Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The End of Lu Li’s Good Days


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Feeling the force of the attack behind him, Lu Ze knew he couldn’t dodge it.

He used all his power and emitted this luminous white glow over his body. He employed all the defenses from the four perfect refinement states, ready to take this. .h.i.t head-on!

Jiang! Jiang! Jiang!

Three metal clas.h.i.+ng sounds came. The three forces broke through the defense of his skin, muscle, tendon, and bones. It struck inside his body, smas.h.i.+ng Lu Ze and causing him to fly out.

“Cough!” Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as blood came out from his mouth.

The power of the three rabbits injured his internal organs. After all, his internal organs haven’t been refined yet.

Before Lu Ze could breathe, there was the sound of wind breaking behind him.

He could only force down his injuries while das.h.i.+ng sideways, avoiding the attacks.


Lu Ze stood and looked at the three huge rabbits that stared ferociously while calming his breathing.

A bit strong!

These three rabbits had the same power as a level eight martial warrior. He was fine to take them on one by one, but one against four was indeed a bit hard.

Lu Ze felt the pain in his organs. His stamina was slipping away.

Looking at the rabbits nearing him, he bit his lips and glanced away.

The dead rabbit had turned to dust, and there were five red huge light orbs and one small purple one.

“Gu Gu!”

The three rabbits pounced over again. Lu Ze dashed with his legs towards the light orbs and took all of them. Then, he kept running away.

He raised his middle finger to the three rabbits. “You bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.d rabbits, just you wait!”

He had harvested quite a lot. He would find a place to recover, and then come back for hunting!

Although he wouldn’t die, time was paused outside when he came in. It was best that he stayed for as long as he could.

Seeing Lu Ze run away shamelessly, the three rabbits lifted their ears and chased angrily.

“s.h.i.+t!” Lu Ze cursed, seeing the rabbits still chasing him.

Why couldn’t we just laugh and let go of the past?

Give up! There would not be anything between us! Stop chasing me!

The four ran across the gra.s.s rapidly. Lu Ze was a bit worried. If the three rabbits didn’t chase him, he would be able to find a place to hide, but now that there was such commotion, none of them would be able to get away if a powerful predator came.

Before Lu Ze could finish thinking, he felt a scorching sensation on his left side. Lu Ze’s heart went cold. He turned around and saw a fireball about two meters in diameter coming up to him.

Instantly, he was devoured.

In his room, Lu Ze opened his eyes. His mouth spasmed out of pain.

He was burned to dust by the extremely high temperature. The smell was sour.

It was the fireball of a red lion. Lu Ze once saw from afar that a lion was surrounded by a pack of black dogs with a height of about 1.5 meters. Then, the lion threw a few fireb.a.l.l.s and burned all the dogs.

This time, he felt that feeling personally.

Mhm, it was spicy. He couldn’t take it.

Soon, Lu Ze recovered. He looked at the huge bunch of light orbs in his mind dimension, and his lips raised up like crazy.

That was all worth it.

He looked at the group of faint red light orbs, especially the two faint purple orbs. He took out one and then ate it without hesitation.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and started to use chi to cultivate. However, he found that the purple light orb turned into a cool chi that went into his forehead. Then, he felt his mental power grow a little.

This made him open his eyes in shock.

He had never heard of anyone being able to cultivate mental power at a martial warrior state.

His mental power was strong because his soul fused with the previous soul. Even so, he still felt it grow a sliver after using this purple orb. If it was an ordinary person’s mental power, it would’ve grown quite a bit!

And, after this cool chi flowed past, it made his brain very clear.

Lu Ze quickly closed his eyes and thought about the foundational fist technique and movement technique. He kept searching for his inadequacies, trying to improve.

When the cool feeling disappeared, Lu Ze found that his foundational martial technique improved by a huge portion. If this happened again, he would definitely be able to reach perfection!

He resisted the excitement in his heart and took out the other small purple light orb and ate it.

The chi flow came again. Lu Ze didn’t waste time and began developing his foundational martial technique again.

Gradually, Lu Ze got up. He started slowly practicing in his room.

At the start, every move was rather awkward, but then, it began to flow smoothly. Eventually, his fists changed naturally like breathing.

Even though he slowly stepped out and slowly punched, his figure became extremely fast. His fists made thunder-like sounds in the air.

When the cool feeling was gone, Lu Ze stopped and opened his eyes. His face was expressionless, but his eyes were gleaming. He looked like a master!

But this look didn’t stay on for long before Lu Ze cracked open his mouth smiling.

I’m a b.l.o.o.d.y genius!

Perfection! His foundational fist technique and movement technique reached perfection!

When he reached perfection, Lu Ze realized that all the moves were just the use of power.

Fist could be palm, palm could be fist. Using the most suitable amount of power at the most suitable time was a state of great freedom.

The use of power was art.

If he continued down this path, perhaps he would be able to create moves that could allow the body to use, multiple or tens of times, the power.

Of course, the body might crumple to such power.

The perfection state allowed Lu Ze to have this astounding control of his body’s power. Even if his body’s power suddenly grew, he would be able to get used to it soon.

On top of that, he would have great efficiency in learning other martial techniques!

The 30-kilometer building started from the bottom. You would only be able to learn high-level math after learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It was the same logic!

Although Lu Ze was only a level four martial warrior, all his refinement states were at perfection. With how his foundational fist technique and movement technique were at perfection too, Lu Ze was confident he could beat ordinary level eight martial warriors.

Maybe, he could take on level nine martial warriors!

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. It seemed Lu Li’s good days were over!

Every time, he was beaten by her. He had no face.

Tomorrow, it was his turn to beat her up.

But then, Lu Ze got dazed. He felt it wasn’t good to beat up his little sister.

What should he do?

Spank her?

As soon as this thought arose, Lu Li’s gentle smile appeared in his mind. A coldness rose up from the bottom of his heart.

Nevermind, that would cause death!

I’ll think about it tomorrow!

Lu Ze’s lip raised. He was in a rather good mood.