Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Lu Ze: Sh*t!!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After being happy for a while, Lu Ze sat down again.

His goal was the Federal University. It was still far-fetched for his current power. He shouldn’t be overconfident.

Cultivation, cultivation, cultivation makes me happy!

He took out ten faint red orbs and ate them in one go. He then started cultivating. After perfecting the bone refinement, he proceeded to begin the bone marrow refinement.

Waves of pain came from his bone marrow. If he didn’t die so many times lately in painful ways, he really might not be able to bear such pain.

But now, he only frowned a little. He didn’t move his body at all.

Moments later, ten light orbs were used. Lu Ze took out ten more and ate them in one go. After three consecutive times, Lu Ze frowned.

Perhaps the little red orbs didn’t have enough energy. He didn’t even complete ten percent of marrow refinement after using 30 light orbs.

As he kept using light orbs, Lu Ze could feel that his body resonated with spirit power higher. This meant that his talent was improving. Despite so, it was still so slow.

This was too much of a waste.

Lu Ze looked at the ten larger orbs floating in his mental s.p.a.ce. He took out one and decided to try.

He put the light orb in his mouth. Immediately, he felt it turn into violent energy that rushed into his body, pa.s.sing through his skin, muscle, tendon, and bones. Realizing there was nothing to refine, this power ravaged into the bone marrow.


Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. His face was pale with pain. Sweat trickled down his forehead like a stream.

This was his first time, couldn’t it be gentler?!

Ignorant light orb!

He gritted his teeth and started to use his cultivation method.

An hour later, Lu Ze found that just one light orb increased his refinement level by 10%!

This meant that he pretty much digested 30 small light orbs in an hour.

It was a bit painful, but its efficiency was three times than the previous ones. In two days, he would be able to finish bone marrow refinement.

By then, he would have five perfect small states as well as a perfect mastery foundational martial technique. Perhaps ordinary Level 9 Martial Warriors wouldn’t be enough for him to go serious.

Looking outside, it was beginning to light up.

He practiced the foundational fist technique and movement technique, and then, spent a few hours to digest the light orbs. It was already the next day.

Now, he was a Level 5 Martial Warrior!

As usual, he went to take a shower. Lu Ze changed clothes and walked out of the bathroom. Then, he saw Lu Li in her teddy bear pyjamas, wearing cute white rabbit slippers as she walked out.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched when he saw the white rabbits. Now, he had this instinct to go bash white rabbits.

Just when Lu Ze was suppressing his urges, Lu Li’s soft voice came out. “Brother, if you stare at Li’s feet like that, people will think you’re a psycho.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “There’s no one here, I’m not scared.”

“Okay then.” Lu Li sighed. “Li will think that brother is a psycho too.”

“Hmm?” Lu Ze opened his eyes in shock.

“Why do you look so shocked? Li is a girl too.” Lu Li sighed and brushed back her long hair while smiling at Lu Ze.

“Cough, I thought we were siblings, and there was nothing to worry about.” Lu Ze touched his nose awkwardly.

“We’re not blood siblings right?” Lu Li looked at Lu Ze and went silent.

“… That does seem to be true.”

He couldn’t argue with this.

“You should be careful? We’re a normal high school boy and girl,” Lu Li said helplessly as she walked past Lu Ze.

Lu Ze looked at what he wore and felt it was fine, but since Lu Li said this, he could only agree.

Then, he smiled and said, “Li, I’ll wait for you at the training grounds!”

Lu Li heard this and her body heading to the toilet paused. Then, she nodded “Then, let Li see how much brother has improved.”

Lately, Lu Li had seen Lu Ze’s progress. After all, they’ve been sparring every morning. From the start, Lu Ze had been wrecked very hard but yesterday, Lu Ze was almost fighting evenly with Lu Li.

She knew Lu Ze’s power the most.

What surprise would her brother give her today?

Lu Ze smiled and went downstairs into the training grounds. He closed his eyes reminiscing the foundational fist technique and movement technique. Then, his body started to slowly move.

Like flowing water, if the heart moves, then the body moves.

Lu Ze immersed in the mind state of perfect mastery foundational martial art technique. He slowly moved and gradually, for that one instant, he seemed to have fused into the environment and became harmonious with nature.

Lu Li’s tall figure leaned against the training ground’s door. Her eyes stared at Lu Ze while her mouth was slightly raised.

She had been here for half an hour, but Lu Ze was immersed in this mind state and didn’t notice her.

Perfect state?

Lu Li sighed.

Her mood was prideful yet complex. So her dumb cute brother had changed…

His mind became more open and his talent became better. Even his face became more shameless.

These few days, Lu Li saw Lu Ze get stronger and stronger step by step. She probably wouldn’t be able to beat him now right?

Lu Li smiled and thought about how this guy would revenge on her.

Thinking about this, she suddenly had this urge to leave here. Her heart was beating fast.

And, would he still ask her to spar all the time like before?

Moments later, Lu Ze stopped and opened his eyes spitting out some dirty chi.

At this moment, he just realized that Lu Li was standing at the door and smiling gently at him as usual.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He was too immersed in cultivation that he forgot about her. Just looking at her evil smile, she probably wanted to start trouble.

Lu Ze felt a bit cold.

“Ah, haha… Li, you’re here. I was too immersed in cultivation, you can call me.”

He’ll see first.

Lu Li flicked her long hair and smiled. “Brother’s power must be on par with Li now. Li doesn’t dare to disturb brother so casually. What if brother hits Li?”

Then, her eyes became pitiful.

Lu Ze heard this, and his mouth twitched. This girl was an actress!

“Cough, stop joking. I’m not a brother who beats his little sister! I’m a good brother!”

“Really, since brother said this, you must do it.” Lu Li smiled, evincing her plan succeeded. Before Lu Ze could speak, she continued, “You must not hit Li.”

Lu Ze: s.h.i.+t!!

How can I get revenge now?