Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 128 - Level Two Soldier Lu Ze

Chapter 128 - Level Two Soldier Lu Ze

Chapter 128: Level Two Soldier Lu Ze


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze planted the three of the last blade demons. A total of four rows and eight columns—perfect.

He looked at this and nodded with satisfaction. Then, he looked at Lin Ling crumbling with laughter and said, “Don’t you think this looks very interesting?”

Lin Ling: “…”

She didn’t want to talk to this r.e.t.a.r.d and rolled her eyes.

At this moment, a howl could be heard in the air. A blade demon was killed with one punch from Nangong Jing and fell from the air. Upon hitting the ground, a ditch was created.

Then, three more howls were heard. Subsequently, three more figures fell.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked up. Nangong Jing, who was s.h.i.+ning with golden light, was chasing the two remaining blade demons.

Their black spirit light flickered as though they were about to be annihilated at any time.

At this moment, a white flying s.h.i.+p stopped in the air.

The two blade demons saw this and immediately flew toward it.

If they robbed this s.h.i.+p, perhaps they could save themselves.

At this moment, the shuttle opened, and a man with white long hair that reached his shoulders but was extremely handsome looking came out. His face was slightly cold, and he wore white long robes.

Seeing the two blade demons, his blue eyes flashed. Then, the air froze, quickly trapping the two blade demons who did not have the time to slow down.

Following such, two blade demon ice statues fell from the sky. As the statues. .h.i.t the ground, they were immediately smashed into pieces.


This person is so strong!

He’s the same level as the violent girl!

“Hmm, it’s him?” Lin Ling’s eyes widened as she looked at the white-haired man in shock.

Lu Ze asked in confusion, “Lin Ling, who is he?”

This man was so handsome, barely as handsome as him.


Lin Ling smiled. “He, is said to be the dream of billions of young girls in the federation. Some people say he’s the most handsome man in the federation, Ice Qing Young Duke, Luo Bingqing.”


“What? Do you feel he’s more handsome than you?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed, and he smiled pridefully. “What a joke! At most, he’s on par with me.”


There was, at most, someone as handsome as him in this world.

More handsome than him? That doesn’t exist!

So in that case, he was actually the most handsome in the federation?


He suddenly felt great.

“Shameless.” Lin Ling rolled her eyes.

Nangong Jing saw this and said with discontent, “Old Luo, you shattered those two. How am I going to plant them??”


Luo Bingqing: “…?”

His cold face flashed with a sliver of confusion as he looked at Nangong Jing.

Plant what?

Did he hear it incorrectly?

Seeing this, Nangong Jing shook her head speechlessly and said, “Never mind, let’s go down first.”

Then, she flew towards Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Luo Bingqing followed indifferently.

The two landed, and Nangong Jing’s golden colors receded. Her hair, pupil, brows, and eyelashes became black once again.

Her dominant temperament receded too, and she turned back to that lanky alcoholic.

She stretched her back and said, “That was a really satisfying fight.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.


She was indeed a violent maniac!

He couldn’t mess with her!

Then, Nangong Jing looked at the neatly planted blade demon and laughed. She patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “You’re my student indeed! Very creative!”

Then, Nangong Jing’s eyes flashed with excitement. “Oh yeah, there’s four more here! Quickly plant them together!”


Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he smiled. “Sure!”

She knew very well.

Lu Ze found he might have misunderstood her.

Although she was violent, alcoholic, and lanky, perhaps she was a good girl!

Then, Lu Ze used wind G.o.d art to move the four level five blade demon and plant them again.

Four rows and nine columns, 36 blade demons, neat and tidy.

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing looked at this and nodded in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Luo Bingqing was already a bit dazed when he saw this.

Now, his mouth spasmed, and he looked at Lu Ze strangely.


This man’s brain seemed different compared to ordinary people?

Then, Luo Bingqing said calmly, “Nangong, these two are students of the elite cla.s.s?”

Nangong Jing patted her head. “Lu Ze, Lin Ling, let me introduce you.”

She pointed at Luo Bingqing. “This is Luo Bingqing, a young duke too. Although he’s cold faced, he’s quite a nice guy. He’s also an honorary lecturer of the elite cla.s.s.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling quickly nodded. “h.e.l.lo, Teacher Luo.”

Nangong Jing said to Luo Bingqing, “Old Luo, these two are Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Lin Ling is Lin Kuang’s little sister, Lu Ze is… a r.e.t.a.r.d and a foodie. They’re both quite talented.”


Lu Ze: “???”


How did this violent woman introduce him?

r.e.t.a.r.d plus foodie??

He could accept being a foodie but calling him a r.e.t.a.r.d was the biggest undermining in human history!

He was clearly very smart?


And he just thought she was a nice girl.

He was too naive.

Lu Ze opened his mouth, planning to rebuke. “I feel…”


Before Lu Ze even finished, he saw Nangong Jing rubbing her fists and smiling at him.

“… I feel Teacher Nangong is very right!”


Lin Ling: “…”

Luo Bingqing: “…”

Lin Ling was used to Lu Ze being shameless. She just threw a contemptuous glance.

But Luo Bingqing was dazed for quite a while before nodding. “Lu Ze, Lin Ling, h.e.l.lo.”

Then, Nangong Jing looked at Luo Bingqing in confusion. “Old Luo, how come you’re here?”

Luo Bingqing said plainly, “At the base, the energy detector radar detected your spirit force wave, as well as the blade demons’. Consequently, they sent me over.”

Nangong Jing nodded and then laughed. “It’s fine with me here. Let’s go to the base first.”

Luo Bingqing nodded.

Then, Luo Bingqing went on his private s.h.i.+p. Meanwhile, Nangong Jing, Lu Ze, and Lin Ling went on Nangong Jing’s private s.h.i.+p again.

The two s.h.i.+ps flew toward Xiaer system.

Half a day later, the two s.h.i.+ps neared the base.

The base was a man-made planet outside the Xiaer system. Battles.h.i.+ps traversed and excavation mining resource s.h.i.+ps flew in and out. It was very prosperous.


The two s.h.i.+ps stopped at a s.p.a.ce station, and then Lu Ze and Lin Ling followed Nangong Jing off the s.h.i.+p.

Nangong Jing put her flying s.h.i.+p in her storage ring and met up with Luo Bingqing.

When the guards saw the two, they immediately saluted to the two with reverence, “Major General Nangong and Luo, welcome back!”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He looked at Nangong Jing, Luo Bingqing, and even Lin Ling who acted as though this was very normal. He was embarra.s.sed.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

That violent young girl was a major general? These soldiers seemed to admire her a lot?

Nangong Jing nodded to the soldier and said, “Register this kid.”

She pointed at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze blinked his eyes and looked at Lin Ling in confusion. “Doesn’t Lin Ling need to be registered?”

Lin Ling smiled. “My military ident.i.ty has long been registered since a month ago. I’ve also gained quite some military merit. I’m an honorary level three Sergeant Major! You need to call me Officer, level two Soldier Lu Ze!”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed with excitement.

Lu Ze, this r.e.t.a.r.d, had to call her Officer?

This was quite exciting.

She finally won for once.

Lu Ze heard this and glanced at Nangong Jing. He asked dryly, “Is this for real?”

Nangong Jing nodded. “Yes, level two Soldier Lu Ze!”

Lu Ze: “…”

Bulls.h.i.+t… he had to call Lin Ling Officer??

So annoying!

He followed the guard lifelessly to register.

The process was very simple—record the DNA and confirm the ident.i.ty.

Then, Lu Ze got a military ident.i.ty card showing his t.i.tle, level two Soldier Lu Ze.

It was very simple.

According to the person, all those who registered for the first time were level two Soldiers. When they had enough military merit and their cultivation level fulfilled the requirement, then they could be promoted.

As for the military ranking system, Lu Ze asked about it too. The Federal Marshals have a star state cultivation level while the admirals and lieutenant generals have planetary state. Major general and brigadiers are mortal evolution state. Field grade officers are aperture opening state. Company-grade officers are core martial state. Then, level one, two, and three sergeant majors are abstruse martial state. Staff sergeant, sergeant, and corporals are spirit martial state. Advanced soldiers, level one soldiers, and level two soldiers are martial warrior state.

Mhm, Lu Ze was the newb level two soldier.

Of course, the cultivation level here was just the state. There would be differences in battle power. There are cases of low-level martial artists becoming higher-level officers.

Lu Ze returned to the terminal after the registration.

Nangong Jing and Lin Ling were still waiting for him, but that cold teacher Luo was gone.

Nangong Jing smiled. “Let’s go, old Luo went to report back. I’ll take you to the dorms of the elite cla.s.s. Our dorms are different from the official soldier dorms, so we’re not with them. To be specific, we’re more like special forces.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Lu Ze, Lu Ze, quickly show your dog tag!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He turned around.

Lin Ling took out her card and pa.s.sed it to Lu Ze, showing off, “Look at mine, it is a level three Sergeant Major!”

Lu Ze glanced at it. It was a silver star with Lin Ling’s name.

His mouth spasmed and he said, “So what if you have a higher rank, you can’t beat me.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Beating a higher officer will bring you to military court!”

At this moment, Nangong Jing coughed. “The Major General is here.”

Lu Ze just remembered she was a major general.

He asked in confusion, “Teacher Nangong, you’re already a major general. Why are you still a teacher?”

Nangong Jing smiled. “I’m just an honorary major general. I don’t have the authority to mobilize troops except in special times. Every person who reaches mortal evolution state and has enough military merit will become an honorary major general.”