Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 178 - The Idea is Plausible

Chapter 178 - The Idea is Plausible

Chapter 178: The Idea is Plausible

Lu Ze looked outside the window for a while and stretched before sitting back on the bed.

This time, he entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze was a little stronger compared to when he went in yesterday.

Lu Ze thought he could try fighting an aperture opening state with G.o.d art?

If he beat one, then he would be able to get another G.o.d art crystal ball. That way, he would be able to get even stronger before the war.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt this idea was plausible.

He would find a smaller aperture opening state beast to test the waters first. Usually, the smaller ones were weaker.

Of course, this wasn’t definite, for example, that rabbit.

That cute rabbit wasn’t big, but it was very strong!

Lu Ze felt he was rather lucky and wouldn’t find those exceptional ones.

Thus, Lu Ze casually searched for a direction and went on the road to hunting.

When he encountered core martial state beasts on the way, Lu Ze dealt with them casually.

A few hours later, Lu Ze used his mental force to scan the surroundings and felt a powerful chi in front of him.

This chi was rather stable, but when Lu Ze scanned it with his mental force, it moved a little but didn’t burst.

Lu Ze felt he could go over to see.

Thus, he went forward slowly while holding his breath.

He saw that a few hundred meters forward, there was a huge black tiger lying low in the gra.s.s.

Its fur was like smooth silk. It glimmered under the sun. Despite lying on the ground, it still had a height of seven meters.

The body was subtly going up and down. Clearly, it was taking a nap.

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes. This was a black aperture opening state tiger that would be ten meters high when it stood up?

This level of chi was acceptable?

Should he fight?

Should he sneak up on the tiger and attack?

But Lu Ze soon gave up this idea. He relied on the control of his own power to sneak through his chi. He couldn’t do it completely enough unless he learned a martial technique or G.o.d art of this sort.

As for now, just fight!

He immediately used all his G.o.d art. Terrifying power waves blew apart the gra.s.s.

The gra.s.s nearest to Lu Ze was even torn to pieces by the power.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt he was very strong!


The black tiger slowly woke up after sensing Lu Ze’s chi.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. Fire and wind circulated around his right fist. His right leg stepped on the ground, creating a huge ditch under him. Then, he disappeared from his place and appeared above the black tiger.


The red and green fist force struck towards the tiger’s spine.

Meanwhile, the head of the tiger was still wobbling. It was clearly not fully awake.

Lu Ze grinned. He didn’t know why this tiger seemed a little dopey, but he didn’t care.

He was confident that with this punch, the tiger’s spine would shatter, and it would lose a lot of combat power!

It was the tiger’s fault for not being careful enough.

Lu Ze even felt bored. This hunt was too easy.

Many thoughts flashed in Lu Ze’s head as his fist struck heavily on the black tiger’s spine.


All the force was released from Lu Ze’s fist. The fist force even tore the surrounding few hundred meters of gra.s.s into pieces.

Thunderous sounds spread out within tens of kilometers. Core martial state beasts ran around frantically. The nearby lightning warhorse glanced over and kept eating gra.s.s lazily.

Then, vibrant red flames and sharp whirlwinds surged.

Then, there was nothing else.

Lu Ze’s fist struck the tiger’s spine but not even a fur dropped.

The atmosphere was awkward. Lu Ze’s confident smile froze on his face: “???”

Then, his face slowly went green and twisted.

He looked at his fist and then at the tiger.

His hand hurt so much.

His hand felt like it was breaking….

Just what body did this tiger have??

It was this terrifying??

How was he going to play??

Only then did this tiger react. Its eyes became fierce as black smoke seeped out of its body.

It roared at Lu Ze.

The thunderous sound made Lu Ze’s blood boil.

Then, before Lu Ze could react, a huge claw landed from the sky onto his head.

In a fit of huge pain, Lu Ze’s eyes went black. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in his dorm.

Lu Ze’s body was s.h.i.+vering with pain.

It was painful, but it seemed to feel a little satisfying?

Thinking about this, Lu Ze s.h.i.+vered.

Cough, it definitely wouldn’t be satisfying!

He wouldn’t awaken such fetis.h.!.+

Thinking about that tiger, he didn’t feel good.

It was just a random aperture opening state, but it was that strong??

This beast was definitely much stronger than the blue bird.

When it was sleeping, its chi was completely different from when it was awake.

After all, in the cultivation of aperture opening state in the human race, there were 810 apertures. Only once you opened all the apertures could it become a dan tian. The difference was huge.

He felt a little disappointed but soon recovered.

He sat down again and red orbs slowly disappeared in his head.

Cultivation, cultivation!

One day, I will come back!

Two days later, in the morning, Lu Ze slowly woke up from cultivation.

He got up.

During the two days of cultivation, only his fire G.o.d art and spirit force cultivation had slight improvements.

In these two days, his power didn’t increase much.

Lu Ze stretched his back.

It seemed he reached a bottleneck. He could only use red orbs to slowly build up.

If he was lucky, he could get a G.o.d art shard someway. Only that would allow him to grow faster.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s communicator rang.

Lu Ze grabbed it, and his eyes lit up.

It was finally here!

The higher-ups finally made arrangements. He would follow the logistics company to the battlefield.

This meant that they were officially joining the battle.

Lu Ze walked out of his room excitedly and started cleaning himself.

At the same time, he heard the loud openings of other rooms.

Then, Ye Mu, Xavier, and Ian charged to the toilet door.

Their faces seemed pale and nervous.

Clearly, they received orders.

Ye Mu’s voice was shaky. He confirmed with Lu Ze, “Ze, the order is here?”

Lu Ze walked out and smiled. “You received the news too? Hurry up and get cleaned. We’re about to go.”

When they were done, Lin Ling and the others arrived too.

Then, they came to the military square.

There were a few hundred large transporter trucks stationed there. Each one was filled with soldiers.

Lu Ze and his group were led to one, and then, they saluted to Lu Ze, “2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze, you’re heading towards the 12th war base. It’s on the eastern war line. These soldiers are headed there too.”

Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “Okay.”