Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 275 - Lu Iron Head Ze

Chapter 275 - Lu Iron Head Ze

Chapter 275 Lu Iron Head Ze

The anaconda couldn’t dodge Lu Ze’s attack, so it chose to take it head-on.


The green wind, which emerged from Lu Ze’s fist, carried purple lightning and clashed with the anaconda’s tough scale.

The battle waves spread across more than ten kilometers. The surrounding tall gra.s.s was ground to pieces by the wind blades. The black arid earth was plowed through by a violent force.

The center of the clash was filled with green, purple, and black rays.

Moments later, the light disappeared, revealing what was inside.

A deep ditch of a few kilometer range appeared there.

The head of the anaconda was charred. Its body showed multiple wounds. At the same time, snake blood flowed out, forming a puddle.

The wind blew, and the air was filled with the smell of blood.

Not far away, Lu Ze was completely covered in wounds. His right hand was b.l.o.o.d.y as he laid on the ground weakly.

He was panting and coughing. “s.h.i.+t…”

He felt pain all over his body.

The injury he received was not due to the power of the anaconda, but it was his first time fusing the wind and lightning G.o.d art, so he ended up blowing himself up.

If he didn’t have 1st body G.o.d art and 1st s.h.i.+eld, then he would’ve really killed himself. This reminded Lu Ze of the time when he tried to fuse wind and fire G.o.d art.

It had been a few months.

Lu Ze sighed after realizing how time flew by quickly. He used wind G.o.d art to fly up to the anaconda that turned to dust and quickly collected the orbs before leaving.

There were more and more bosses now. If some powerful beast came, it wouldn’t be good.

Lu Ze flew in the gra.s.s while using regeneration G.o.d art to heal.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze was completely healed. It’s just that he used a lot of energy.

It seemed he needed to improve his regeneration G.o.d art.

Fighting while recovering was what Lu Ze pursued now.

He flew and found that the beasts in this region were much stronger than before.

Originally, he might not find an aperture opening state beast within a thousand-kilometer range, but now, he could find one every 100 kilometers. There were plenty of strong aperture opening state beasts that devoured G.o.d art shards.

It was a good thing Lu Ze learned the chi stealth technique, or he would’ve been caught.

But even if he ran, these beasts wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. When he learned wings of wind and lightning, he even wanted to find the green bird boss and test if he would be caught.

If not, then he would be very happy.

The gra.s.s plain was so huge. He could go wherever he wanted!

After recovering, Lu Ze entered cold and merciless jungling mode.

Two days later in some part of the gra.s.sy plain, Lu Ze looked coldly at a five-meter tall sheep-like beast.

It had two sharp horns, one green, and one purple. It was covered in dark fur.

Lu Ze took a deep breath.

Three G.o.d arts! After dominating hundreds of thousands of kilometers of gra.s.sy plain, this was the first time he encountered a beast with three G.o.d art!

Although their knowledge of G.o.d art was limited by those G.o.d art beasts, the power of three G.o.d art would definitely not be weak.

This sheep was definitely a prodigy amongst beasts.


The sheep was quite agitated. It did not even give Lu Ze enough time to react. At this point, it suddenly roared. Black color covered its body while wind and lightning flashed across its body.

It then charged.


Tens of meters deep ditch appeared. Gra.s.s and mud flew in the air, but its huge body was gone. A black rune flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as his body was covered with black crystal runes. 1st s.h.i.+eld activated!

At the same time, a pair of green wings appeared behind his back. The faint green wind appeared on the surface of Lu Ze’s body.

His wings flapped, and he instantly s.h.i.+fted ten meters to the left. He was so fast that afterimages could be seen in his wake.

At the same time, a black figure charged past.

Lu Ze’s wings flapped again, and he appeared at the side of the black figure.

He was planning to punch when he felt a sharp chi on his side.

He glanced and saw sharp wind blades shooting at him. Above him was also lightning.

Lu Ze’s wings flapped again and dodged the attacks.

Although the black sheep had wind and lightning G.o.d art, they could only attack separately. They were weaker than Lu Ze’s. Lu Ze appeared on the other side and punched with purple and green lights surrounding his fist.

Today, he was Lu Iron Head Ze!

He just failed to fuse G.o.d art once.

He could still do it again! On the faint black crystal barrier, wind and lightning fused as Lu Ze punched toward the sheep’s stomach. “Die!”

The black sheep had wind G.o.d art, but without the empowerment of divine art, it was slower than Lu Ze.

The sheep saw that it couldn’t dodge the attack, so its eyes shot out even more violent rays. Wind blades and lightning formed on its side and greeted Lu Ze’s fist.


A shocking wave spread across for more than ten kilometers. The weaker beasts in the surrounding area all fled.

Lightning and wind ravaged the land.


The black sheep roared with a sliver of pain.

Eventually, the light was gone, and the scene cleared up. There was a terrifying big hole, from which its organs could be seen, on the sheep’s side.

Lu Ze flapped his wings and appeared tens of meters above.

His right hand slunk powerlessly. Blood gashes appeared on his arm as blood trickled down to his fingertips and landed below.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Who could handle this?

He blew himself up every time.

It was better than last time. His right arm was just broken.

He looked at the sheep. Its chi was weaker, but it was still staring violently at him.

Lu Ze didn’t care. Catch him if it could.

He looked at the sheep as he used regeneration G.o.d art to recover his hand.

He must admit, regeneration G.o.d art felt great. Even if he was injured, he didn’t need to worry. At most, he would only need half an hour, and he was good as new.

For just a broken right arm, he didn’t even need half an hour.


As soon as Lu Ze began to recover, the sheep charged using G.o.d art.

This time, it even opened its mouth to bite toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze kept blinking in the air with his wings as he dodged the sheep’s attacks.This sheep’s combat power wasn’t low. Lu Ze had felt that its chi was dangerous. If he was struck once, perhaps, even he would be heavily injured.

But the difference in speed left it with no room to vent its anger.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s right arm recovered finally.

Thus, Lu Ze used wind and lightning fusion G.o.d art again on the sheep’s wound. The terrifying power pa.s.sed through the sheep’s powerful body and tore its organs, killing it in the end.

Of course, the price was his arm broke again.

Although he ended injured every time, he could remember the process of fusing the G.o.d arts. When he went out, he would use purple orb and dao enlightenment room to learn it.

Before Lu Ze could breathe easily, he felt three extremely powerful chi. There was a chi that Lu Ze was familiar with.

It was the chi of the blue bird boss!