Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 278 - The Rabbit Who Feared Lu Ze

Chapter 278 - The Rabbit Who Feared Lu Ze

Chapter 278 The Rabbit Who Feared Lu Ze




Accompanied by the wings of wind and lightning, Lu Ze became even faster than the blue bird.

By virtue of speed alone, he managed to materialize above the head of the blue bird boss after two attacks.

Star crippling punch!

The powerful and violent fist force tore open the wind defense s.h.i.+eld of the blue bird boss and poured into its head, wrecking everything inside.

A terrifying bone-cracking sound occurred, and the light in the eyes of the blue bird boss dissipated. Its body lost its force, and its wings stopped flapping as it dropped. Lu Ze looked at this and took a deep breath.

His muscles were aching. His spirit force was used up.

He overestimated himself. It was just four punches, and yet, he could feel all his power was used up.

He couldn’t even follow through with the fifth punch!

Right now, he could barely sustain the wings of wind and lightning.

But Lu Ze felt pretty happy.

This was the blue bird boss!

In the past, this blue bird boss sliced him with its wind blades as though he was a little chicken!

He landed before the ditch and watched the orbs drop.

There was one green wind G.o.d art orb, six red orbs, and four purple orbs. There was still no divine art runes.

He then wondered if he had to pay something to get runes.

This drop rate was so low.

Lu Ze immediately picked up the orbs and then looked around.

The battle attracted a few powerful beasts. Their chi was all above 300 apertures.


They couldn’t compare with him, but he didn’t have enough power to keep fighting. He would have to flee first.

Lu Ze used wings of wind and lightning and disappeared. His speed was so much faster compared to theirs. Even though they sensed his departure, they could only howl on the spot.

Lu Ze felt great. He planned to recover first and find the other blue bird bosses. Suddenly, a bolt of purple lightning flashed, and a white figure appeared before Lu Ze.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s smile stiffened.

The white rabbit boss seemed to have dyed its hair. Its pure white fur had a speck of gold on its forehead.

The purple horn on its forehead, which was originally short, had fully grown right at this moment. Its length had even reached more than one meter. It appeared to be sharp, flas.h.i.+ng with lightning sparks.

The super rabbit boss stared at him. For some reason, it didn’t fight him and seemed concerned.

Lu Ze became confused with its actions. He was prepared to be stared down to death. Why didn’t it attack?

It seemed to be wary of him, huh?

Was he so handsome that the white rabbit boss was confused?

Thus, Lu Ze showed his most handsome smile, wanting to see if he could communicate with the boss.

However, as soon as Lu Ze did this, the confusion in the eyes of the white rabbit boss disappeared.

Before Lu Ze could react, a bolt of purple lightning struck him. His vision was soon overtaken by darkness.

When Lu Ze woke up again, he was back in the dao enlightenment room.

His body was filled with pain.

What was going on just then?

He thought he smiled very handsomely, but the stupid rabbit still chose to attack him??

Lu Ze sunk into self-doubt.


Lu Ze’s heart went cold. He remembered that he saw the second Lu Ze a month ago. He had never encountered him again. Did that stupid rabbit think he was that Lu Ze?

That could explain the things which just happened. After all, that Lu Ze was at the mortal evolution state and was perhaps stronger than the rabbit. He had the same chi as him. The white rabbit boss didn’t recognize him immediately.

As soon as he smiled, he was recognized.

Lu Ze: “…”

If he knew this, he wouldn’t have shown a smile. Perhaps, he would’ve gotten through it.

Currently, Lu Ze was more curious about what the other Lu Ze did to make that rabbit appear again.

Lu Ze thought that the rabbit ended up dying from being besieged by the four overlords. Instead, it managed to survive and even had cool looking hair?

Why did the overlords stop chasing it?

He hoped he wouldn’t encounter the rabbit nor the other Lu Ze when he went in.

He just killed the blue bird boss and thought he was invincible. Yet, he was immediately killed.

Lu Ze rubbed his head.

This was his last night at the dao enlightenment room. He was going to leave tomorrow.

Lu Ze looked at this place and felt reluctant.

He could improve this much in a month all due to the dao enlightenment room.

Otherwise, even if he had enough purple orbs, G.o.d art orbs, and divine art, he wouldn’t be able to finish learning in such a short time.

His power was many times stronger than before he came in!

His normal power had reached the tertiary stage of the aperture opening state. At this point, his power should be almost similar to Margaret’s.

And, he had just entered the school for a month!

He wondered how shocked Lin Ling and the others would be once they saw his progress.

Lu Ze sat down and closed his eyes to begin digesting the G.o.d art orbs he got today.

Tomorrow, his green jade slash and even wings of wind and lightning would improve even more!

“Beep! Federal University first-year student Lu Ze, your time is up. The dao enlightenment room function is closed. Please leave as soon as possible.”

Lu Ze heard this robotic voice, and the laws he could sense disappeared.

As such, he sighed and got up.

He hoped he would be able to use it again.

Then, Lu Ze opened the door. The sunlight was intense outside but comfortable. He walked out and stretched.

At the same time, the door next to Lu Ze opened, and Lin Ling walked out with a grin. He didn’t know when Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha entered, but it wouldn’t be long before they come out. He just needed to wait here for a while.

Seeing Lu Ze and Lin Ling come out, the four people waiting in front of the room looked over. Two of them were students, and the other two seemed to be either teachers or workers.

Their eyes widened when they saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

A month ago, the four, who saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling enter, immediately posted about this online when they went back.

New students entering the dao enlightenment room was rare in the entire Dawn System, but all those who went in eventually became young dukes.

For example, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. In the following month, Lu Ze and Lin Ling disappeared. They didn’t go to cla.s.s.

According to someone, who was mentioned to be close to the two (Ye Mu), they weren’t in their dorms, so they probably went out on a honeymoon.

People didn’t believe this anonymous student, but more people wondered how long Lu Ze and Lin Ling stayed in the dao enlightenment room.

Perhaps, they learned something and didn’t want to be disturbed, so they went into solitary cultivation.

This was very normal for those who used the dao enlightenment room.

After all, you will have plenty of enlightenment in the dao enlightenment room. You couldn’t fully understand it on the spot. Hence, you will need to undergo solitary cultivation after coming out in order to digest it.

A month of solitary cultivation was normal.The students and teachers were curious about what ranking they could reach on the martial ranking once they were finished.

Some people were beginning to bet. However, the four didn’t expect that a month later, Lu Ze and Lin Ling just came out of the dao enlightenment room?

What was this??

They stayed in the dao enlightenment room for a month??

How could that be?

How many academic credits would that cost??

If this were true, these two new students were too scary!

Staying in the dao enlightenment room for a month as new students. This definitely created a new record in the Dawn System!