Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 179 - Good Luck and Bad Luck

Chapter 179 - Good Luck and Bad Luck

Chapter 179: Good Luck and Bad Luck

Lu Ze and the others entered the car. There were already more than a hundred soldiers inside.

When Lu Ze and his group got on, they looked over curiously.

Lu Ze and his group found a seat under everyone’s gaze.

The s.p.a.ce inside these large transporter cars was huge. At least, it wasn’t packed inside.

The car started and headed to the city gates.

The merchants and adventurers watched in shock as the huge fleet of transporter s.h.i.+ps leave.

“Oh s.h.i.+t! Another wave! What are they doing? Fighting the blade demon base??”

“A wave left just a few days ago, right? It seems the war is really about to start.”

“This is the first time I saw this in the three years I’ve been here!”

“Not too good… What to do? Should we leave?”

“Let’s go, it’s said the lockdown is very strict outside.”

“We won’t go. We’ll stay and see first. Perhaps, there’s an opportunity to become wealthy.”

Some people contacted their company or team, planning to leave.

Those bolder ones planned to a.s.sess the situation from afar.

If they didn’t impede the movement of the military, the military wouldn’t care.

Perhaps by then, they would be hired by the military and earn some money?

The s.h.i.+ps left the base and headed to the east.

The transporter vehicle floated in the air and drove towards the battlefield base.

Lu Ze looked out at the unchanging scene. It was getting boring, so he looked at the soldiers curiously.

Their expressions differed. Some looked calm and ready for the war.

Some looked pale and sweaty.

A round-faced young soldier sitting next to them was shaking. This guy was probably a new recruit.

It was unlucky for new troops to encounter this.

The new recruits had the highest death rate on the battlefield.

After one battle, they will evolve.

At this moment, those calm experienced soldiers started communicating with new recruits, teaching them the experience of surviving the battlefield.

Lin Ling had taught them before, but the tactics of the experienced soldiers were more effective.

After all, they had been on the battlefield much longer than Lin Ling.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling strangely. She was very proud that day.

Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze and didn’t want to talk.

The round face was talking to a bearded man.

“Kid, what’s your name?”

“w.a.n.g, w.a.n.g Little Fat…” w.a.n.g wiped the sweat from his pale face and then asked, “What about you?”

“Good name, it suits you. I’m Audwin. Next, I shall teach you how to survive on the battlefield…”

An hour or so later, Audwin finished and stared at the still nervous w.a.n.g. “Did you get it?”

w.a.n.g Little Fat nodded his head.

Audwin patted w.a.n.g’s shoulder and grinned. “Follow behind me on the battlefield.”

w.a.n.g fell silent for a while and then looked at Audwin gratefully. “Thank you.”

Audwin waved his hand and smiled. “It’s just a military tradition. You’re serving your military conscription, right?”

w.a.n.g nodded.

“Heh, then you’re really unlucky. It’s going to be a big scene. New soldiers are p.r.o.ne to mental breakdowns.”

Then, Audwin made the explosion sign with his hand and smirked at w.a.n.g.

w.a.n.g’s whole body was trembling.

Lu Ze and the others were speechless.

Audwin saw the expression of Lu Ze and the others. He grinned before saluting to Lu Ze. “Greetings, 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze!”

Lu Ze was stunned. “You know me?”

Audwin grinned. “We, experienced soldiers, have more sources of intel. You’re the one who captured the blade demon prodigy and found the spirit metal mine. You killed two aperture opening state blade demons as well.”

Audwin raised his thumb. “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze is really f.u.c.king amazing!”

Lu Ze: “…”

This guy was clearly complimenting him, but why did he feel he was being cursed instead?

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g looked at Lu Ze in shock.

Oh my G.o.d!

Am I not awake?

Such a young person killed aperture opening states and found the spirit metal mine???

Such a prodigy was sitting next to him?

So nervous.

Even the other new recruits looked at Lu Ze in shock.

The experienced soldiers saluted to Lu Ze in unison. “Greetings, 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze!”

What Lu Ze did was worth their respect.

The atmosphere in the vehicle was quiet. Ye Mu saw that those female new recruits glanced at Lu Ze with glimmering eyes. His mouth spasmed.

He envied this so much.

When could he have such treatment…

Lin Ling glanced at the embarra.s.sed Lu Ze.

This guy was going to get even more proud!

This was annoying.

Audwin patted w.a.n.g’s chest and grinned. “I was joking with you before. Heh, I didn’t expect 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze is in the same base with us. You’re very lucky that he’s here. Just be careful, and you should be able to survive your first battle.”

w.a.n.g just realized something. With someone who could kill aperture opening state here, he pretty much had a 100% chance of surviving.


Lu Ze could sense the trust and respect Audwin had for him.

He was a little worried.

It wasn’t too good to trust him like that.

He was no hero, nor did he feel he was invincible. This trust was too heavy.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “I’ll try my best.”

Now, the pressure was huge.

But he was an aperture opening state, it shouldn’t be hard to carry them, right?

A day later, the vehicle pa.s.sed half the planet’s deserts. There were quite some beasts that tried to attack them, but there was another aperture opening state with them other than Lu Ze. After releasing some chi, those beasts ran off happily.

At this moment, the vehicle company suddenly split into three directions.

Lu Ze’s vehicle went along the battlefield line and turned.

After turning twice, their vehicle company loosened up. The vehicles went into their own respective battlefield base.

The base was small, but it was filled with all sorts of cannons. A thick spirit powered barrier was placed over the top of the base.

As soon as they got off, there was a familiar voice, “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, here!”