbit charge over and over again, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. His eyes went cold as he thought, If one punch won’t work, then ten punches, one hundred punches, one thousand punches… Today, I will punch open your rabbit head!

Thus, Lu Ze sprung up with his legs and shot out.

The man and rabbit kept entwining. One punch, one claw. One was a noob martial artist, one was a giant rabbit. It was like chickens pecking at each other.

After more than a hundred clashes, Lu Ze’s fist landed on the giant rabbit’s head. There was a thud and the giant rabbit softly fell to the ground. Its brains had been scattered to pieces and it inevitably died.

Lu Ze finally came out victorious. Although he had marks on his body and had lost some blood, there was nothing lethal.

Yet, his punches struck the giant rabbit’s head over and over, eventually killing it.

Lu Ze’s hands fell onto his knees as he panted nonstop. He looked at the body of the giant rabbit and thought that the rabbit’s defense was too strong. It took him more than a hundred punches to kill it.

At this moment, the rabbit’s body suddenly turned to dust, only leaving behind two cherry-sized red orbs. The orbs emitted a weak glow, making them stand out of the ashes.

Lu Ze looked at the two orbs and blinked his eyes. Did killing monsters in this world give loot?

He went up and grabbed the light orbs with his hand. They were weightless but rendered a warm sensation on the hand.