Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 277 - Power After a Month

Chapter 277 - Power After a Month

Chapter 277 Power After a Month

A month later in the pocket hunting dimension, Lu Ze stood in the air with a pair of green wings on his back. The wings contained marks of purple lightning runes.

Every time he flapped his wings, wind and lightning flashes appeared on his body, making him seem like the master of wind and lightning Opposite him was a huge blue bird with a wingspan of a hundred meters. Whirlwinds formed as it flapped its wings. The two watched each other.

Within one month, Lu Ze’s improvements in both G.o.d art and divine art were huge. He had completely learned wings of wind and lightning. At the same time, there was huge progress in his green jade slash. He even learned a bit of star crippling punch! Although his spirit force cultivation didn’t improve, his body digested a large quant.i.ty of 1st body G.o.d art and regeneration G.o.d art orbs. Its level had reached nearly 50 apertures.

His combat power became even more powerful.

He would be leaving the dao enlightenment room tomorrow. Lu Ze came here to fight the blue bird boss to gauge his current power.

After all those hards.h.i.+ps, he finally had the chance to face the blue bird boss head-on. Lu Ze was a little excited.


Sensing Lu Ze’s evil thought, the bird raised its long elegant neck and shrieked.

The whirlwinds around it spun faster.

The boss seemed extremely angry.

Lu Ze decided to test the waters first.

A complex green rune flashed in his eyes.

Green jade slas.h.!.+

Wind elements gathered, and a green curved wind blade formed before Lu Ze. It looked like ordinary wind blades in terms of shape, but its color was deeper and more vibrant like jade.

Unlike ordinary wind blades, the internal structure was layers of wind elements that overlapped and resonated with each other. It’s far sharper and stronger than ordinary wind blades.

This would need a deep understanding of wind G.o.d art to produce.

When Lu Ze cultivated this divine art, he thought back to the terror of being buried by the blue bird boss’ wind blades. With that, Lu Ze only used 12 days to learn the green jade slash.

After learning the rhythm of wind G.o.d art, it became easier to cultivate.

Lu Ze didn’t completely master the green jade slash, but it could still multiply the power of his attack.

Just using green jade slash, Lu Ze’s destructive power was quite terrifying. It had reached the limit of the tertiary stage of the aperture opening state. This meant that with just the green jade slash, Lu Ze’s power had reached the aperture opening state with 360 apertures.

However, the green jade slash was just wind divine art. Lu Ze tried to fuse lightning G.o.d art into it in the pocket hunting dimension.

However, as soon as he fused in a little, the green jade slash would explode on the spot. Lu Ze even sent himself out of the pocket hunting dimension, but there was still no progress.

Thus, Lu Ze could only give up.

The wind blade was only one meter long and was like green jade. But it had extremely powerful sharp chi.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and the blade disappeared.


At the same time, there was a huge explosion around the blue bird boss. Violent winds blew out within the range of 20 kilometers.

The distant unlucky beasts were severed by wind blades—they didn’t even know where it came from.

When the wind dispersed, Lu Ze looked hopefully at the direction of the blue bird boss. He wondered how the attack was.


At this time, the boss shrieked again. Wind surged as countless wind blades formed next to the boss and sliced toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Its defense was that strong?

That was the strongest ordinary attack Lu Ze had now, and yet, this guy wasn’t even injured.

He flapped his wings of wind and lightning and dodged all the wind blades.

The attack wasn’t strong enough, but Lu Ze was rather happy with his current speed.

With his current speed, even the blue bird boss wouldn’t be able to catch up to him.

This was tested with blood and tears in this past month.

This meant that even those who were at the tertiary stage of the aperture opening state wouldn’t be able to catch up to him unless they had a speed G.o.d art. One needed to be at least at the peak stage of aperture opening state or mortal evolution state as soon as they cultivated the foundational apertures to catch up to him.

Lu Ze’s spirit force cultivation didn’t progress at all. It was still stuck in the aperture opening state. His physical body improved, but it was not more than 50 apertures.

Aperture opening state was like a martial warrior state. It’s very hard to fight beyond your level. Having this terrifying speed at Lu Ze’s level is quite alarming. Many powerful beings before weren’t this strong. But today, Lu Ze wasn’t here to test his speed.

His eyes went cold as a complex black rune formed in his eyes.

Star crippling punch!

He clenched as dark light gathered on his right fist.

There was also a faint crystal color. The chi was dominant.

Almost all body related divine arts didn’t bring much amplification if you just used body G.o.d art. However, if you had strength G.o.d art, it would be very powerful.

The divine art allowed for the precise usage of body and strength G.o.d art, making the body able to handle greater pressure.

Body G.o.d art was always Lu Ze’s strongest point. The star crippling punch was extremely hard to learn. In these ten days, Lu Ze was just able to use it.

But that was it. Its power was stronger than the green jade slash. The power of this fist was near 500 apertures! Lu Ze flapped his wings of wind and lightning and instantly pa.s.sed through countless wind blades and appeared at the back of the boss.

The boss was agile. It sensed Lu Ze’s chi. Its long neck moved as its beak, which was shrouded in the blue wind, pecked at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was planning to punch at the back, but he sensed a dangerous chi on the beak.

Compared to the other divine arts, his defensive divine art only consisted of the 1st s.h.i.+eld. He didn’t get the rune for it again. He didn’t know if the divine art was at its limit.

His 1st s.h.i.+eld was the weakest divine art right now.

He didn’t dare to take this. .h.i.t head-on.

Looking at the beak, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with hideousness. His extremely terrifying fist punched at the beak.

The two clashed.

There was a moment of silence in the air. Then, black and green lights erupted in all directions, blowing the clouds away.


This heaven shaking sound of collision echoed away.

The weaker beasts from far away felt the chi and fled in terror.

The powerful beasts looked up toward Lu Ze’s direction.

Then, some beasts started to come over.

The light disappeared, and Lu Ze had been pushed back a few kilometers away with the force. He was hanging in the air, panting heavily.

The star crippling punch was powerful and was safer than using purely strength G.o.d art amplification, but it was very consuming.

He could, at most, use five of these attacks, and he would be out.

Thus, it could only be used as a trump card.

The blue bird boss’ beak showed a very tiny crack. Blue blood dripped from it.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he could not help but smile.

The blue bird boss was injured? It seemed there was still hope of being able to kill it?

Its power was indeed around 500 apertures, perhaps, even less. It should be the weakest out of all beasts with G.o.d arts! Its advantage was speed, but his speed was faster.

If he could kill this unscathed blue bird boss, his wind G.o.d art would soon reach the limit of the current map. His green jade slash would become extremely strong

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt great.

This boss bullied him many times when he was weak.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s wings flapped, and he disappeared instantly.Ree!!

The blue bird boss sensed danger, and its feathers moved. It also disappeared.


Another clash and the boss’ claws were clearly bent and broken.

Its chi became chaotic.

Despite being heavily injured, its eyes grew more ferocious.

Lu Ze disappeared once again.

I’m going to beat your bird head!