Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 274 - Scarcity of Resources

Chapter 274 - Scarcity of Resources

Chapter 274 Scarcity of Resources

In the end, Luo Bingqing fulfilled the procedures to register the four people. The four then entered the city gates after authenticating their ident.i.ties.

Watching the four enter, Luo Bingqing’s eyes flashed.

He checked the data. There was nothing indicated regarding what mission they accomplished to receive such high rewards.

Their rewards came at the same time. Clearly, the mission was the same…

Luo Bingqing thought about the big things that happened recently. Then, his eyes narrowed. He remembered a few days ago, the entire Dawn System suddenly became submerged in darkness. There was starlight looming over the Federal University.

Was that terrifying chi related to those four?

Luo Bingqing shook his head. Naturally, the possibility of this was extremely low.

He had seen Jinyao sage. That chi was much stronger than a sage. If it had bad intent, they would be in danger. Clearly, it was not a being from the human race. Why would a foreign race who was a powerful being be related to them?

Luo Bingqing stopped thinking about it anymore.

After he finished this guarding mission, he would have academic credits coming in, but it couldn’t compare with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

There was only one year until the Four-race social gathering. The young dukes were going to socialize with the young generation of the other three races.

There wasn’t enough time.

Inside Jinyao City, squads of patrols wearing black armor patrolled the streets.

“These warriors are all aperture opening state?”

None of their chi was weaker than him. Lu Ze was in disbelief. He thought he was rather strong.

But any random squad of patrols was this strong

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed as she said, “The leader had reached the mortal evolution state.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Well, he was still a noob after all.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha turned around. Nangong Jing glanced at the patrols and smiled. “All the precious human treasures are placed here. Of course, they would be strict when it comes to the defense of this place.”

“All the ordinary patrol warriors here are aperture opening state while their captain is a mortal evolution state. There’s even a planetary state in the city. Plus, my old man is here. This is the safest place in the entire Dawn System.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling felt dazed with her explanation.

Qiuyue Hesha continued, “The reward for guarding here is quite nice. Several graduates would come to work here after military service. Otherwise, why do you think Luo Bingqing is guarding the door here? The reward is just lower than the planetary state. It’s higher than the patrol warriors.”

So they were all graduates. Lu Ze thought they were still studying.

Soon, the four came to the region of the dao enlightenment room. The entire city had six dao enlightenment room. Each room had four enclosures. There were, in total, 24 enclosures. Each one could only be used by one person at a time, or the effect wouldn’t be good.

From outside, the dao enlightenment room region looked no different from other regions. It was all two-story high.

Lu Ze found that there were two male students there.

They weren’t from Federal University, but Lu Ze still didn’t know which school they were from.

He hadn’t even seen the uniforms of Emperor Capital Academy yet.

The two were ready to enter an enclosure when they saw the four walk over.

When they saw it was Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, their faces were even stranger.

The entire Dawn System was very familiar with the two.

When they saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling, their faces changed even more.

Weren’t they new students? What were they doing here?

Lu Ze and Lin Ling were already first on the 1st year martial ranking. It caused quite a heated discussion on the forums of Dawn System.

They were just new students, and yet, they could come to the dao enlightenment room?

They weren’t from Federal University nor Emperor Capital Academy, but their combat power was at the middle stage of aperture opening state.

Despite so, they used quite some effort and went through quite some danger to get two hours. Yet, these two new students were the same.

Seeing how the two were looking at them in a daze, Nangong Jing frowned. “Are you guys going to go inside? The time in the dao enlightenment room is precious. You’re going to waste it?”

People took turns using the dao enlightenment room. Leaving it empty was a waste of resources.

The two woke up and quickly went into their respective enclosures.

Lu Ze and his group waited outside. Since it was their turn soon, clearly, they wouldn’t need to wait long Three minutes later, two enclosures opened. The two students walked out with a smile.

Clearly, they benefited quite a lot.

When they saw Lu Ze and the other three they became stunned, but Nangong Jing said, “Lu Ze and Lin Ling you guys go in first. The enclosure can’t be left open.”

The two nodded, verified their ident.i.ty under the surprised looks of the two students, and entered.

The door of the enlightenment room soon closed. Sounds from the outside were completely cut off. Lu Ze then studied his surroundings. The wall and ceiling were all made with white unknown materials. They emitted this faint glow.

The floor was made of the same material, but there was a cus.h.i.+on.

Lu Ze sat on the cus.h.i.+on. He only had a month, so he definitely had to work hard.

He took out his phone. There was no signal here, but he saved the divine art.

His wings of the wind, as well as wings of lightning, had reached the extreme. Right now, he was going to begin learning wings of wind and lightning. Lu Ze used a purple orb from a boss, and his mind immediately became clear.

Subsequently, he started to peruse the words of wings of wind and lightning.

Soon, Lu Ze noticed the difference in the dao enlightenment room.

When he started learning wings of wind and lightning and subconsciously used wind and lightning G.o.d art, he could feel the secrets of the two G.o.d arts in the world. He could even feel the rhythm of divine art.

It was very obscure and couldn’t compare with the G.o.d art orbs and divine art runes of the pocket hunting dimension, but at least, it wouldn’t be blank.

It would be a huge improvement for other students.

No wonder so many people used it.

With the help of the dao enlightenment room, he could probably learn twice as fast.

As Lu Ze was immersed in the arcanum of divine art, an alarm bell rung, which interrupted Lu Ze’s thought. He almost smashed his phone.

Luckily, he remembered that he set an alarm.

He was scared of becoming too immersed in learning divine art that he would forget to enter the pocket hunting dimension.

If there wasn’t some very special circ.u.mstance, Lu Ze still wanted to enter the pocket hunting dimension.

He closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

As soon as Lu Ze appeared on the gra.s.s, he felt the unknown powerful force behind him.

He used his wings of the wind and disappeared instantly. He reappeared one kilometer away.


An ear shocking explosion occurred. Spirit force turned into fierce winds that blew Lu Ze’s hair everywhere.

His gaze then landed on a fifty meter long huge black anaconda.


The anaconda missed and then slithered toward Lu Ze.

Black rays rose around Lu Ze. Wind and lightning crossed.

His fire G.o.d art couldn’t keep up anymore, so Lu Ze mercilessly abandoned it.He wanted to try what he learned during the day.

It was harder to fuse the wings of the wind and wings of lightning than fusing G.o.d arts.

But he already received a hint. He just needed practice.

Wind and lightning crossed. Lu Ze dodged the spewing of meter-thick black spirit force as he controlled the fusion of wind and lightning G.o.d art.

The anaconda’s power was nearly 130 apertures, but it couldn’t match up to the speed of Lu Ze who used wings of the wind. It could only chase Lu Ze violently.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s face changed. The violent wind and lightning chi became unstable.

At this moment, Lu Ze flapped his wings of the wind and appeared above the head of the anaconda.

His fist carried green and purple wind and lightning as it smashed on its metallic scale.