Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 127 - Planted Neatly

Chapter 127 - Planted Neatly

Chapter 127: Planted Neatly


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

As the atmosphere fell silent, Lu Ze recovered from his angry state.

Lu Ze glanced at the two blade demons who were both level 3. They were planted next to each other. Then, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward the stiff level two blade demons who were panicking and at Lin Ling whose mouth was slightly open.

With some awkwardness, he smiled at her and scratched his head. “Um, sorry… I didn’t notice… You can’t blame me! They cursed me first! I was forced!”

Lu Ze felt embarra.s.sed. He wanted to let Lin Ling show off her talents, but then he acted cool.

He should be a man of his words.

He must let Lin Ling show her power today!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled to her. “There are still 30 enemies remaining. I’ll hold up 27, and you can deal with the remaining three. Just use brute force!”

Lin Ling: “…”

Seeing Lu Ze’s smile, her 36D chest started aching.


Was this r.e.t.a.r.d’s brain messed up??


Hold up 27??

She actually thought this guy could only just hold them back.

Now that she thought about it, she was too naive…

Why didn’t he say he was that strong?

She almost thought she was going to die.

Lu Ze looked at the grumpy Lin Ling and laughed. “Or should I deal with them all?”

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed, and she answered, “Leave me three…”


After all, it didn’t seem too good if she did nothing.

Lu Ze nodded and looked at the nervous blade demons.

Their battles.h.i.+p was heavily damaged. It would take some time to repair it before they could use it. Clearly, they didn’t have that time now.

These two humans probably wouldn’t let them go.

Thinking about this, they glanced amongst each other, and their eyes became fierce once again.

Being cruel and bloodthirsty were in their nature. When they had no retreat, they would attack viciously.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s eyes became cold once again.

A green light flashed in his eyes as the green wind circulated around the 27 blade demons, trapping them within. He left the three blade demons that had similar spirit force waves to Lin Ling.

The three saw they weren’t trapped. They thought that Lu Ze was at his limit, so they immediately charged at Lu Ze.

All the blade demons automatically ignored Lin Ling.

Seeing this, Lin Ling darted off the ground and pierced through a blade demon. Then, she stopped the remaining three blade demons.

Lu Ze observed Lin Ling’s battle while keeping watch on the 27 struggling blade demons.

He touched his chin and pondered.

A trapping method that only traps and does not kill would make it easy for someone to turn the tables. Lu Ze felt he shouldn’t learn from those cute antagonists.

He should send them to the next world first.

At this moment, Lu Ze looked at the two blade demons whose heads were planted in the ground. His eyes lit up.

He had an interesting idea.

He came to the nearest blade demon with an amicable smile.

The blade demon roared at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze flew up in the air with about the same height as the blade demon.

He punched calmly. His fists carried a crystal glow which smashed onto the head of the roaring blade demon.


The blade demon could only howl before losing its life.

Then, he waved his hand, and the wind circulating around the body of the blade demon brought him to his two leaders. Subsequently, the blade demon’s head was struck down.

Immediately, three blade demons were planted in the ground headfirst.

Seeing this, Lu Ze nodded in satisfaction.

Since he begun this, he would do this for all of them.

The roaring blade demons immediately fell silent.

Was this person a demon???

Was he planning to plant them all??

At this moment, Lin Ling was using her G.o.d art while fighting a heated battle with three blade demons.

Blade demons usually had stronger bodies than humans. Their spirit force cultivation level was also higher than Lin Ling. However, her G.o.d art could see the weakness in the attacks and bodies of the enemies. Thus, there was a stalemate.


At this moment, an unique howl sounded, making these three pause. The sound came from their race.

They stayed vigilant of their surroundings, and this howl made them instinctively glance in the direction.

When they saw what happened, their bodies s.h.i.+vered.

That terrifying man happily took a dead pal of theirs and planted him headfirst in the ground, next to their leaders.

Was this human male a demon??

However, Lin Ling wasn’t distracted. She knew Lu Ze was on the side, and this r.e.t.a.r.d definitely did something strange.

Although she was curious, she wasn’t going to get distracted during a battle!

Immediately, the even battle tipped towards Lin Ling.


Roar~ roar~

Roar~ roar~ roar~

Every once in a while, there would be a howl. Each time the howl sounded, the three demons couldn’t resist s.h.i.+vering. Their bodies were covered in sword marks.

Lin Ling wasn’t weak. She was very good at finding opportunities.

Although the three demons only glanced once the first time, every howl charged at their mental state. This gave Lin Ling too many opportunities.

Moments later, Lu Ze nodded happily at the blade demons planted in the ground. Four rows of five. It looked very orderly!

He was really a prodigy!

He pressed like for himself!


He looked at the remaining seven blade demons and showed a warm smile.

The ferocious blade demons immediately s.h.i.+vered looking at Lu Ze’s smile. “Ying Ying Ying…”

Lu Ze: “…”

He looked at the remaining blade demons in disbelief.

Were they related to that barren earth monkey on planet Nanfeng?

Lu Ze suddenly felt a little sick in his stomach.

Meanwhile, Lin Ling was baffled. “???”

Just what did Lu Ze, that r.e.t.a.r.d, do to make the blade demons make such sounds??

Lin Ling was very curious, but she had to fight.

So annoying!

The three blade demons fighting Lin Ling heard their companions make such embarra.s.sing sound. and their hearts almost stopped.

In the distant sky, Nangong Jing stood in the air with her golden hair dancing around. Golden battle rays surged, pus.h.i.+ng all the nearby white clouds away. She was like an invincible war G.o.ddess.

The remaining five blade demons were covered in injuries. One even lost his right hand.

They looked at the unscathed Nangong Jing in disbelief.

“How is it possible? How are you so strong??”

Nangong Jing laughed and said with great confidence, “I want to ask too. Without a planetary state, how dare you come to a.s.sa.s.sinate me?”

Nangong Jing’s words made them speechless.

Nangong Jing wasn’t bluffing. With her power, no one could kill her without a planetary state.

The leading blade demon said while glancing at Lu Ze and Lin Ling, “We didn’t fail completely, at least, your two young prodigies… oh s.h.i.+t??!!”

When he saw the scene on the ground, his body shook, and black blood sprayed out.

What was going on there?

He saw 20 of his men planted in the earth headfirst. The man was standing on the side while nodding in satisfaction??

The rest of the blade demons and Nangong Jing looked over in curiosity.

Then, all sorts of exclamations could be heard.

What was going on?

Nangong Jing saw this and got dazed before laughing. “Hahahahha… how about it? Are my students very creative?”

Nangong Jing looked at the orderly planted blade demons and smiled. “How come I didn’t think of such interesting arrangements? No, I must learn too!”

Then, she turned to look at the six blade demons.

The six blade demons glanced at each other. There was killing intent in their eyes.

It was impossible to kill Nangong Jing, and their s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p couldn’t fly. They had to try killing the two prodigies below.

That young man was probably another Nangong Jing level once he matured.

Thinking about this, five of the demons stopped Nangong Jing while the other one flew down towards Lin Ling and Lu Ze.

Nangong Jing smiled. “Didn’t I tell you? You underestimate me too much…”


The golden light beamed more intensely.

Then, her body disappeared. She appeared before the blade demon who wanted to kill Lu Ze and Lin Ling “I’m a teacher. You dare to kill my students in front of me? Die!!”

Golden fist rays pierced the heavens.

Lu Ze glanced up at Nangong Jing and then smiled at the seven blade demons. “It seems to be over soon. I’ll position you guys well.”

Then, he gave each one a punch.

Then, the seven blade demons flew up at the same time and was planted down.

It immediately became four rows and seven columns, with one extra.

Lu Ze looked over at Lin Ling. There were three demons there.

Feeling Lu Ze’s evil eyes, the three heavily injured blade demons stiffened. Lin Ling caught her opportunity.

She held her white long sword, which turned into a white beam, bringing out three sharp sword chis that pierced into the three blade demons.

Immediately, the three blade demons died.

Seeing this, Lu Ze used his wind to bring up the three blade demons and s.h.i.+ft them towards the formation.

Lu Ze saw the blade demons were dripping in blood and said speechlessly, “Lin Ling your technique is too low. So many wounds, it affects the aesthetics.”

Lin Ling was quite happy after killing the three blade demons. Her lips were raised a little. However, when she heard Lu Ze’s words, immediately, her face stiffened.

She turned to Lu Ze and rebuked, “You don’t need aesthetics for killing enemies… pfft… hahahahahahaha…”


Lin Ling just finished half a sentence when she bent over with laughter.

She stared at Lu Ze with a red face. “You… can you not be so r.e.t.a.r.ded??”